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When someone isn’t feeling quite well, chances are they are going to search up their symptoms online, and when it comes time to see a medical professional where do they begin their search again? That’s right, online again. As you can see, the online market for patients is quite vast and one of the first places they turn to. This is why properly structuring your website with healthcare SEO can help you to reach many more potential patients.

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The healthcare field is comprised of cutting-edge technology and medical breakthroughs. The competition surrounding it is already fierce enough without the added deficit of not properly optimizing a webpage for successful search result rankings. Healthcare SEO has always been the one method of online advertising/ marketing that keeps evolving in ways to consistently draw in more potential patients and other medical professionals.

Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Many in the healthcare field/ industry have always thought using SEO was a good idea and have even attempted to ‘try it out’ for their business. But where they have fallen short is the constant every evolving nature of SEO itself.

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If you look at healthcare SEO just as you look at the healthcare industry, in that both are always changing, always on the cutting edge, always needing to evolve and adapt, then succeeding in the practice of optimizing your webpage shouldn’t be challenging at all. Let’s look at why SEO is so important for the healthcare industry

Importance of SEO

Healthcare SEO is not only important to your website rankings but to the growth of your organization. Why? Let’s look at the statistics, so they can speak for themselves.

  •         More than 1/3 of patients already use a mobile device for research, to communicate with doctors, or even to schedule an appointment.
  •         More than 60% of all smartphone users use their device to research vital health information.
  •         More than 55% of those in healthcare marketing are already using a blog to speak to their patients.

Dentists meeting about x-rays.

When looking statistically, more than 75% of patients use their mobile devices to schedule a medical visit. The internet is the most common research tool that many people use now. Not only can you find out general health and medical information, but you can also compare medical facilities, doctors, pharmacies and more. When you take the time and invest in implementing various healthcare SEO practices and methods, you increase your chances of being out in front on the search engine result pages, allowing potential patients to know who you are.

What is Online Visibility?

Potential patients will only be able to find where you are if you are visible online to them. Yes, you may already have a webpage/ website, but is it visible to those in cyber space? If you’re not visible, how can those searching for healthcare services find what you have to offer?

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Simply just having your own website won’t do the trick, unless your website is listed higher in the search engine results pages. This is where having proper healthcare SEO will come into play. The main purpose of an SEO campaign is to help increase your online visibility on search engines. This will in turn drive more traffic to your website. SEO specialists know how to optimize all the content on your website so that you stay ahead of the game with your competitors. Let’s face it, when we as consumers do a quick search on a search engine, we don’t want to waste our time looking any further than the first page or even past the first 5 results. Therefore, getting into those top rankings is vital to your website and company success.

Mobile Marketing

More than 60% of people are using their smartphones to find vital health information. The mobile market is bigger than the online desktop market, which is why optimizing your website to be mobile responsive is also important. Healthcare SEO works not only for desktop websites, but mobile responsive ones as well. If you are not optimizing your website for mobile users, you are missing out on a HUGE audience.

A patient on their iPhone

Attracting More Visitors

Marketing is all about attraction. You want to attract potential patients to your website so that they can see the services you offer. Healthcare SEO is not a new approach, it’s an approach that allows you to take a new, unique way of attracting these visitors. It helps to drive more targeted traffic to your website. The great thing about targeted traffic is these are visitors searching for what you have to offer. So, you have a greater chance of turning them into a patient if they can find your website.

Local SEO

Since you are in the medical industry, local searches will be very important to you. Honestly patients usually are looking to get services or products from those closer to where they live, therefore local healthcare SEO is just as important. If you fail to optimize your website for local searches, you’re still missing a huge potential market or patients. Utilizing local SEO methods will help you to develop more long-standing relationships with patients who live locally to you.

A consultation with a healthcare provider.

Research Your Competitors

Look at your competitor’s websites. Does it look like their business is growing at a faster pace than yours? If it is, then chances are they might be using healthcare SEO methods. If you are falling short in this avenue of optimizing your website, chances are your competitors are gaining new patients within your target market. By adopting proper SEO methods and techniques you can work towards locking down the market in superb patient care and service.

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Web Page Optimization

If you are looking to increase your online visibility, you will want to ensure each page on your website is optimized properly. This can become cumbersome and challenging if you attempt to do it on your own. With the help of SEO specialists and professionals, you can worry about the other inner workings of your business and success, while they focus on the healthcare SEO side of things. The techniques they use are on and off page SEO which includes optimizing your pages and the content on your website using meta tags, descriptions, keywords and more.

On Page SEO Techniques

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing content with targeted keywords within a blog post or webpage. This includes techniques such as proper headings, keywords, content quality and many more.

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Why Does Your Website Need on Page SEO?

Search engines are basically just sets of algorithms. They look and review many different factors to help rank your website. Target keywords can help search engines figure out which posts are most relevant to their audience.

On-Page Healthcare SEO Techniques to Try

There are a few different on page techniques you can incorporate into your SEO campaigns. These include things such as:

Improving the User/ Patient Experience

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You want to make sure any potential patient that comes to your website is satisfied with their visit. You can do this by ensuring the responsiveness of your website and by making sure there are no broken links.

Increase the Time Visitors Spend at Your Website

You want to make sure those coming from search engines are spending longer periods of time at your website and not hitting the back button right away.  If they are hitting the back button to return to the search results often, your rankings will take a hit drastically.

Doctor getting blood pressure reading.

Create Quality Content

You want to draw in the attention of the reader and keep it. Try by using sub headings within your content, don’t write things they don’t want to read (aka fluff) and always ask for feedback on your content so that you can constantly be improving.

Keyword Research

Keywords are an important step to any SEO plan. They are words or phrases that specialists use to help drive traffic to your website. You’re probably wondering how a word or phrase can do this. It’s quite interesting. These words or phrases are ones that are more commonly used when searching for something in the medical or healthcare field by prospective patients. To properly figure out what types of keywords you should be using, you first want to create a list of all the types of services your business has to offer. This will allow you to get a general list of keywords which you can start to then research. Keyword research involves running any potential keywords you wish to use through a keyword research tool which allows you to see how often these words are searched for on a regular basis by internet users. This lets you gain knowledge into which keywords are more highly rated when it comes to the healthcare and medical industry. From this you can then tweak your list with words that are ranking higher in terms of monthly searches. Remember search engines are just algorithms which look at your website to see how well it’s performing for users. These keywords will help increase your rankings within the search engine results and drive more traffic to your website by following these algorithms.

Keywords for Healthcare

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a process that uses external processes for your website which can directly affect your search engine rankings.  This includes ways of getting others to help showcase your website allowing you to gain an increased online visibility.

Healthcare SEO Auditing

Conducting an SEO audit of your website from time to time is important, it allows you to ensure the website is properly functioning and ranking high within the search engine results. This is a feature that SEO Specialists will come in handy for. They will be able to regularly check your website for any issues causing it to not rank/ rate high within the search engine results. They will review all links to ensure they are properly working. If your website is no longer appearing within the top 10 results, they can look to see which factors are causing this. Once they’ve done a detailed audit of your website, they will then implement a plan to fix any issues they found. This plan will then get put into place, and things will be adjusted to ensure your website is back up and properly running the way it should be.

A spinal X-ray.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, a pharmaceutical company, or just merely a medical representative, you shouldn’t take for granted the power of proper Healthcare SEO for your website. Your website is what most people see before they even experience your business and what types of services you offer. It plays an important role within your company’s plan for success. Having your website properly structured and optimized for healthcare SEO can really make or break a business when it comes to online visibility.

Let’s face it, in today’s world more people are going online first to not only learn what may be wrong with them but to research medical facilities, doctors and their services. Not to mention they are even now scheduling their appointments online. With this huge audience in mind, it’s important you are working to ensure your website is properly optimized. You don’t want to miss out on a large audience of potential new patients because you didn’t properly optimize your website. While you can do this on your own, it is not recommended. SEO Specialists understand that the search engine algorithms are constantly changing and updating. This means your website needs to constantly be evolving to stay ahead of your competition. SEO Specialists not only provide you with the tools and methods to implement an initial healthcare SEO campaign/ plan, but also the maintence required to ensure your website is still compliant with the newest algorithm updates to help keep you in the top rankings and visible to all potential new patients. When you’re constantly in the top rankings, your chances at being noticed will always be higher than if you were lower.


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