An Extremely Powerful Secret 2018 SEO Technique


If you're looking to get in on my extremely powerful technique that I've kept a secret until now've come to the right place! 


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Video Transcription: 

What’s up there, SEO pros? Chase here. If you’re not doing this certain thing yet, you really should consider it. 

So, what we’re actually talking about today is something that I coined personally called the Stockpile SEO Method. Now, if you haven’t heard about this, I created this a while ago and I’m sure other people have their own phrases for this, but it’s something that works really really well.

As you can see at the title of this video, I said: “2018”. Now, it’s not 2018 yet, but I can optimize for a date that’s later on in the future so that when people end up searching for that when it is 2018, I get the user metrics early on.

A great success!

And as we know, user matrices are extremely important, not just on Google but especially on YouTube. So if you can start optimizing for things that you know people are going to search for in the future, you end up usually getting higher rankings for the future by optimizing it before everyone else has.

Hope you guys enjoyed that quick tip, and until I see you next time, happy SEOing!

Chase Reiner