The Reiner Roadmap

Confused about your overall SEO strategy? Jump on a one on one call with Chase and get an actionable list of steps to fix your SEO campaign.


Content Related Issues

  • Exact Page Duplicates Without Canonicals
  • Closely Related Content Variant Duplicates
  • Thin Content Pages


  • Multiple Categories Per Post
  • Authors
  • Dates
  • Tags
  • Media Attachments
  • Paginated Pages
  • Business Name Included in All Titles

Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Overall Page Speed Timings
  • Site Search Enabled
  • Search Console linked
  • Online Conversion Tracking
  • Offline Conversion

Site Architecture

  • URL Structure
  • Specific URL problems
  • SSL
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Site Search
  • 404’s
  • 301’s
  • 302’s

Schema Markup / OG Data

  • Home Page: Local Bussines or Organization
  • About Page: About Markup
  • Contact Page: Contact Markup
  • Sitewide Schema Issues
  • All Pages OG Data

Page Speed Optimization

  • Image Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Gzip Compression
  • JS and CSS Minification
  • Hosting Name: + Server Speed
  • Overall Page Speed Timings and Requests

GMB Optimization

  • Physical Address
  • Service Location
  • Correct Hours?
  • Categories
  • Responding to Reviews
  • Keyword Stuffed Title Tag
  • 3x Services
  • 3x Inside Location
  • 3x Outside Location
  • 3x Team
  • and more..
  • Meta Keywords

Sitewide On Page Issues

  • Images Missing Alt Tags
  • Image File URL’s
  • Title Tag Cannibalization
  • Title Tags Too Short
  • Title Tag Length Too Long
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions Too Short
  • Meta Descriptions Including Phone Numbers
  • Meta Keywords



We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chase for several months now and have seen tremendous results. His knowledge and passion of the SEO world pair together to bring dedication, growth and integrity to an industry that can sometimes lack people of this caliber. His white hat SEO strategies ensure not only the best end results, but results that you can stand behind knowing they are done correctly. He is truly an outstanding professional as well as a great person!

Crystal Etem

Our Sleep Guide

Last year we hired one of the keynote speakers at mozcon to do an audit for us. Spent a ton of money to get a 2 page document that told us what we already knew. The audit that Chase did for us was outstanding, 1 hour long video chat, answering all of our questions and explaining everything. Insane amount of value. We will use him again, and we highly recommend him to anyone.

Will Burgess

I had Chase carry out an audit on my website after trawling through many hours of Youtube videos and stumbling upon a goldmine of SEO information… Chase Reiner SEO! He gives you advice in a way that is easy to understand but can also be extremely technical at the same time. I would recommend Chase for any SEO work and I will definitely be using his services in the future to expand my business to the next level! Thank you.

Daniel Lowe

The best part about Chase Reiner is in the amount of value that you and your business receives above and beyond for what you pay.

When you receive a website audit. It is one of the most detailed you’ll get, period. A full site audit normally takes around an hour, but it’s totally worth it. In addition to your detailed audit Chase will answer any questions, completely, or will research till he find the answer – which makes him an better SEO professional, because he’s not afraid to admit that there is always a question he may not have come across before.

But you don’t have to take my word for it you can see for yourself when you check out some of the live audits that he has on his YouTube Channel – which is how I first came into contact with Chase.

Simply stated: An awesome SEO professional with a creative thought processes.
Would recommend Chase to anyone looking to increase business traffic using digital media.

Roger Mudd


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Guarantee That I'll Be Ranked #1 Locally For My Keyword/Industry?

Absolutely not, no one can or should say they provide guaranteed rankings. We are here to significantly increase your chances of making a strong ROI based off years of experience.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Results depend on your goals and how competitive of a niche and area you’re in.

What If I Have Multiple Locations?

No worries, we will provide the best recommendations based on Google’s guidelines.

Can You Manage My Site?

Absolutely, if you’re too busy to maintain or make changes to your site we offer on-going support that includes: blog posting, product listing management, Search Engine Optimization, content optimization, and much more.

Your website is your gateway to the world. No matter what types of services or products you offer without a search engine friendly website, you aren’t going to reach the audience you’re looking for. But ensuring your website is SEO friendly can open that door to so many opportunities, more than you ever thought possible with just one single website.


My Website’s Already Been Optimized, Isn’t that Enough?

Short answer? No! Just because your website is optimized for SEO doesn’t mean that’s all you need to do. You don’t fill your car with gas and run it without ever putting anymore gas in it do you? With SEO there are other things you need to do to make sure your website runs smoothly all the time. One of these is very important, an SEO Audit.


What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a process of determining how your website is running in relation to Google’s best SEO practices. It’s a huge step that needs to be done when you are creating your SEO strategy and plan. Implementing it involves creating a checklist of potential problems or issues that could arise and mess up your current SEO efforts. Performing an SEO Audi on your own can be done but it is not recommended. An SEO professional knows the ins and outs of what needs to be there and what doesn’t. This allows them to take a more in depth investigate your current plan and strategy and see if your site is living up to all expectations or if it is failing short.


What Will an SEO Audit Do?

The purpose of conducting an SEO audit is to find as many issues you can that may affect your search engine performance. These issues include:

  •         Website structure
  •         On-Page SEO
  •         Off-Site Issues
  •         Competition Analysis
  •         User experience
  •         Technical SEO
  •         Broken Links
  •         Content Review

Consider an SEO audit to be a health ‘checkup’ for your website. It should be comprehensive and cover your content issues that may be affecting your SEO efforts but also your structural issues. It should give you an in-depth picture about what is taking place currently with your website. Any recommendations made during your SEO audit will be actionable meaning you will have a clear view, a clear picture of what you need to do and what needs prioritized first to get your site back on track and successful.

What Will Be Analyzed?

Some SEO audits will vary but virtually all will analyze some of the same issues/ categories to make sure your website is running smoothly, and your efforts are not being lost. Some of the more common categories that are analyzed include:


Technical Auditing:

  •         Status Codes
  •         Crawlability issues
  •         Off-Page Reviews
  •         Mobile SEO Review
  •         Page Loading Speed
  •         Redirects


On-Page Auditing:

  •         Site Structure
  •         Keyword Researching
  •         Internal Links
  •         Overall User Experience
  •         The Use of Keywords
  •         Images and Videos


Why Should You Complete an SEO Audit Routinely?

Your website is the place that all potential customers come to first. This is your first impression on customers. Therefore, it’s important to keep it updated and check up on it regularly. Your competitors are out there updating their websites frequently and staying up to date with the constant changing algorithms that Google puts out for their SEO practices. All these reasons will help you maintain a successful plan to ensure your SEO strategy is always up to date and functioning as it should.


SEO Audit Conclusion

Getting an SEO Audit is just as important as going to the doctor a making sure you stay healthy. When you think of it this way, you will understand how important it is to make sure an SEO Audit is performed on a routine basis. A typical SEO Audit can take anywhere from two to six weeks’ time to complete. During this period a professional SEO specialist will take time to review and uncover any issues on your website as well as develop a plan on how you can implement changes to get your website back up to be SEO friendly. Once the audit is completed you can take the recommendations and implement the changes and be well on your way to a successful SEO campaign.