Here’s what you get:

  • A brand new untapped strategy that will help you and the businesses you work with become the highest rated business in your industry. 
  • Never before seen weekly Zoom live group workshops at 3PM PST.
  • Facebook group to interact and meet with other students.
  • Automation templates that will be available during live classes to use on your own businesses.
  • BONUS: Nine instantly available lessons to start learning right now.

You’ll learn:

  1. Basics to authority hacking
  2. Being a black sheep and topic research
  3. Creating an engaging and authoritative content strategy
  4. Setting up your chatbot and starting your opt-in funnels
  5. Finishing setting up chatbots and opt-ins
  6. Selling low ticket items and warming up cold traffic
  7. Optimizing websites and opt-ins based off of Analytics data
  8. Selling authority hacking services
  9. Bonus: Authority hacking meeting with SEO certification (applying authority hacking to lead gen)
  10. AND MORE!!! During the live sessions.

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New Authority Hacking Classes

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