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Get An SEO Audit From One Of The Best On-Page SEO’s In The Industry

With hundreds of audit videos and reviews, I have accumulated an insane amount of expertise and knowledge in White Hat SEO audits. I can easily say that when it comes to SEO, SEO Audits are hands down my biggest area of specialization. 

How Does The Chase Reiner SEO Audit Service Work?

Depending on what stage your website is in, you will need a different type of audit. First, let me explain how a basic SEO audit works.

Within a basic SEO audit, I address your website from a sitewide SEO perspective. Sitewide SEO issues involve some of the following: SSL, Page Speed, Robots.txt, Indexation, Low-Value Pages, Topical Relevance, Topical Clustering, Internal Link Structure, and more. If you’d like to see the entire checklist I’ve made please check out my SEO Audit Checklist now.

If your website is under a few thousand pages, basic SEO audit should only take one to two hours and will run you around $500 to $1,000 depending on the privacy of the audit (public audit of your website on my Youtube channel or private).

Understanding The 3 Levels Of SEO Audits

As previously stated, depending on the status of your site you will have different needs. If you are managing a mega site with 10,000+ pages indexed, it may be wise to get a more in-depth audit.

Key Differences

The difference between getting a surface level audit (only looking at basic sitewide issues) and a medium to full-size audit is how deep of a dive you want into things like individual URL analysis, keyword research for existing or new content clusters, and overall closer scope of what is happening to your entire website from a phase 1, 2, and 3 perspective.

So what exactly is Phase 1, 2, and 3?

They are three different levels to an audit and a solid White Hat SEO gameplan.

Phase 1 Audit

$500 – $1000

Sitewide SEO issues like page speed, site architecture, indexation, etc. This is where most local and small websites need to start. If you’d like to get more in-depth information on each of these phases, please check out my SEO Certification program.

Phase 2 Audit

$1500 – $2500

This phase is generally for larger websites who have already established some traffic. In this stage, we hyper analyzer individual URL SEO problems by extracting analytics data, content data, layout data, and more and assign averages to figure out what quotas we need to hit in order to rank individual pages higher. This phase comes combined with phase 1.

Phase 3 Audit


Depending on your site’s needs, you may want to skip phase 2 and jump directly into phase 3 where we do individual keyword and cluster keyword analysis. In this case, you should ask for a custom quote. Generally for websites that are under 100 pages indexed you will not need to buy all three phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I need to wait for the audit?

The turn around time is less than 1 week with a money back guarantee.

Where do I purchase the audit?

Please send us a message, so that we can custom tailor the audit pricing for you depending on your needs.

Will I see traffic improvement after the audit?

Depending on who’s doing your implementations, yes.

Do you have any open availability for clients?

Depending on your budget and your situation we may have a spot open for you. We are very strict about who we choose to accept as a client.

Should I buy the SEO template instead?

If you are looking to do the audit yourself, by all means, go ahead. Your best bet for doing your own implementations is to join the SEO certification program where you get the template, software, countless hours of videos, weekly group calls, and more!

SEO Results That Speak For Themselves

SEO Audit Reviews

What Our Clients Have To Say

Excellent audit of our site. Great information. Very actionable. Will be returning for more private consultation. Recommend for anybody looking for highly detailed analysis of their site. Very cool guy as well.

Chase Reiner provided an excellent SEO Audit on the website I was inquiring about. He clearly is an industry leading expert in SEO and would recommend him to anyone looking to maximize their SEO presence.

Chase spent extra time with me auditing at my site and gave me some great advice. I walked away from the consultation with a clear plan of what I needed to do. He saved me hours of researching on my own. Thanks Chase!

Last year we hired one of the keynote speakers at mozcon to do an audit for us. Spent a ton of money to get a 2 page document that told us what we already knew. The audit that Chase did for us was outstanding, 1 hour long video chat, answering all of our questions and explaining everything. Insane amount of value. We will use him again, and we highly recommend him to anyone.

Chase is incredibly knowledgeable with SEO and online marketing. His easy-to-follow style of teaching will get you hooked from your first video. Whether you are newbie to the online marketing world or you are an experienced SEO you will certainly gain knowledgeable information. As an online marketer myself, I have used Chase’s methods many time with success.

Thank you for the audit Chase and the online mentoring you provide your followers! I took so much actionable value out the session you provided. Love following you and learning how to optimise SEO efforts for our business. Big fan, would highly recommend Chase to anyone serious about getting better search results and learning actionable up to date SEO techniques.

Chase seems to really know background SEO. I’ve watched several of his audits. I have hired him to audit my own website. I have also hired him to fix the errors he identified in his audit. It is good to have a competent, trustworthy person to fix issues one can fix themselves.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chase for several months now and have seen tremendous results. His knowledge and passion of the SEO world pair together to bring dedication, growth and integrity to an industry that can sometimes lack people of this caliber. His white hat SEO strategies ensure not only the best end results, but results that you can stand behind knowing they are done correctly. He is truly an outstanding professional as well as a great person!

Chase really knows his stuff. He can help business owners get more organic exposure and fellow marketers better understand how to deliver for their own clients. In working with him, you quickly understand that he’s not out for a quick buck. He’s truly cares about his clients and this industry. Top notch.

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