Local SEO Domination

Learn step-by-step how to optimize your Google My Business ranking without the hassle.
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Instructor: Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and Youtuber specializing in SEO. He helps small and medium businesses grow using innovative marketing techniques and is currently the highest rated SEO professional with over 250+ Google My Business 5 Star Reviews. He offers several courses from Beginner To Advanced SEO to Local SEO Domination and much more at an affordable rate.

What you will learn:

In this course you will learn how to start ranking your own business or clients business locally in the maps and in organic with tons of actionable tips and strategies to out perform your competitors.

This course is one of my most detailed and follow-along courses where you will see the exact process (step-by-step) on how I was able to rank a brand new site to the fist page of my area in less than 2 months. I also encourage you to check out my Beginner To Advanced SEO course for in-depth strategies and implementation for the inexperienced and professionals alike.



Course Overview

I. Course Introduction

II. CMS, Domain Names, Hosting, Setting the Foundation, Etc.

III. KW Research, Keyword Mapping, Content Creation, Landing Pages, Value Ladder

IV.  Click Funnels + Video for Ad Campaign

V. Adwords, GMB Verification, Analytics Setup, and More

VI. Optimizing GMB, Moving Transcribed Videos Into Landing Pages, Discussing URL Architect, and More

VII. Going Over Questions People Have Been Having in the Course

VIII. Switching to SSL, Going Over Basic On-Page Factors and Using Sites for Cross-Referencing

IX. Getting Out of the Sandbox

X. Finishing Touches



I thought I had a good understanding of SEO, but then I met Chase. His courses are excellent for beginners who are just looking to start out, intermediate and even more advanced SEO folks working on mastering their craft. Chase’s courses cover just about every topic and strategy to help you in getting your sites to dominate.

Joe Macaric

Chase is incredibly knowledgeable with SEO and online marketing. His easy-to-follow style of teaching will get you hooked from your first video. Whether you are newbie to the online marketing world or you are an experienced SEO you will certainly gain knowledgeable information. As an online marketer myself, I have used Chase’s methods many times with success.

Trevor Cherewka

Great products, even better teacher. If you are looking for higher level SEO tips and tactics, Chase is your guy. Nothing less of an SEO expert, Chase has the deepest understanding for SEO, especially in the local SEO space. My hats off to this man, he is a smart cookie and you should follow him. Big things coming his way!

Jack Lombardi

I own a digital marketing agency (marketyourskill.us) and have been implementing Chase’s training for the better part of 2 years and I can honestly say he’s actually helped me deliver major results for my clients. I actually have my 12 year old son going through Chase’s Trainings with me so he can learn as well. Thanks Chase my family and my customers appreciate you.

Lamont Revell

Chase offers an in-depth knowledge on SEO strategies. I am very glad to attend his courses. Highly recommended for those who would like to learn more on SEO practices. Many thanks Chase.

Evdokia Bairampa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the course?

The course is hosted on Teachable. 

When do the classes start?

All of the classes for this course are currently in session and available on-demand with all lesson content available, so you can sign up at any time and learn at your own page.

How long are the courses?

Each courses varies depending on the topic and content being covered, you can expect anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours of in-depth training per lesson.

Can I download the videos for the courses?

At this time you can not.

I having troubleshooting issues with this course, who should I contact?

If you need any support for this course please email: support@chasereiner.com

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