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SEO Expert, Chase Reiner, currently holds the title of the most highly rated SEO worldwide on Google with 175+ five star reviews.

Chase has been in the SEO field for only three years but has generated massive authority and rankings for his clients and documents what he does all through video on his Youtube channel.

Chase is also known for SEO courses which have recently generated over $50,000 in a 3 month time span. 

Interested in Chase's services? Here's a list of what Chase can help you with:

1. Learning SEO

Chase offers White Hat SEO coaching for beginner to advanced SEO's.

Here's what he specializes in:

  • Local SEO (Chase currently ranks #1 for a ton of different local queries, with his own and clients sites).
  • National SEO (check out this video case study where Chase took one of his clients from 2 organic visits a day to 600).
  • User Experience Optimization, User Intent Optimization, and Authority Building.
  • SEO Audits (Chase currently has the most SEO audit videos in the world).

2. Chase Reiner Official SEO Roadmap

Need an SEO audit for a website? 

Chase can help you understand where you're making mistakes and how you can improve your site from a technical standpoint.

Chase's roadmaps are great for anyone who is looking to take their SEO game to the next level and get an actionable roadmap on what they can fix.

Visit Chase's SEO audit page for more information.

3. SEO Implementation

If you need White Hat SEO implementation done for a site, Chase and his team can help with basic to advanced SEO implementation.

These implementations and fixes include but are not limited to:

  • On page elements
  • Internal link structure
  • Content structure
  • Indexation issues
  • Site architecture
  • Schema markup
  • Open Graph Data
  • CRO, CTRO, BR reduction, UEO, and, UIO.

From 0 to Hero: How Chase Became an Expert

"When I began SEO I had no idea i'd be at where I am today. 

I spent COUNTLESS hours reading SEO articles and practicing SEO.

I was eventually hired by an SEO agency after outranking them and every other SEO agency in town for "SEO Santa Barbara."

Some time later, I left, and for the last year I've been creating a massive amount of content on Youtube.

I still to this day spend an insane amount of time learning and interacting with other SEO's in my communities.

 I couldn't ask for anything less."

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