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SEO Audit Template

Use The Exact SEO Template I’ve Used To Sell Thousands Of Dollars In SEO Services

I created a ton of different SEO marketing templates and finally decided to put all of my ideas into one free downloadable product that you can use as a guide to increase you rankings on Google whether you have a blog, local website, or e-commerce store.

Quick Steps For Using The Audit Checklist

Step 1: Download Screaming Frog

This checklist is virtually impossible to use unless you download Screaming Frog to crawl your site. Download Screaming Frog here

Step 2: Watch The Main Tutorial

The checklist is pretty straightforward, once you download the checklist you’re going to want to first watch the main checklist tutorial

Step 3: Attract Leads By Offering Them an Audit For Free

Look through Google for businesses that aren’t ranking well (preferably local sites) and offer them the free audit

Step 4: Upsell Your Services

After you give a business a free audit it’s pretty easy to get them paying for implementations of the audit. If you’d like to get certified in SEO implementations please check out my SEO Certification program.

Template Reviews

The SEO roadmap template has been a true game changer for me. I made the investment and it has paid for itself over and over again. Follow step by step and you’re golden.

Matt – July 21, 2018

This is one of the best checklists I’ve come across. I’ve paid for multiple other checklists and this one tops them all.

Jon – September 2, 2018

This is the most organize and easy to follow SEO Roadmap Template I have used so far, it’s worth it.

Aaron – July 21, 2018

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Been a rather impressive tool for my pitches to clients, and probably the ultimate foot in the door I can think of. Great post, and amazing work putting this much effort into making a comprehensive guide with this much detail.


Great content, as always. I just have a small question. Can you please start using Skitch or something similar for annotations on the screens you use in the posts?

Anton Weber

Chase is the best SEO expert there is!


I am sure he´s not the best SEO expert there is, but he´s def the best SEO expert willing to share his knowledge with others!

Jonty Boshoff
Jonty Boshoff

Love the template, love the guide.
don’t over-complicate things, this checklist is perfect for getting the conversation started with a small business.


Awesome guide.. Fantastic job Chase!


The guide is unable to be downloaded!


I am trying to buy your full audit template but I can’t find the link. thanks

Kimberly Horn

How do i get the full template? The link in the Lite document just takes me back to the same page I downloaded the lite one.


Where is the rest? Why not finish what you have started for once in your life?

Mr Christopher Branch

Love this idea Chase but please could you update the SEO audit template to reflect the one you’re going through on the Video tutorial i.e 5.0 version, the version I downloaded is missing many of the key components you mention in the video including multiple tabs for info, I only have 2 tabs on my D/L!

fitness quotes

thank u for SEO audit template.. good information content

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