iPhone Repair Santa Barbara

Lead designer: Oscar Salgado

SEO: Chase Reiner

Copywriting: Travis Thomas


iPhone Repair Santa Barbara started out as a pet project of mine where I gave myself the challenge, can I rank this to the first page of Google as fast as possible?

Fast forward two months later and I started seeing the results and immediately the calls started coming in. This was one of my first side businesses which I later sold to focus on SEO. The old site was a bit of a mess at the time and the new owner wanted a complete revamp.

Now that we have an in-house web designer we were able to provide the new owner with a brand new site design with a strong focus on the intent of its potential customer base. As a result conversions greatly increased and the overall rankings stayed at the top of the search results.

 iPhone Repair Santa Barbara map pack.

iPhone Repair Santa Barbara map pack.


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