Pagespeed optimization is crucial to great SEO.

How A Slow Site Can Hurt Your Business

Note: Our optimization services are for WordPress sites only. We will be expanding to other formats soon.

Even if you’ve done everything else right on your website, slow load times can sink your SEO efforts. Page speeds are a big deal with Google. In fact, if your pages load too slowly, you’ll get penalized by Google, which results in lower page rankings. After all the effort you’ve put into great SEO, you don’t want slow loading pages to make those efforts (not to mention money spent) in vain.

The good news – page speed optimization services can get your website moving faster so you start seeing the results you want.

The Need For WordPress Speed!

Why are page speeds so important? Consumers expect websites to load quickly. In fact, data shows that nearly half of consumers expect web pages to load in under two seconds. If your website pages aren’t loading that fast, you’re not meeting the expectations of consumers. What happens? They bounce off your website before you have the chance to influence them in any way. And likely, they’ll move on to one of your competitors.

Google knows what consumers want, so they actively measure page load times, as well as the time people spend on your website. They even look at your “bounce rate,” which is the number of times people instantly leave your page.




79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again


Just a one second delay in your page response can reduce conversions by as much as 7% - that adds up.

*source: Kissmetrics


Approximately 40% of consumers will abandon websites if they take over three seconds to load.

Keys To Fast Load Times

If your website doesn’t load quickly and your competition has a faster website, they have the advantage. But website page loads are something you can control. Perhaps your website is older and it’s not making use of cutting-edge technologies that improve load times. It’s possible your website just isn’t made the right way and it needs some tweaks.

Whatever the case, there are thee essential things that are key to faster page speeds, including:

  • Optimized scripts and site software – A website’s code, style sheets, and scripts need to be optimized.
  • Powerful hosting for fast server speeds – You need quality hosting with a powerful, optimized server and a limit on how many sites are being hosted on it.
  • Optimized images – Images need to be optimized to reduce the data that must be transferred for faster load times.

Faster, Faster: Get Help Today!

Slow loading pages on your website have big consequences: poor search engine results, consumer frustration, high bounce rates, and a reduction in conversions (to name a few). Don’t let your competition beat you because they have a faster loading website.

With our page speed optimization services, we’ll get your website up to speed. We know what a faster website means to your bottom line, and we’re here to help. Faster speeds mean improved rankings, and that means more traffic, more leads, and improved conversion rates. Contact us today and we’ll help you get there.

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