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Phase 1: Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit which addresses site-wide issues such as site redirects, SSL, indexation, sitemaps, robots.txt, call to actions, design, page speed, schema markup, citations, and more.


Phase 2: Analytics Audit

Analytics audit which includes bench marking current data for individual URL optimization. (Skip if no analytics)


Phase 3: Keyword Audit

Keyword audit and content strategy for local and national type keywords.


Phase 4: Social Audit

Authority audit for platform targeting and opt in strategy.

Paid SEO Audit

The service is broken into four phases. Each phase is structured to address different pertinent issues such as technical SEO issues, analytics, keyword targeting, and authority building.


Technical SEO Audit

Analytics Audit


Keyword Audit

Social Audit











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“Chase is an excellent instructor and one of the top SEOs out there. He shares his knowledge and makes it easy to follow… even for non SEO specialists.

Timo Gleibner

“Chase is a pro at teaching people SEO. His knowledge and skills are top notch. Very intelligent when it comes to digital marketing especially for solving issues. He changed my whole perspective on everything I learned about SEO.

Power Surf SEO

The Power Of SEO

SEO has enjoyed a lot of buzz in the marketing world, largely because the right techniques can unlock new ways to connect with customers online. When you consult with an SEO expert, you’re tapping into numerous tactics that can start raising websites up the ladder in ways you never imagined.

My business is here to help everyone with SEO. Whether you’re a business owner (who has no interest in learning how algorithms work) or you’re a budding SEO entrepreneur (who wants to get where I am), I’m here to help.

What Does SEO Do?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s used to ensure a page pops up immediately if someone enters in the right keyword. So if someone searched for ‘plumber near me’ in a small town in Arizona, a business in the next town over might come up over another plumber who was technically closer to the searcher simply because their website was better.

If someone owns a neighborhood pizza shop that has been doing gangbuster business since the 1940s, they likely don’t need to reach any more customers online. But most owners don’t enjoy that kind of consistency, and even if they do, they might want to expand their empire.

Enter SEO Expert Chase Reiner

This is where my business comes into play. If you’re looking for someone to help you get more customers online, I do everything in my power to whip your website into shape. I’m also here for people who want to learn the art of SEO, so they can set up their own business.

When it comes to SEO, you’re working for an unseen, unfeeling algorithm that receives the data and then spits out a result. These mechanisms are used by websites like Google to determine who goes first. But even more importantly, you’re working for a customer on the other end of the ether — a real live person that’s busy searching for equally real solutions. Thankfully, the search engine algorithms and the customer’s priorities are roughly aligned.

SEO Services

Start with an Audit

My SEO audit goes through everything to see why it might not be performing the way it should. This isn’t just about your website either. I’ll look at your social media and any other footprint you may have on the internet.

There are a lot of things that an audit can reveal, many of which you may not have known even existed let alone holding you back. From too many APIs to indexing problems, the technicalities of SEO can spell trouble for both you and your customers.

SEO Consulting

Three out of every four people will only look on the first page of a search engine. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’d rather give up or try a different search term than look past those first few results. SEO consulting is more than just pointing out what’s wrong with your website, it’s about telling you what it means to start fixing the problems.

A good consultant can show you how to start forcing your competition past the bottom of the page and onto the next. I can tell you how to tweak or even revamp your content and technical aspects.

Page Speed Optimization

If your website takes forever to load, it’s going to create a poor user experience. Google is not a fan of slow-loading websites either and they may even rank you lower because of it.

My Wordpess page speed optimization service is all you need to please your customers and Google for good.

Local Citation Building

Local citations are a staple of local pack rankings. Without them, you’re not even going to come close.

My local citation building service is fast, accurate, and affordable.

Expert Roundup Service

These posts are all but sure to go viral and bring your site tons of traffic. After all, who doesn’t love to hear about what all the top experts think about a particular subject.

We will help you get it done and done right.


If you’re ready to manage your own SEO, start a new career, or take the next step in your existing career, there’s never been a better time. 

My classes are structured, easy to understand, and most importantly, effective. Whether you want to learn SEO on a local or national scale, I have a course that can teach you how to make it happen. Learn how to sell audits, implement a game plan, rank your first keyword, and start generating leads.

National SEO Course

Learn how to rank nationally in competitive niches from start to finish.

Local SEO Domination

Learn step-by-step how to optimize your Google My Business ranking without the hassle.

Authority Haking

Learn how to become an authority to get noticed and bring in rankings.

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