Technical Onsite SEO


Gone are the days that we should optimize based off theory alone.

Why I created SEO Benchmarking

SEO Benchmarking is the process of taking URL’s from a target website and observing data from three different facets: Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bench Marketer (in-house software). By extracting data from these three different tools we can pair a given keyword with a clickthrough rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, word count, image count, and more!

We combine conditional formatting into Google sheets with these different metrics in order to create a transparent and easy to optimize work sheet for our SEO implementors to work off of based on real data, not theoretical factors.

1 + 13 =

If you want to see how SEO benchmarking works in real time, please give us a call and we will be happy to do a few example URL’s for your website in front of you. Until then, Happy SEO’ing!