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If you’re looking to improve your SEO skills with some of the best free SEO training videos on the interwebs, you made it to the right place. Below you will find different videos you can start watching to up your SEO game. 

SEO Beginner Training Videos

Heading Tag Optimization

Start by learning some of the most important SEO basics by figuring out which heading tags you need to optimize first and why.

Internal and External Linking

Learn how to set up your internal and external link structure. If you have no idea how many links or what type of links you should add to a page, here you’ll find out.

Image Optimization

Here you uncover how to properly name your image file names, alt tags, title tags, and you find out how to compress and serve your images at native file sizes.

URL Optimization

In this video, you find out how to set up your URL architecture properly by defining the difference between a spammy and friendly URL.

Title Tag Optimization

Discover how to properly optimize your titles for high click-through rates and even higher rankings.

Home Page SEO

If you’re confused about what to SEO your homepage for, this video is for you. Remember that branding is sometimes more important than keywords.

SEO Training For Templates And Checklists

Screaming Frog Spider Tutorial

Accompanied by a Free SEO Audit checklist, you learn how to assign conditional formatting and understand a Screaming Frog crawl.

Free Downloadable SEO Audit Checklist

Discover the power of a sitewide SEO audit, and find out how to sell SEO services in three phases.

Ahrefs Tutorial Coming Soon…

I will make an Ahrefs tutorial very soon. Please come back in a few days to watch in the future.

Advanced SEO Training Videos

Schema Markup

In this video I record myself explaining concepts and implementation for Schema Markup to a 15-year-old.

51 Of My Top WordPress Tips

This is literally everything I know about WordPress SEO taught in under an hour.

Rank Your Pages Higher Without Links

Here I show you how I’ve been able to rank websites for the last four years without manually building a single link!

My Reactions To SEO Experts

Brian Dean

In this video, I review Brian Dean’s link building tactics and explain why I think they aren’t for everyone.

Neil Patel

Here I review Neil Patels best SEO tips for 2019. In a nutshell, the tips are basically all based around online marketing.


In this video, I check out Sam O’s 13 SEO tips for 2019. Some of these techniques are viable.

Do You Have Any Video Requests?

Leave a comment and I’ll look into making a training video just for you!


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    Thanks for sharing SEO Training videos, It’s really useful for me.

  2. rahul

    All SEO videos are great but my personal favorite is schema markup video. that’s gold for me..thanks a lot for. valuable information


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