So why should I listen to you?

Well, I'm an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and Youtuber specializing in SEO. By day I help small and medium businesses improve their search presence using innovative marketing techniques and am currently the highest rated SEO professional with over 170+ Google My Business 5 Star Reviews.

I also help newcomers looking to learn SEO by providing the largest Youtube library with over 300 video lessons on SEO alone.

For those looking to skip a lot of the hassle when it comes to learning specific areas in SEO I've created my advanced accelerated training courses.

If you want to join my Facebook group with over 5,000 members who are also in the SEO industry and can provide answers to the many questions you may have use the form below.

What else do you recommend for a beginner?

If you're a completely new to SEO or just need a refresher I highly recommend you start with either of these video series. They are highly in-depth and will give you a strong understanding of the fundamentals of SEO.


SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2018 – What is Search Engine Optimization

This is a 13 part comprehensive guide that teaches you the overall fundamentals of SEO and how search algorithms function. Click here for the direct Youtube playlist.


Local SEO 2018 Expert Guide

This is a 7 part video series covering the fundamentals of local SEO and provides actionable techniques you can start implementing in your local SEO strategies. Click here for the direct Youtube playlist.


I'm also currently holding a pre-sale for my Beginner to Advanced Private Course for the absolute beginners looking to learn at a faster pace.

I now get the gist of SEO (I think), what's next?

Once you've put in the time to learn the core fundamentals of SEO I suggest you look into the following resources:

Recommended readings from my blog:

The Biggest SEO Mistake for Beginners - This covers one of my biggest fallback when I first started in the SEO field.

White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 (100+ Tips) - A comprehensive list of the best white hat SEO tips and strategies you can start implementing today with expert feedback and contributions from some of the best SEO professionals in the indsustry.

The Best SEO Tools for 2018: 46 SEO Expert Tips - A comprehensive list of the best SEO tools to use for 2018 including expert feedback and contributions from SEO professionals.

Advanced Schema Markup Tutorial - A comprehensive guide to advanced techniques and strategies using Schema Markup for SEO in 2018.


Ongoing youtube series'

SEO Tips 2018 - This playlist covers more condensed video lessons covering specific topics in SEO.

SEO Interviews - This playlist contains interviews with other SEO professionals who weigh in their industry insight.

SEO Audits - This playlist contains live audits I have done for previous clients from a wide variety of industries.

SEO Q&A - This playlist contains past live streams of Chase answering SEO questions from my viewers.

What else do you recommend for continuing learning?

If you're looking for strategies and techniques I don't share with anyone then I recommend you check out my exclusive Accelerated Learning courses:

How To Get SEO Clients: In this course I demonstrate my step-by-step process on how I attract high-paying clients for my SEO services.

SEO Triforcing:  This course focuses on a technique geared towards where Google is headed with many of it's algorithm updates by working on mass authority building, working on user experience optimization, and user intent optimization.

Local SEO Domination: In this course I demonstrate how to take a brand new site and start ranking on the first page in less than two months.

You can also get all three courses at an over 40% discounted bundle.

If you're looking for additional SEO help or need 1 on 1 mentoring/guidance I also offer that.


Other resources I also recommend include:

Search Engine Land: Almost every SEO checks this site constantly to stay updated with news that affect the search algorithm.

Backlinko: a digital marketing blog by Brian Dean which covers many of the topics I discuss.

Neil Patel: He's also one of the top marketers in the industry and puts out lots of high quality content.

I hope you found this quick guide very helpful!