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From selling services to doing implementations, Chase covers it all! If you’re looking for the best online SEO classes, look no further. Learn Authority Hacking, Local SEO and how to rank your own website. The SEO university class includes the paid SEO pro audit template, personalized homework assignments, access to the previous two months of classes and a private Discord group to ask questions in as well as interact with other SEO pros. Classes are Live. Students can interact for meaningful learning and can ask Chase questions while prgressing through the material. Click to see our classroom setting!

☑️How to Build a Strategic Marketing Funnel

☑️How to Create a Custom Brand

☑️ How to Optimize your Website 

☑️ How to Create a Following

☑️How to Sell Your Services/Products Online

☑️How to Hire Employees



“Hey Chase, just wanted to let you know that you have been very helpful. Besides all the SEO knowledge I learned from you I think what I found the most valuable thing I got from the class and your Youtube videos is that my voice matters.So keep up the good work, I value your good heart and mission to help as many people as you can. That really set you apart from other SEO so called mentors/teachers that I know. Keep doing the right thing Chase.

Mia Pang

“Hey Chase, ready for today’s class. Wow, gotta say I have a much deeper appreciation for what it takes to get good content done. Been working all day on my optin, and video walk-through. It’s not even close to being good – the video froze for the last 10 minutes – but it’s done. See you in class. And thank you, I appreciate all you have shared with us these last couple months. I finally feel like I can do it.”



  1. Rameez Nizar

    I am Follower of Your YouTube account ,My name is Rameez from Kerala, India, Looking forward to attend the seo University classes to begin.. Good luck

  2. Aykut Icoz

    Thank you, just enrolled now

  3. Pushkraj Jori

    I have joined the free classes hope it will be worth of time

  4. Alex Short

    Hy. Thank you for this oportunity

  5. Jan Gerhards

    Chase, this is a great support for many people! Thank you!

  6. Noor Qureshi

    hi chase, thank you for doing this. You are the one that actually teaches what you practice yourself. Already loved your free stuff.

  7. Arsenti Baraban


  8. Md Alam

    Amon all the fake gurus you are the only real one. Thanks for your contribution to the community. I have bought many premium courses and also taken direct training by many so-called SEO experts but to be honest most of them are good for nothing. Your free tips are many times better than most of the premium courses available in the market. Love your work and expertise. Godbless.

  9. Pasquale Cosenzo

    Chase you knowledge has helped in big ways Thank you

  10. Ferdi Vol


  11. Yaying Pang

    Awesome this will help so many people!

  12. jongmin kim

    Thanks for this opportunity

  13. Alexandre Cerqueira

    Hi everyone, very happy to enroll on this course and be a part of this community.

  14. Fashion Amazon

    Thank you so much for this , This will be a great Help for learning SEO to a Advance Level ?

  15. Roger Burgina

    Thank you, Chase, for the amazing opportunity to learn SEO. Just enrolled and I’m looking forward to our first class on Zoom.

  16. Barkat Ullah

    Excited ! Let’s see what will happen !

  17. William Cayetano

    You have an interesting approach to SEO that I haven’t seen discussed before. Looking forward to proving their validity.

  18. Galib Ahasan

    Excited…. Thank you chase !

  19. Alqama Alaudin

    Excited to learn about marketing funneld

  20. James Crawford

    You’re a super smart guy. I appreciate being here and involved with this just now.

  21. Charles Nunnally

    Hi Chase thanks for putting this on I’m happy to be apart of the group. I’m brand new to SEO so I’m starting from scratch. Looking forward to learning and gaining a new skill!

  22. Bilal Liaqat

    Eagerly Passionate to learn from Chase

  23. Sam Buckley

    Looking forward to learning 🙂

  24. Mahesh Panth

    I can’t wait for the classes.

  25. Danielle Vieira

    Amazing idea. Thank you of the opportunity!

  26. Zubair Rahman

    Thanks a lot, Chase.

  27. Subhan Dar

    Thanks for Adding me in this course! Hope for the best!

  28. Miguel Alvidrez

    Thanks Chase! I’m excited to take part in your classes and learn SEO from you. All the best everybody.

  29. Felix G

    Thanks Chase, a loyal follower from Spain! Can’t wait to start!

  30. Amar Kumar

    Thanks, Chase; I am super excited to take part in this course and learn SEO.

    You are Awesome.


    Hey, I am Sivakumar and also called Jaikarsivan. Thank you very much for your gracious action and looking forward to studying from your university. Expecting the best.

  32. Jatin Singh

    Thnxx to its take free! I am so excited to take part in your classe of sEo .

  33. Ashlin Washington

    Loooking forward to taking the course

  34. Ashlin Washington

    looking forward to the course

  35. Amir

    Thanks for everything!

  36. matti rind

    Thanks Chase Thank you of the opportunity

  37. chester cf

    Hey man
    Looking forward for seo class

  38. Max Frederick

    Thanks Chase for giving out this opportunity. So far its been very insightful and really beneficial. Thanks for all the great info and content

  39. Terry Henry

    Thanks Chase! This is a tremendous value. As someone who is not an SEO, IO find your training to be very user friendly.

    I also love the fact that you don’t add a lot fluff, and you get straight to the point with whatever the subject matter happens to be.

    In other words… this is pure gold my friend :o)

    Keep up the great work!

  40. Lonnie Welch

    Thanks for all the great content I’m looking forward to putting everything I’m learning to use.

  41. Alex Kolarov

    I just enrolled, looking forward to your course!

  42. Joe Black

    Can’t start the lessons

  43. Michael Monyak

    I just love your SEO classes!

  44. Felix G

    Awesome content Chase! Cheers!

  45. Alexa B

    Thank you for offering this course. It is much appreciated.

  46. yukesh chaudhary

    Just Enrolled the course, cheers!

  47. Faisal Qadeer

    Thanks, Chase For Providing Such a Great Opportunity.

  48. Shane Walsh

    Hi, good to be here, looking forward to learning all about SEO.

  49. Brad Roberts

    Chase is actually that dude! Thank you bro.

  50. Daryl Hill

    Great Job Chase you rock!

  51. suraj

    Thanks thats great


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