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Whether you're looking to improve your current SEO business or start a new one, this program is for you.
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Six Figure SEO Business

Six Figure SEO Business

"After being in the SEO industry for over four years and creating a successful $300,000 a year business with MASSIVE client results, I've finally decided to share my secrets on how I started and scaled my business and how you can too."

Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life

In this program you will learn my most valuable SEO business money making techniques which brought me from $300 per month payments to $8,000 payments. The truth is, there are many ways to start your business and trust me, I've failed and learned from a TON of them. Benefit today from my SIMPLE step by step system to creating and scaling your SEO business and start raking in some SERIOUS income.

What's Included In The Program?

Branding and Starting Your SEO Business

  • Personal vs company brand
  • ​Crowd targeting techniques
  • ​Building your business persona
  • ​Setting expectations for your business
  • ​Deciphering your sales process
  • ​Understanding group mentalities
  • ​Niching down and topic targeting

Building Your Clients SEO Game Plan

  • Selling SEO Packages
  • ​Templatizing your approach 
  • Creating a strong conversion driven SEO strategy
  • Communicating progress and generating reports
  • ​Building authority and sales with quick hacks
  • ​Introduction to the SEO phase system
  • ​Uncovering six figure SEO agency secrets

Becoming Visible Online

  • Buying a domain
  • ​Choosing a CMS
  • Selecting the right theme
  • Setting up your most important pages
  • Setting up plugins and SEO meta data
  • ​Setting up social profiles

Hiring a Team and Workflow Management

  • Outsourcing vs in house implementations
  • ​Questions to ask during hiring process
  • Segmenting out work with simple SEO phase system
  • Communication and hitting goals
  • ​Cross checking work and management

Lead Generation Techniques That Work

  • Starting with the free value mindset
  • ​Building relationships
  • ​Creating polls
  • Content marketing
  • Outreach
  • Cold calling
  • ​Ads
  • ​Walk ins

Creating a Templatized Content Strategy

  • Creating your content calendar
  • ​Types of content to create
  • Optimizing your content for Search Engines
  • Text strategy
  • Image strategy
  • ​Video strategy

High Ticket Closing Techniques That Work

  • Listen, repeat, sell
  • Create two offers, high and low ticket
  • Questions you need to ask
  • How to close existing clients on higher ticket items
  • Setting expectations for work during close
  • Should you hire a high ticket closer?

Sell SEO Consulting To Businesses

  • Offering SEO coaching 
  • The benefit of one off services
  • Consulting pricing setup
  • Should you provide white label services?
  • Why help other SEO companies
  • On-going consulting retainers

Understanding Analytics and SEO Tools

  • Learn the basics to Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • ​Understand the most important SEO tools and how to use them
  • ​Become proficient in using Screaming Frog for SEO audits
  • Utilizing Ahrefs for competitor research and keyword analysis
  • Learn which tools not to buy and save money from unnecessary cash suckers

Offering and Creating Social Engagement Strategies

  • The importance of social signals  
  • Building a community
  • Cross promoting techniques
  • Utilizing giveaways
  • Secret social techniques to quickly build a following
  • How to use a social game plan to upsell into higher ticket SEO packages
  • ​What platforms work the best for views and lead generation

Utilizing Paid SEO Templates

  • Learn the step by step process to SEO implementation with video explainers for each section  
  • Get the new, never released SEO agency and social paid template
  • Manage workers, clients, content, and social engagement strategies
  • Turn your agency into an organized money making machine

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