Top SEO Experts For 2018


If you're trying to find reliable SEO expert information in 2018, you've come to the right place.

Finding the right influencers can be extremely difficult with the vast amount of noise going on in the SEO industry.

That's why I made a list for you.

Here are some of the top SEO Experts I recommend you follow in 2018.

Note: I will also be including the social profiles and websites (if I can find them) of the SEO influencers I will be listing in this article, so you can easily follow them and see which profiles they are most active on.

Extra Note: This article took forever to write as I had to find all the social profiles and include interesting facts of the following influencers. 

That being said,

If you consider yourself an influencer and want to be included in the post, please send me an email at [email protected] with the following:

  1. Your social profiles with links 
  2. A high quality picture of you 500x500
  3. Bio (no copied content)
  4. Interesting fact about you
  5. A quote about a prediction you have for SEO in 2018

1. Chase Reiner

chase reiner.jpg


if you haven't checked out his Youtube channel yet, I recommend you give it a look.

Here's one of his recent top performing videos:

Interesting Fact About Chase

I originally left my job before starting my Youtube channel to become a motivational speaker.

2. Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski.jpg

Bill is an SEO genius who has been in the SEO field since it began.

Bill not only study's Google patents and explains them in his own way but he's also a super down to earth guy and is always helping out the SEO community.

If you haven't checked out his blog yet, I highly suggest you give it a look. 

Check out an interview I did with Bill several months ago:

Bill's Website, Social Profiles, and Activity

The fastest growing aspect of SEO involves structured data and schema, and the knowledge graph. If you’re not ready for that, it’s a good time to get started.
— Bill Slawski

Interesting Fact About Bill

Bill seems to love exploring and taking pictures of the great outdoors, if you follow him on social, make sure to keep an eye out.

3. Alan Bleiweiss

Alan Bleiweiss.jpg

Alan specializes in FORENSIC SEO and does MASSIVE audits for FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES.

Like Bill, Alan has also been in the SEO industry for many years. 

Alan drops a ton of knowledge bombs on Twitter so I really recommend you give him a follow there.

He also moderates the Dumb SEO Questions Facebook Group which is an awesome community of some of the most knowledgeable SEO's I know.

Alan also has a sick SEO audit checklist + free PDF template I recommend you check out here:

Here's an interview I did with Alan several months back.

Alan's Website, Social Profiles, and Activity

SEO is trending in the same direction it has forever. And in this case, specific to the past five years. Mobile, Speed, Security. This is not rocket science.
— Alan's SEO Tip For 2018

Interesting Fact About Alan

Alan loves living next to the beach. He's actually going to be relocating in 2018 to somewhere way more tropical than his current location.

4. Brian Dean



Most of you have probably heard of Brian Dean but if you haven't, Brian gives away a ton of free and actionable SEO tips on his blog as well as Youtube channel.

He's also ranking #1 for a ton of SEO related terms on Google and Youtube.

Unfortunately, if you're looking to interact with Brian, he's an extremely busy guy, so your best chance is probably on Twitter with ego bait

I've tried interviewing Brian several times, but as previously stated, he's very busy. Oh well.

Brians Website, Social Profiles, and Activity

Interesting Fact About Brian

Before SEO, Brian would make money writing for weight loss companies, creating HUGE sales pages similar to his skyscraper articles that he currently has on his site.

5. Barry Schwartz

barry schwartz 2.jpg


He also has a Youtube channel that he's been running for quite some time where he does search news recaps. 

I really recommend you start following his channel, he shares a lot of up to date information weekly.

Also, here's a somewhat recent interview I did with Barry.

Barry's Website, Social Profiles, and Activity

Interesting Fact About Barry

Barry's first and main company (Rusty Brick) sells SAAS creation and marketing technology creation. 

6. Tim Soulo

tim soulo.jpeg

Tim is the head of marketing at Ahrefs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ahrefs, they are an SEO SAAS company with the largest index of live links in the world (over 15 trillion links).

Tim's super active on Facebook in the Ahrefs Facebook Group and usually shares data packed content from Ahrefs blog. 

He's also constantly trying to improve Ahrefs tools and asks for feedback from the community.

Go check out Tim's Facebook Group

Also, here's a interview I did with Tim Soulo a few years back.

Tim's Website, Social Profiles, and Activity

Interesting Fact About Tim

I don't know much about Tim but I assume he loves MMA from some of the posts I've seen over the time I've been following him.


There are many people who haven't been included but I got tired of writing this article.

For those of you who don't agree with any of my choices.


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