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Gone are the days of solely relying on television and radio advertising for your construction business. In today’s social media based, online world, if you aren’t using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of your advertising efforts, you simply are falling short.  If you aren’t familiar with SEO let’s look at what it involves.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is a marketing tool that focuses on growing your organic search engine results. Organic traffic is non-paid for traffic that those searching for key specific terms come across when using a search engine, such as Google. SEO isn’t about just placing keywords into your content and hoping for the best. It takes both technical and creative skills to really utilize it for all it’s worth. When done correctly, it helps to improve your search engine ranking, drive more traffic to your site and increase your overall brand awareness on search engines.

Elements of SEO

In the construction business, you are focused on gaining more user engagement from a key audience, contractors, other construction owners, and most importantly those looking to have construction work done, your consumers. To be successful in construction SEO, you must learn how to effectively structure your website so that search engines can find you.

But that is only one of the elements to successful construction SEO. You don’t just have to make your website and content more search engine friendly, but people friendly too. Both elements go together to create the most successful SEO campaign.


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Why Does Your Website Need Construction SEO?

Website traffic is mainly driven by three search engine giant’s, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. While social media and some other methods can also drive traffic to your website, search engines are the main method that people use when arriving to a website. This is true no matter what type of service your business or company provides on your website.

When you think of the internet as a transportation system, and your website as the destination, it all may make more sense. The search engines are the roads that people use to get to where they are going. If they are unable to find your website, or even add any content you provide into their own databases, you will miss out greatly on a great number of people looking for exactly what you have to offer.



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People find you by using “search queries”, these are words that they can put into the search box on a search engine. Search queries are extremely important. Research has shown that search queries can either make or break your construction SEO efforts and overall business online success. The right targeted traffic with the right SEO can lead to increased revenue, exposure and even brand awareness, so much more than any other type of advertising effort. Investing in a SEO campaign can provide you with a rate of return higher when compared to the other types.

Why Do Search Engines Need To Find My Website?

While search engines are smart, they still need help to keep increasing their knowledge. The internet is changing daily, almost every second of the day, so it can be hard for them to keep up on their own.  Search engines work diligently to improve their technology so that it can scan deeper and deeper to return better results, but they do still have their limits. The right construction SEO can provide you with up to thousands more website visitors than you’re already getting. This increased attention can help dig your website out of the hole where it’s buried, so that search engines can find it when they are looking. The wrong efforts however can bury you even deeper. A properly designed and managed construction SEO campaign can increase the engagement by users to your website upwards of 90%.


So How Do I Do It?

This is really a broad question. You want to first look at and determine the types of search terms you would want your website and construction business to be at the top of search engine results with. As an example, if your business focuses on custom homes, some search queries like custom home building, custom homes, custom home services, etc. may be just the ones for you. If you are a smaller construction business looking to start SEO, you will want to start by focuses on 5-6 different types of search queries you would want to be ranked. You are never going to rank very high for every single search query, so focusing on a few more targeted ones to your industry as a smaller company can really help.


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Once you’ve established your queries, it’s time to get them ranked. A lot goes into this, but you can rest assured that if done correctly this will be well worth the effort and lead to a successful construction SEO campaign.

How Does Construction SEO Make Me Money?

Initially, you will invest some time and money into SEO. But as your website jumps up in the search engine rankings and gets higher to the top of the search engines result list, more people will begin clicking to visit your website. Once you’ve attracted new visitors and engagement goes up, you can continue your engagement efforts by educating them more about what your business can offer them in terms of services. SEO is a way to get your website up higher in the search engine results so that more eyes will take notice.  Ensuring your search queries are targeted specifically for the audience you are wanting to attract will help to ensure the efforts you put in do not go unrewarded.

Once more users are clicking on your website and visiting it, you still have work to do to help turn these visitors into a customer and a valuable resource for your business, but conversion optimization cannot even occur without a proper SEO campaign.


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Mobile Friendly Websites

Let’s face it, the online world is changing at an incredible pace, this includes how people use the internet. Mobile usage is up greatly in the more recent years, especially when it comes to using a search engine. Mobile use for searching for a local business have increased to roughly 45% in just the past year alone.  Making sure your website is mobile friendly is just as, if not more important than all types of search engine use. If your website doesn’t display properly display on a mobile device, you are losing a valuable audience.

Search engines will take notice if your website isn’t mobile responsive. This will cause them to not display your results higher in their rankings, thus causing you to lose a valuable customer base and user engagement.

Google Mapping

Google is one of the biggest search engine giants, taking up about 67% of the search engine market. Therefore, it is highly recommended to place a Google Map embedded into your website. It’s easy to do this and will help not only Google to find your website but also your visitors to find where your business is located. Google maps allows you to put your business location and information into their system. This creates an embed code which allows you to display your company and a map on your website.

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Local SEO Content

Localization of your construction SEO is important when it comes to targeting the right audience. It’s important to have at least one of your webpages list the services your business provides and include the areas you serve locally so visitors in those regions know you can provide them with these services.  Using your city name in your local SEO efforts can help to increase the local traffic you receive as well.


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When it comes to advertising in today’s internet driven market, you want to pull out all the stops to ensure a successful campaign. This includes using construction SEO efforts and tools to help drive new visitors to your website and working to convert them into customers and frequent visitors. Because search engines are always updating their algorithm’s it’s important to learn more about SEO and what you need to do to always stay up to date. Algorithms are mathematic equations that search engines use to weed through the vast sea of websites online to find the most relevant pages that meet all their SEO requirements. These algorithms are important to ranking your website higher in the list of search engine results. Learning to keep your content updated and current by following all the proper construction SEO rules you will be able to successfully utilize SEO to help provide consumers with the services and information they are looking for. Remember the proper SEO construction efforts may take time and money in the beginning but once you’ve put in the work, all the effort will pay for itself with increased traffic, higher brand awareness and more customers. Hiring a professional SEO to work on your website will help you save time and money on your SEO efforts. 


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