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Are you looking to grow your roofing business?

Maybe you are wanting to reach out to customers beyond your local region. You really cannot do this through traditional marketing or advertising.

Print media, while still in use isn’t the main way businesses or company’s reach out to potential consumer. Often someone comes across a roofing company by doing a quick internet search.

A large suburban house with roof tiles.

Maybe you’ve searched up roofing competitors and found they are in the top results and have wondered how they made it up there.

There are many factors that contribute to being in the top results of any search engine, but roofing SEO is one of the biggest factors out there that really can make or break your website.

Marketing your local roofing business can be tricky, but it doesn’t always have to be. Using SEO can help you increase your overall ranking on search engines and get your name out there as a local roofing business that is worthwhile.

What is SEO?

You may be confused by what SEO really means. SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing in a manner that adheres to the rules and regulations set forth in the Google algorithm. SEO involves many different techniques that professionals use to create a fully optimized website. When you think of the internet, you should think of it as a more updated and newer version of the phone book. Google’s algorithm is a calculation that works to determine how internet users and potential customers. If you would like to know what you can do to ensure your roofing business gets right up in the top of the search results, then here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Roofing SEO Tips and Tricks

Getting to the top of the search results takes some time, dedication and commitment, that’s for sure. But once you manage to get up there, you will quickly see how much it is worth in doing so.

Suburban Houses; Aerial View

Localized Keywords

Getting your website on to the top of the search results listings, a vital step in achieving this is to include locations within your content and on your social media pages.  One of the first steps with any good roofing SEO plan is to do some keyword research ahead of time. Keyword research can help you to develop a listing of keywords that can help your business grow its online presence and overall brand awareness. We’ll discuss later what brand awareness is and why it’s important. But now, let’s look at what keyword research is.

Keyword Research

One of the most vital elements to any SEO strategy is keyword research. It offers the highest return when it comes to the most bang for your buck. That’s because keywords can either skyrocket you to success or dive bomb you to failure. By researching what types of keywords yield the highest rankings in your market, you can lean what phrases you should be using to target your SEO. Roofing SEO isn’t just about getting MORE visitors to your website but getting MORE of the right kind of visitors to it.


Keyword Research Roofing

What keyword research allows you to do is to predict the change in demand from users searching for specific services or products. How does it do this? By being able to judge the value of keywords being used. Here’s how:

A Keyword’s Value

How valuable is a keyword to your roofing website? Consider the services and products you offer within your roofing business. These will be the types of keywords you will first want to include in your list of potential keywords. To really understand the value of a keyword, you must ask yourself if the keyword is relevant to the content on your website. Will users searching find what they are searching for on your website by using these keywords? Will the users who get to your website be happy with what they find when they arrive. Will the traffic produced by these keywords have a result of financial success? If you’ve answered Yes to these questions, then you are on the right track.

A belgian house with dew on roof.

Competition Keywords

Understanding what types of competition, you have out there in the roofing market is important to the overall success of your website. Pay close attention to their keywords and how well they rank in the search results. Do they have a lot of advertisements running on their website? This can be a sign of how valuable their keywords are. If there are more advertisements towards the top, this usually means the more highly valued the keywords are.  

Long Tail Keywords 

One-word keywords are great, but they are typically much higher in demand than longer (Long-tail keywords). This means that there are more websites out there using these same keywords to increase their traffic and user engagement. When you do the proper keyword research, you will be able to recognize which types of keywords are in higher demand and being searched more frequently.

Long tail keyword statistics

Long-tail keywords are two to three-word phrases that are more specific. While they are not in such high demand, the chances of gaining the attention of someone that truly needs this service or product is much higher as well. With long-tail keywords you are gaining a higher more targeted audience. Another benefit of long-tail keywords is they typically have a higher conversion rate. This is because when people are looking for more specific phrases they are usually in the process of the buying phase. They are ready to make a purchase or commit to a company for services such as roofing services.

User Experience and Usability with Roofing SEO

Search engines typically consider keywords, overall site structure and links. Usability and the user experience are also a few influences that search engines use to determine search engine rankings. They help to provide a measure of how popular a site is, which allows search engines to rank them higher. Trying to ensure your users have a wonderful user experience is the first step in getting more traffic and converting these visitors into customers. Creating content that your users want will help you to encourage them to share, bookmark and visit more frequently. How can you tell if your content is of high quality?

Engagement Metrics

When you get a list of search results, the search engine can measure what the success of the rankings are by looking over how well your engagement results are working. When someone searches something clicks the top link in the results but immediately leaves that page, that is a measure that they are unsatisfied.


Google Analytics SessionsKeyword Basics

Consider the services you offer to your customers. This will be extremely important. You will want to write down and create a list of all the services you offer such as roof repairs, new roof installations, etc. You will want to create a webpage for each of these types of services, which means you will have to ensure they are optimized properly to help increase their rankings in Google and other search engines.

Target Location

You will want to take time to decide where you do the main bulk of your business. This will help you to determine where your target audience is. Keep it simple enough by ranking the main city where you are located in. Using a consistent business name, phone number and address can also be a vital step in increasing your local roofing SEO efforts. Adding in your address and phone number into the footer portion of your website can be a great SEO practice. This is a good step in ensuring search engines such as Google can recognize that you work within a specific location

Location specific keywords when used within your title and even the metadata can help to increase your local roofing SEO rankings as well. Doing a review of your website from time to time and your SEO efforts is referred to as an SEO audit. Part of this process is to make sure your address and office locations as well as phone numbers and contact names are always up to date.

Tall Apartments and rooftops

Creating a Google My Business Account

If your business hasn’t already made a Google My Business (GMB) account, its time to do so. This is a great step in getting onto the top results on Google’s search. Creating your own business account is easy and it will help your business with more than just SEO benefits. Here is where your current customers will be able to review your company. Reviews and word of mouth are a great way to get your business name out there to the masses to showcase the products and services your company has to offer. Word of mouth has always been a great marketing tool. It allows other prospective customers to see what your company is truly about and what other customers have to say about your products and services.


Google My Business

Not only does Google My Business allow you to do that but it will also work to make your website more visible on other Google pages such as Google Maps. When using Google My Business, SEO Specialists often will create different pages for each of the various locations your company has. This will allow users to gain access to their location specific website. Adding in your office hours will also help them to learn what times your company is open, allowing them to schedule making a visit around their own schedules.

Optimizing Specific Parts of Your Website

There are many different parts that help to build a full SEO website. These include things such as the heading, the title tags, met descriptions and more. We’re going to look what each of these are and why they are important in roofing SEO.


A good heading can make or break a website’s SEO efforts. You want to gain the attention of readers and your heading is the first opportunity to do so. You want it to be attention gaining but short and to the point. Your heading as we discussed would also include your local location within it. This can help grow your local SEO efforts as well.

Title Tag

A title tag is a synopsis of your page and name. Websites should always include a title tag to help sum up the content they have on it in the most basic way. Your title tag should never be the same as your page heading, it should always be different and unique.


Optimized Title and Meta

Meta Description

Your meta description is an element of HTML that allows you to capture a short statement all about what your website is about. Using keywords within the meta description can help to increase your SEO efforts.

Relevance of Keywords

Keywords as we discussed are one of the most important steps, but hey should still be relevant to your local business to help boost your rankings.

Researching Keywords

Once you’ve determined your list of services and products that your business specializes in you will want to research these keywords to see how well they are engaged by potential customers. Having an SEO Specialist to help you do this can make this tedious task much more difficult. Specific tools on websites like SEMRush, KWFinder, and Ahrefs, can help specialists determine which keywords have the highest search volume.

Working Keywords Naturally into Your Content

This is the most important step to bring your content together to help improve your rankings within the search engines. You want to work each of the keywords you’ve listed into your content on the appropriate pages without over doing it. Using too many is referred to as keyword stuffing and can hurt your page rankings.

Yoast Keyword Results


When new potential customers type in the search terms into a search engine, your page will have the opportunity to rank higher and be seen first amongst other competitors if it is properly optimized. Local SEO also will allow your website to target local customers. While local SEO is a smaller audience it helps to drive a specific target audience within your local region to your website.

Valuable Content

Keywords are one thing, but you need to ensure you invest in the time it takes to get some valuable content onto your website. Review your current content for gaps or missing pieces you may need to replace to extend your reach across the world, or at least the country. Researching topics, you are thinking about writing about is the first step in working tower ads great content.

Top of Roofs; Aerial View

Roofing SEO can be brutal when it comes to the competition. Many companies are out there amongst the masses fighting for the top spot in the search results. Some of these companies make the mistakes of trying to handle all their SEO efforts on their own without the help of professionals. An SEO Specialist can help you to get the proper SEO plan and strategy in place so that you can handle the routine miniatous on your own. This may be a higher upfront cost than some businesses or companies would like to incur, however it offers the most long-term success and savings. Having a solid plan in place can help you to create a foundation on where to go with your SEO efforts.

Google uses a few different mathematical equations and formulas what we like to refer to as algorithms to determine and calculate scores for all websites to help figure out what ranking they should have within their search engine results. Is roofing SEO crucial for your company?

Roofing Orlando Search Results


When you have a brick and mortar company in real life, you should NOT make the mistake of not getting an online marketing plan or roofing SEO strategy in place. Trying to reach out to a much larger audience, while possible with print and television media, it isn’t the best way of advertising in today’s internet filled world. If you are really looking to increase your brand awareness (what people think of when they think of your brand), and overall online presence. It’s then very important to make sure you work with a professional to develop the proper SEO and content writing schedule that will help you to build up your website and increase your overall search engine rankings.

When it comes to roofing SEO, there may seem like there is way too much to memorize and remember, but that is not the case. If you are following a solid plan to establish your SEO efforts you will notice some increase in traffic almost immediately, but more than likely within the next three months, you will have even more traffic.

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