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It all started when…

I outranked everyone in my town and got hired by the company who was number one. A year later, I left that company and moved out of my mom’s house into a garage where I did 5-7 hour long SEO videos a day.

Fast forward another year, here’s what I’ve achieved:

  • At age 24, I'm currently the highest rated SEO in the world on Google (220+ five star reviews).

  • I have the most streamed SEO tutorials in the world.

  • I've created one of the largest SEO tutorial channels in the world.

  • I've generated over $45,000 in SEO course sales in about three months.

  • I have tons of video documentation of ranking my own sites and clients in real time with white hat SEO.

  • I have a SEO Facebook group with over 6,500 members in it.

  • 14,000 Youtube Subscribers.

  • I've interviewed some of the top SEO experts around the world on my channel.

  • But most importantly, I love what I do.

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Why should you care?

Just like you, I know there are a ton of internet marketers who are willing to give you a TON of information and it can get extremely overwhelming.

How can everyone be an expert?

The truth is, they’re not.

I’m here to tell you what I specifically did for a client to bring them from $0 in monthly revenue and 0 traffic to $14,000/mo and 11,000 unique visitors/mo with pure White Hat SEO.

…and how you can too.


What's included in the bundle:

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The Only SEO Roadmap Template You'll Ever Need!

This Roadmap Will Help You Identify Solutions For

Core Essentials for any Website

Indexation Issues

Site Architecture

Site Speed Optimization

Sitewide On-page Issues

Keyword Research & On-page Score

Off-page SEO

Content Related Issues

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Schema Markup/OG Data


Google My Business Optimization



SEM/Ad Words

Webinar bundle exclusive: you will receive future updates with explainer videos for FREE!

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how i ranked a website with only 2 visitors a day to 20K/mo

Over 16 videos containing over 17 hours worth of videos documenting my whole process.

chase-reiner-seo-beginner-to-advanced-seo-course (1).png

Learn the fundamentals of seo in one place

Whether you're still learning SEO or just need a refreshed this is the perfect course with over 9 highly detailed videos on what you should focus on.

chase-reiner-seo-local-seo-domination-course (1).png

how i took a brand new site from scratch and dominated local search in under 2 months

A 10 part course where I completely document my process in dominating local search using strategies I use for my local clients.

chase-reiner-seo-triforcing-course (1).png

optimizing for the future

In this 8 part course I demonstrate my techniques for optimizing a website using User Intent Optimization, User Experience, and Authority Building.

chase-reiner-seo-how-to-get-seo-clients-course-(1) (1).png

the business of seo

In this 13 part series I show you the exact strategies I use for lead generation and client acquisition that I used in the past when I first started which I still use today.