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Local SEO Client Program

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Course Curriculum

What You’ll Learn In This Course




Generating Local Leads

Generate local leads off of Youtube, Facebook, Google organic, Meetup groups, walk ins, Google maps and more.




Selling SEO Audits

You’ll learn to sell SEO audits to local clients, understand deliverables, set expectations and timeline projections, perform audits, keyword research, and understand packaging and pricing




Implementing Your SEO Gameplan

set up your clients website properly, perform on page SEO, optimize internal and external linking strategy, create content rich pages, hire writers and designers.




Ranking Your First Keyword

Learn to find the correct keywords to target and how to make them rank, what to do next, and how to keep replicating the process.




3 Month Package And What It Looks Like

The big difference between me and other people out there doing SEOs is I’m not locking people in into these long contracts the only thing I care about is trying to get people into a 3-month sort of deal where I can work with them.

I’m not locking them by any means because what I’ll do on the first month is I’ll sell all the implementations, I can do as much as possible that means I front-load all my work right away in other words what I’m doing is I’m trying to get the most results in the first month so that I can go in and put them into a maintenance plan in a couple of months doing web design, content and SEO and continue ranking them.




What I’m Selling To Clients

I’ll show you what I’m actually selling to these people and what I’m doing.




Invoicing And Expectations

You always want to send over an invoice with what the expectations are and for what you’re selling. I’ll share exactly how I do it so you can mimic or improve upon my process.




Figuring The Audit Layout

The first thing that you want to do is to figure out the audit layout, once you kind of get the audit down things get easier, meaning that if you want to start bringing in $2800 clients a month and you follow the step by step techniques that I will show you, you’re going to easily start bringing in clients.