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Common Types of Markup For Websites

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Local Business Markup

List your local business correctly on Google with specific business types and geolocation info. Examples of LocalBusiness include a restaurant, a particular branch of a restaurant chain, a branch of a bank, a medical practice, a club, a bowling alley, etc.

Organization Markup

An organization such as a school, NGO, corporation, club, etc. Having organization markup can help your site show up in Google’s knowledge panel.

Product and Services Markup

Any offered product or service. For example: a pair of shoes; a concert ticket; the rental of a car; a haircut; or an episode of a TV show streamed online.

Blog Post and Article Markup

A blog post, article, news article, or piece of an investigative report. Newspapers and magazines have articles of many different types and this is intended to cover them all.

Breadcrumbs Markup

A BreadcrumbList is an ItemList consisting of a chain of linked Web pages, typically described using at least their URL and their name, and typically ending with the current page.

About and Contact Markup

Specify about and contact pages with markup to add trust signals for search engines.

Event Markup

An event happening at a certain time and location, such as a concert, lecture, or festival. Ticketing information may be added via the offers property. Repeated events may be structured as separate Event objects.

Webpage Markup

A web page. Every web page is implicitly assumed to be declared to be of type WebPage.