Keyword Research Service

Finding the right keywords on Google is tremendously important when determining what pages need to be optimized and what type of content needs to be created for the future of a target website.

What is Keyword Mapping

In order to find optimal keywords, we first need to map out your current URL’s with a method known as keyword mapping. Keyword mapping is the process in which we take a target websites current URL’s that are indexed on Google and analyze what keywords those URL’s either are or should be ranking for.

This gives us the ability to find out if we need to create new content or optimize the page better instead of creating new pages. After keyword mapping is done, if there is significant traffic already being driven to target websites pages, we will do SEO benchmarking to observe analytics data and content based data. Depending on how good/bad the metrics look, we will decide what we want to pursue first. In the case that your website has little to no traffic, our keyword research is pretty straight forward.

Keyword Research Process

Here’s what we do


  1. Identify 5 competitors with decent organic traffic to their site.

Rankings Analysis

  1. Plug target competitors into ahrefs and observe rankings.

Hand Selected Keywords

  1. Depending on a few factors such as authority and keyword difficulty we hand select keywords.

Keyword Approval

  1. Submit keywords to business owner for approval.

Keyword Benchmarking

  1. Content benchmark keywords to find how many words, images, video, etc. we will need for a page or post.

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That’s it! In terms of our other keyword research methods you may want to check out our Youtube Keyword Research service. If you’re interesting in getting an SEO audit or just a one off service such as keyword research with the methods mentioned above, please contact us here. Happy SEO’ing!