YouTube Schema


Automatic YouTube JSON-LD Schema markup plugin for WordPress.

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Simplify your TubTube Schema markup

YouTube Schema plugin is a simple tool to save time.

JSON Schema
With no effort, the plugin will scan your pages for the youtube video embeds, from this we go and get collect the YouTube metadata and create the perfect Schema script data.

So Simply.
Once you have the plugin enabled you only need to add the Google YouTube API Code, that’s it!

System Requirements:
Supports all WordPress version, the user is required to set up a FREE YouTube API code. A provided link on a plugin setup page will guide you.

The Plugin will scan your pages each time, so we advise using a cache plugin. (As all SEO Pro’s would do) as not to slow down users experience and your site performance.

After purchase, you will get a digital download link, and a license code used for all domain(s) you wish to install on!

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