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In this video you’ll learn the basics on how to rank a local website. If you want more tips on how to make massive revenue with cutting-edge marketing strategies, check out my certification bundle.

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alright what’s up there guys my name is chase Reiner and today I’m gonna tell you how I started out doing local SEO some things that I’ve been able to generate because of the SEO that I’ve done such as businesses ranking online I’m gonna tell you how I did it and then I’m gonna give you the complete guide to following what I did in order to rank online now there’s gonna be a free checklist that I’m gonna be doing this video based off of that you can take and use to rank your own local website so I’ll leave a link to that in the
description of this video but other than that let’s just dig into it let’s start out with how I started so back in the day I was trying to rank my first website was a computer repair website because I was trying to get people in the door who wanted me to help fix their computers and so I started out a website called reliable computer help calm that website is no longer up
I don’t believe actually yeah it is but it’s there’s nothing really there but the reason why I tried to rank for a computer repair over something like iPhone repair or something like that was because I saw that that’s where most the traffic was coming from after doing some keyword research and I remember calling up a friend who was number one for computer repair at the time and he told me hey man look you’re never gonna be outrank me so try to like just quit while you’re ahead and I remember feeling like pretty pissed off about that cuz like obviously I wasn’t gonna let anybody tell me that I couldn’t outrank them so I got super serious about it I started looking at all the things that was going on with their website all of the architectural things that they were doing what their content looked like and I just studied it like crazy I started reading all these books online about SEO figuring out how to you know structure my content my keywords like all that kind of stuff and
eventually I wound up ranking for that keyword
I wasn’t ranking very high was making about number three after that I was like you know what I actually like SEO more than I like computer pairs so I kind of gave it up started trying to rank for SEO and I wound up out ranking everybody for SEO in the town that I was in and after that I got hired by an SEO company that was number one I called him up I was like hey I want a job and they’re like well why would we give you a job and I said you know I’m out ranking you guys and then they brought me in and they hired me game their rankings back I worked there for about a year and after working there for about a year and actually have it I did that I see on their site so nobody could outrank them because I’ve you know I was working for them so I wanted them to be number one I removed my ranking and shortly after made a local SEO course where I did step by step all live over-the-shoulder trainings it was about 11 videos and I by the 11th video I was out ranking that company again with a brand new website in under a month and this was a little bit later so this was I left the agency about a year after working there I had about seven thousand dollars in my bank account and I was living in a garage that was about six hundred dollars a month that’s all I could afford
there was no windows there’s no air conditioning there was no insulation in the wall so it was either really cold or really hot and I started doing all my YouTube tutorials started do a bunch of YouTube videos show people on audit websites that kind of thing I started getting clients started getting an SEO agency going
I started making around $8,000 a month doing SEO stuff for clients and I start getting really bored of that and then I started ranking my own businesses just so I could saw him I wind up breaking an iPhone repair business number one I sold it to a friend of mine from high school for about $3,000 and now I currently have a few rankings that I just kind of keep around I’ll show you a couple of them but for the most part now I just teach online by the way one of the things that I am doing is I have a program that kind of goes over the three phases of client SEO work it’s a
certification program that you can take it is a little bit pricey but I’ll leave a link to it if you want to check it out the whole idea is that you go through phase 1 2 & 3 and once you’re through the 3 phases you can pretty much
optimized anybody’s website and create an ongoing game plan for them what I actually do in that program is after you get certified as I actually send you leads because I have a bunch of people who contact me from these tutorials with budgets you know ranging from 500 to a thousand to five thousand and I tried to send you leads so that you can audit them and start getting clients in the door so you make the money back that you are gonna be investing in the program so if you want to check that out leave link to it basically he would just give me a call I would see if you’re right for the program
I only take a couple people in there per month because I actually work with you so that you make money doing this stuff I don’t like to just bring people in and then not see them succeed so there is a certain type of person that needs to be in this program and the other
alternative is if you just want to give me a call at any time about the
certification program I’ll leave my number on the screen so you guys can go check it out there it is so let’s get into the different concepts that you’re gonna want to know and again this will be off the checklist so let me go grab that really quick and again this is the free checklist it’s the local SEO checklist it’s what I use to rank for web design SEO that kind of thing so you can see I just moved to Colorado well I just moved to Colorado and if you look and type in what does my Colorado Springs or league or Google within like a month living here I was able to get and let me do incognito so you can see that’s not me signed in shoot me you know sure it’s not giving me incognito they’re gonna sign out and sign back in oh it’s because I’m not on Google here we go now let me try it so here we go incognito so webbed as I call out of Springs number two and then number two organically and that was within just like about a month Santa Barbara was the Tom that I wasn’t before and
unfortunately because I show a lot of these rankings this one actually
somebody reported as a move to address which is really annoying because it was number one and I was bringing Indy Savannah leads and then you could see it’s organically about number five the iPhone repair company that I ranked is this company it’s actually taken over for the exact keywords which is really cool because it basically took everybody else out of the map for those main keywords the computer repair let’s see if that’s still around
this was the first site that I ranked and it was ranking organically until I took the website down looks like it’s only about number four on the maps we got some other websites that I was working with like this moving company there number two now when I started they were not even close to that that are on the front page still a lot of these clients I don’t worked with for a while though so it’s kind of kind of hard to show like how good they’re ranking when you know I haven’t really touched their websites and I get over a year or two but still kind of cool to see let’s see Santa Barbara tree services maybe so these guys signed off I don’t know where these guys are at but
looks like they’re not keep doing very well and they’re refused either so yeah but for the most part a lot of the local sites that I’ve been able to create I’ve been able to rank and make money off of as well as get ongoing retainers for you know a good amount of clients and it’s basically using methods I’m about to show you so let’s go over the checklist and I’ll bring that up right here some reason it’s taken a while to upload to Google Drive let’s see if i refresh this okay there we go so here’s the drive or the template so this was the SEO company that I wound up ranking and let me see where it’s actually I forgot to look at that so SEO Barbara and somebody the same thing with this map they actually changed the ranking that I had to from from the number one ranking to chase runners mom’s an escort or something which is pretty insane but here it is organically ranking number one it was number one on the maps until they got the map removed but yeah obviously all my sites are target’s because I’m constantly showing them online but this is the actual exact layout I had for this site and you guys can pretty much copy it over but let’s go into the different things that you’re going to want to do when you’re figuring this stuff out so first thing you want to do is you want to figure out your content management system and you want to figure out your domain name and the way you actually do this is before you sorry before you figure out your content management system in your domain name you’re gonna want to figure out what keywords you want to rank for so the way you figure out your keywords is a couple ways if you have the money I would either I would go with href so you can start looking at what your competitors are ranking for just steal their
keywords if you don’t have the money than I would use keyword planner in the way you use a trough is pretty easy if you could afford it I’ll just show you over here you would go over to a tress calm and sign-in so like say for
instance you want to steal my like web design Colorado Springs keywords so what you would do is you would take that URL web design Colorado Springs
plug it in and then you would click on keywords and see what keywords I’m actually showing up for so you can see Web Design Colorado Springs is like where I’m getting the most traffic from and you can see there’s 200 search volume and keyword difficulty 12 and generally you want to go for keyword difficulties that are a lot lower when you’re starting out so like if you have a keyword difficulty of 30 that you’re targeting and you have a brand new website without any authority then that’s obviously going to be pretty hard to rank for you usually want to go with keyword difficulty that’s within
whatever sort of you know domain
Authority or page Authority that your pages have on average the way you figure that out is by going into href and like typing in or clicking on your top pages and seeing where you’re at so you could just click on top pages here and you can see this page URL the keyword talk keyword that it’s supposed to be ranking for and it’ll show you the DR that you are already so it has a URL rating of 12 and the web design Colorado Springs is the keyword that it’s going best for and if we look at Web Design Colorado Springs we can see that that keyword difficulty is basically the exact same as the you are rating which makes sense that it’s it’s ranking for that keyword now again if you can’t afford this then I would go with something like Google Keyword planner you just type in keyword planner click into here sign in
and then you would go to tools’ Keyword planner and you would just type in the keywords that you think you want to rank for having having some problems with my mic but there we go that’s a lot better so you can do discover new keywords and you could even type in I think your competitors URL so we could type in something like WDS and Colorado Springs looks like we’re gonna have to use the absolute URL maybe oh I guess it’s not going to give us that okay let’s do a start with the website
okay get results and here we go we got some of the keywords here so this is sort of similar to what you would get with href gives you all the keywords that you know this website’s associated with and then it shows you sort of the average monthly searches for these keywords so one design in Colorado Springs best web design that kind of thing now what you want to do is once you figure out your keywords that you want to go for your main keywords so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna figure out what domain you want to go for and just give me a second actually I need some water
so for buying your domain let’s just talk about buying your domain first I recommend just using like GoDaddy I wouldn’t use GoDaddy for hosting but I would do it use it for just buying your domain and so what I would do is let’s just take like a different area like let’s say we’re trying to rank for iphone repair in like San Diego or something so what we would do is take the same method we type in google.com iPhone repair San Diego take a website that’s not like a Yelp website we want to take somebody who’s local to that place that’s actually ranking so we’ll take them and we’ll plug them into both a traps and keyword Explorer so you can see the contrast go back
so we’re use the entire website to see you everything so here we go let’s look at the highest monthly searches on keyword planner so obviously all of these have you know are kind of
irrelevant because they’re not the they don’t have the actual location modifier in them so let’s add a filter and let’s let’s add pages that have the word San Diego in them so San Diego maybe so we want to create a filter keyword text contain San Diego okay
so here we go so obviously their brand shows up first as the highest searched thing Apple repair Apple watch repair iphone repair so you can see keyword planner for free still gives you a ton of stuff that you can pretty much figure out what you want to go for and ideally you want to take the highest search rate thing that you want to rank for so like if it’s max that you do also then you’d want to probably may get Apple repair doc or sorry Apple repair San Diego com if it’s like only iPhone repair mainly that you do then you probably wanna do a phone repair San Diego if you mainly did watches whatever but the idea is that you’re gonna probably create pages for all these different things because you want to rank for them same thing if we go over here we go to top pages and see what they’re showing up for we can go here and we can see all their different keywords and obviously they’re showing up the most for iPhone repair but on it you know might even be a good idea to cross-check with both because it looks like keyword planner actually gives you a good amount of stuff for free so let’s talk about exact match domains versus exact match domains versus a branded domain so obviously with an exact match domain you’re gonna be able to include your brand as like the URL or you can make the URL into your brand so like for instance if you were to go for Apple or repair San Diego com
it’s gonna be easy to kind of brand your entire website as Apple repair San Diego com
obviously you could still go in
Apple repair San Diego calm and all of your titles and stuff if you had a branded name like let’s say geek repair San Diego but here’s how you want to do it if you’re just gonna rank for one area then usually when I go exact match if you want to go for multiple areas meaning like you have a national brand that goes for a bunch of different eras with that brand name and you’re trying to get a bunch of different areas everywhere then you would do a branded donate name you wouldn’t do an exact match I like to go exact match because generally what I’m going for an area like let’s say Santa Barbara or
something I just want to rank that and then be done with it I’ll either want to sell it or rent it out or whatever just get the leads from it I’m not trying to create one brand that’s just trying to take over everything especially because a lot of brands are already trying to do that
and Google doesn’t really like to see that you know there’s one brand trying to monopolize every keyword locally for a given type of niche it looks really bad so I usually go exact match so what I do is I go into GoDaddy I’ll take something like let’s say iPhone repair San Diego or Apple repair whatever I want to go for and I’ll just go to GoDaddy and what I’m gonna do is first of all GoDaddy looks messed up what is going on with their site this looks weird okay so I’m gonna type in let’s try iPhone repair San Diego calm now likely this is already taken
so what I’ll do yeah you can see it’s already taken so what I’ll do is I will I’ll take something like abbreviated usually so like for instance web design Santa Barbara that site that’s ranking I’ll do WD Santa Barbara but I’ll still brand it as I’ll still brand it as web design Santa Barbara com
I’m not sure what’s going on here and where’s that there it is so you can see here I’m still branding it as web design Santa Barbara so hi fund repair Santa Barbara you could do something like I are San Diego or iPhone repair SD com so let’s just try IR IR San Diego well that looks like it says IR s so let’s not do that
ir our iphone and and you can see actually that this is not take it so iphone repairs san diego isn’t taken which is close enough that you probably just want to take that so you would take that you would buy it and then what you would do is you’d go over to something like site ground and you would you would buy the hosting for it
this is what I would recommend site grounds pretty good you just get that web hosting that’s pretty much it then you’re good to go I’m just gonna hook up your domain by pointing the DNS if you don’t have to do that then you would just contact it’s like I’m support and I’ll help you do it for you okay so now that you’ve figured out your domain you’re gonna want to figure out your content management system now I either recommend Squarespace or WordPress I make most of my sites that I rank with Squarespace because with Squarespace you can just throw up the site doesn’t take any effort really at all you want to have any design that’s really
templatized and it’s easy to do I’ll show you my layout and I’ve been able to rank both I’ve been able to rank wet WordPress and Squarespace basically the same at the same amount same amount of time same amount of effort so
Squarespace is usually just easier so let’s go over to Squarespace just to check it out really quick login
is this helpful to you guys let me know in chat because you guys are being pretty quiet might be support actually and I might not even know my password as usual so we might have to wait on that yeah so I don’t know my password off the top my head but ideally you can just log in edit the website super easily
Squarespace is literally just drag and drop it’s almost like clickfunnels only takes a couple seconds of time to do so I would recommend Squarespace if you have design skills with WordPress then go ahead and do that but for the most part scores based super-easy I would use that so now you kind of figured out your keywords you think or at least your exact match keywords that you want to go for or your keywords that you want to go for for your main keywords you should have figured out your brand name and your domain name and your content management system so the next thing off the checklist you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to verify your Google my business and what does it Google my business Google my business is a way for you to show up on Google Maps and it’s probably the best thing that you can do these days because most people just click on the map and they just call you right off of there when you are ranking with a Google my business usually what it’ll look like is you guys probably already know this but it’ll show up right in here and if you want to as well you can actually use Google ads to rank as well in the map so if you guys want to know how to do that I might make a separate tutorial it’s it doesn’t take a lot of effort you just enable something called location extensions and you show up in the map so looks like everybody’s saying it’s helpful truth seekers is very helps to thank you see Morrises yes Anthony’s given a thumbs up will replay be available yes so I’m gonna take this down and then I’m going to edit it and really up load it I thought exact match domain is no longer working I did see a lot of exact match in a result yes so exact match keywords meaning that you’re gonna be using that your keywords as a way to rank your URL that doesn’t supposed it’s not supposed to help you but having your exact keywords in your brand name is supposed to be helpful there’s a difference
Daniel says very helpful could you use Google sites with their Trinity dollar credit you basically get a both a domain and hosting for free for the first year I’m sure you probably could I mean we did that I think with a plumber website on a Rankin rent site and it was just a one page or off Google site so we’re able to rank it Emerson says thank you I’m from Italy and here is late okay you’re welcome
all right so let’s talk let’s go over how to set up your Google my business so what you’re gonna do is you’re in and what thing I do need to tell you guys about is most of you are not going to have an actual business address you’re gonna want to start out with your home address so that way you can get out on the map and then once you start getting leads in then you can probably transfer it over to a real address but most of the websites that I’ve ranked or most the business I’ve ranked I’ve been with a home address and then I switched it over to a real address once it was ranking so what you do to get that going is you’re going to go to your Google Account and you’re gonna go click on my business you’re gonna add a location single location and what you’re gonna do is you’re going to type your business name so let’s say we were trying to write for San Diego so we would type in iphone repairs San Diego create business with this name we’re gonna press next do you want to add a location so this is where you would press no if you had a home address otherwise you could one of the alternatives is if you’re trying to rank in a different area you could actually you could say yes I do have an address or no I don’t and you could put it out on Craigslist saying hey I will pay you 50 bucks if you just let us verify your address on Google we won’t send you a we won’t put your address on the maps that’s up to you you get a benefit by saying yes by having your actual location on the map but you can still rank service
just as fine as if your address isn’t on the map you can actually see that address for Colorado Web Design Colorado Springs this is actually a service base address that meaning there’s no location on the map
you can’t find a location and the cool thing about this is this is actually just pictures of a house it’s not a real it’s not a real business in a sense like but we’re not we’re also not listing it that way we’re just listening it as a service service area meaning that we don’t have people showing up at our house right so you would press no this is out what most people are probably gonna choose and then you’re gonna type in your area so we would say something like Colorado Springs press next we’re gonna find the business category and the way you find that is you just you just figure out what everybody else is ranking for so you can see here website designer internet marketing consultant website designer website designer so usually I just go with the one that most people choose so we’ll just go with website designer and if you are trying to rank for SEO try to get SEO leads ranking for web design is way better you get way more leads this way and most people who want web design also want SEO because they don’t even know what SEO is even if you see a bunch people searching for SEO it’s usually other SEO people so it’s better to go for web design contact phone number so this is my number and again if you guys want to call me for any reason if you want to talk about the certification program you want to start bringing in leads I give you leads in the certification program just in case you missed that in the beginning just call me on this number and we can talk about getting you set up if you do match the criteria I’m looking for again I’m trying to get successful people who want to get SEO leads coming in the door and getting certified to do audits and working with clients if that’s what you want to do give me a call on this number so anyways we’re gonna press next we’re gonna also click we don’t need a website if you don’t have a website you just try to rank the business but obviously we would put the website here and then you can also get a free website off Google but
I usually just go a squarespace cuz you get a little bit more robustness with the Squarespace website we were press next and we’re gonna press finish now the next thing we’re gonna do let’s just check our handy dandy checklist is we’re gonna want to either build out citations or start optimizing the Google my business now let’s talk about what a citation is so a citation is your name your address your phone number or your website that’s it so most people think like well a citation must be a website linking to my website and that’s not necessarily what it is you want to think about it this way if you type in your address on Google how many other places is it going to show up how many address I mean other places is your address going to show up such as your business name your address your phone number or your website on other relevant websites and by relevant websites we mean local websites in your area niche specific websites so other web design type websites or more general sites like Yelp Facebook pages that kind of thing you want to make sure that your business your name your address your phone number and your website are consistent in showing up on a good amount of places now the way you can figure out how many citations you probably want is you could go over to something called white spark so you do white spark dot CA and we’re gonna login let’s see if I still have this login doesn’t say it exists
oh man how do I never know these
passwords okay well basically what you do is you go over to whites Park and whites Park you just can type in your business address and your name or your keywords and it’ll tell you how many citations the other businesses in your area will have so it’ll say this
business has 60 citations this business has 50 and what you can do is you can just build what citations those other websites have you can go click on the links and then go build your profile on those other links the easier way to do this though especially if you already have citations meaning you already have a bunch of citations on their websites and maybe you’re moving your address you don’t want to have to go find all those profile URLs the easiest way to do this is to use something called citation builder Pro which is who I use and they have a team that manually goes and changes all this stuff for you or add citations for you there’s a discount code I will leave actually I won’t even leave it all you have to do is just go to citation builder Pro google it and type in chase writer and it will show up here it is a business listing service and this is just a discount you get for my audience I don’t get a kickback from this they just do my citations for free as long as I mention them online that’s pretty much it’s about 58 bucks 400 citations that’s the one I would get a pretty good deal and they send you a list of all the citations they built with all the logins and everything which is pretty cool but in terms of the next thing you’re going to want to do which is optimizing your review of my business profile what you’re gonna want to do is try to take as many pictures as possible and Google actually tells you what type of pictures you need to take so let’s go check those out we’re gonna go over to the info actually yeah so and then we’re gonna click on add photos so once your business is verified meaning you got the letter and you verified it through Google
you’re gonna want to start adding different pictures of you at work or photos or services team photos different pictures of your location so if you can take pictures of your building take pictures of the inside outside like for instance I’ll show you what I did with the web design business because I only had the home address here we go so I keep going over to keep being so if we click into here we can see you know this is just a picture of the door and then I would label the image outside off this door you know
office dog this is just my dog on the porch office plan lounge area downstairs bathroom outside of location so you would just take all these different images and you would obviously change the file URLs to match what the image is whether or not Google uses this I don’t know I just do it for safe measure I don’t do the whole geo tagging and editing the XF data on the image I think that’s overkill and a parent Google does definitely doesn’t look at that so don’t go waste your time doing that stuff just change the URL make sure the URL is what the picture is of and try to take as many pictures as you can possible I’d say you want about three photos of the outside location and three of the inside three of the services three of team and that’s pretty much it if you can do more than that great but for the most part that’s pretty good there’s some other things that you can do on Google as well these days you can actually you can post like services and videos and stuff like that I would fill that out if I were you I mean I don’t see why not I’m sure it probably only helps one of the other things though that one of the biggest ranking factors on Google my business is though is reviews and this is where you’re going to want to start getting into phase 3 type stuff which is what I talked about at my certification but phase 3 is basically coming up with ongoing content strategy that’s not just targeting local obviously when you start out you’re gonna be trying to rank locally but what you want to do is you want to take your local authority and you want to build it into a national strategy sounds weird but but here’s how it works you take let’s say sorry I said it backwards you want to take your national strategy and build into a local authority so the way it works is you start figuring out keywords that you your website might be knowledgeable about on a national level so all content should be a work like this the way you do it is let me just bring out my paint and I know you guys are horrified by this don’t tell me in chat right now that you guys hate me for this because I already know but what you’re doing is you’re taking let’s say let’s say you’re you’ve had some success with iPhone repair let’s say you had some success with anything in relation to web design because for the most part if you’re if you’re doing something online that involves marketing whether it’s SEO social media whatever it is there is a chance that you have been able to make something happen right if you haven’t had any results then chances are that you probably I can’t feel comfortable selling it so tell me guys really quickly in chat what is the biggest success just really quickly what’s the biggest success that you’ve had online just like was it ranking a web design site was it bringing in a couple
thousand dollars because you did a YouTube tutorial and then people
contacting you off of that let me know what it is because I’m gonna bring that into an example and while we do that let me hear some of the comments daniel says you had mentioned you only take a couple mentor students and months for your certification class what do you look for this applicant what skills and SEO experience so the biggest thing is that it’s kind of what we’re talking about here if you wanted to be a part of the certification program I’m looking for people who are able to start building out authority for themselves so somebody that’s going to take the steps that I’m going to be giving them the audits that kind of thing the leads and be able to turn that into results that you can use to build authority for yourself
and then bring in your own clients if you’re if you’re the type of person that’s just gonna come in and call me like hey chase I don’t know how to do really SEO or anything you know I’m not really motivated to kind of get known I don’t I don’t want to have a lot of people who know who I am that kind of thing I wouldn’t be willing to work with you however if you’re somebody who wants to bring in ton of leads and start bringing in Authority start really scaling a business then that would be the type of person I would bring into the program what is the price sort of budget for the certificate program so right now it is two thousand nine hundred ninety seven for the
certification program but you also get leads which most the leads that I get that I’m going to be sending are usually ranged between 500 to 2,000 a month retainers so the idea is that you make the money back pretty quickly critic new course and how to learn Italian that was random
okay so cute animal videos said that one of their big successes was running Facebook ads for a client
what dude says web design and
development oh actually sorry
Edmonson said they created a course on how to learn Italian so I thought you were saying that you wanted me to do that truth seeker says reputation management as the best fi TD strategy to upsell them to a higher ticket service later almost nobody does this because everyone wants big so again you guys are coming up with great stuff so the idea is is you take whatever you’re trying to rank locally and you start thinking of these things that you’ve been able to achieve so let’s say you know cute animal videos started running Facebook ads for a client obviously this is a service that they sell they want to get more people probably for this service so what they would do is they would come up with a story now most people don’t really care necessarily how to do something they do but they don’t so like for most people who are watching these videos they want to know how to do something but they would rather know the story behind it like when I started out doing this video first thing that I’m going to talk about is my story behind how I started out what I was able to achieve and then this is the result that call to action so anything that you’re doing on a national level you don’t have to be really crazy a keyword research you have to do anything super intense all you have to do is say I went from this thing this was where I started not really knowing anything this is how I was able to achieve this thing and that’s how I was able to get that result and how you can – so let’s say cute animal videos did Facebook ads for a client you would you would go over you know why you didn’t understand you know one thing you didn’t get before that what your story was how you started and then it would go into what you achieved and then it would go into your call to action and generally your call to action you wanted to call to actions you want to have your free call to action which I was in is you guys know in this video I’m offering a free checklist for people to grab and then you would also offer a paid call to action which would be you know for instance my program or you would offer some sort of you know consultation service whatever you would want to get bring people in for
something for paid because there’s gonna be Pete there’s gonna be about 10% of your audience if you’re lucky he’s gonna buy from you then or 90% is just gonna watch and engage with you and what you want to do is you want to set up
something like many chats so that when people do go engage with you and they grab your checklist or something you’re trading them that checklist to the 90% of people who are gonna just engage not buy from you for engagement so you can get more more of those 10% or showing up at your door so let’s go back over how you would apply that to local so if you’re gonna be optimizing your Google my business you’re gonna want to start bringing in reviews and the way you bring in reviews is you start getting people to opt-in and the way you get people to opt-in is you set up something like mini chat so let’s go over to mini chat
and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to growth tool and you would set up something like this you’ve got press new growth tool and you would try to get something like my resources so you would you would say download all my resources um you’d press send this to me or they’d press send this to me and then that’s how they would get the resource but before it sends to them what’s going to happen is when they click on that I’ll show you right now so let me go to Facebook because it should be showing up so when they click on that you could see here’s what it shows up
it says chase before I send you the resources can you do me a favor and leave a comment on my Facebook post just let me know when you leave a comment I’ll setting the resources so they click on that they go leave a comment and this is actually the what you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to take people from your YouTube video or from another place like let’s say let’s say people found me let’s say you found me on YouTube well what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try to get you to engage with me on Facebook because if you engage with me on YouTube and then you go over to Facebook what’s gonna happen is it’s going to look like to Facebook that this is a brand new person meaning they they didn’t come from Facebook they came from somewhere else so Facebook’s gonna try to match this with an additional person just like if you were to go on Facebook then you would want to cross-promote to your YouTube you’d want to trade some sort of engagement and you can see this post and even to this day I mean I posted it September 27th has 955
engagements 345 comments nine shares so this is a lot of people opting into my money chat and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take those people off to my mini chat and then I’m going to upsell them whatever I’m trying to do like for instance more free content you just want to get people seeing your freak on as much as possible so by the time you know fourth or fifth time they’re opting into something else you’re giving them then you’re pretty much able to sell this is how I was able to sell 150 copies of my authority Hocking course last month and made about 40 or 50 grand just by doing this strategy and this is just
completely separate this has nothing to do with local but let me give you one other quick tip before we go back to local one thing you can also do is you can invite all these people there’s actually a tool that I’ll let ematic Lee do this for you I think it’s called Facebook tool kit or so
thing or you can just manually click it but these people anybody who’s engaged in your pose you can invite them to like your page which they’re just gonna see it more often after that so again the idea is that you take all these opt-ins that you’re getting from any chai and if you want to see a tutorial I did on mini chat on how to do this exact thing I will leave an hour-long tutorial that I did of me setting this up for a client so you can see how I actually do this and I’ll also be creating a mini chat complete guide in the near future as well so stick around that for that make sure you hit subscribe but what you’re gonna do is are gonna take all these people that are opting into mini chat so I’ll show you my list I’m gonna take this audience here and you’re going to broadcast to them and you’re gonna ask them to leave your review based on what you gave them
you can even just do an autoresponder as well and you don’t you’re not gonna the idea is you don’t want to trade people for reviews because you can get trouble for that you don’t wanna be like if you give me a review then I’ll send you this don’t do that but what you would do is let’s say you’re doing a tutorial like this one like let’s say you guys see this tutorial you’re watching right now and I say hey by the way can you go over to chase Reiner just go type it in on Google and go leave me a review because it’s gonna help me out now that’s how you take something on that’s how you take a national content engagement strategy that you’re making and you turn it into a local strategy because all those reviews you’re going to be getting you’re gonna be getting rankings off that and that’s how I’ve been able to rank all these local sites now when you do get reviews make sure you get you respond to that because it will help you rank higher as well apparently don’t get the true ranking benefit until you respond to you also you just get more content out of it so that’s great and you can also use this strategy to build more user-generated content signals to your local pages as well but that’s a different story
so that’s Google my business for the most part so far again we’ve covered finding some of your main keywords setting up your citations setting up your content management system your domain I’ll just give you the checklist really quick so you can see it taking images and optimizing
my business we covered setting up many chat and creating a review generation strategy let’s talk now about some of the on-page stuff you’re gonna want to do so the on-page stuff isn’t incredibly difficult shouldn’t be something that really confuses you a lot because you shouldn’t have to be doing anything crazy like keyword density and all that stuff
ideally what you want to do is you want to take you want to take hyper specific data around what you’re trying to rank for and just put it on your website so let’s say you were going for Colorado Springs iPhone repair or San Diego iPhone repair what you’re gonna do is you’re going to take information about both those things meaning iPhone repair in San Diego and you’re gonna combine them I usually try to take information from Wikipedia because Wikipedia gives you the most hyper specific data you could type in iPhone repair on Wikipedia it’ll show you all the things associated with it you could type San Diego and iPhone repair it’ll show you all the things associated with it so let’s take an example of a website that’s actually doing really well if you type in SB PC techcom you’ll actually see that this website is doing kind of what we’re talking about so first of all you can see it says Santa Barbara computer repair service and then in quotes it has their nickname which is kind of good because you’re kind of making it more relevant provides affordable computer repair for PC and Mac laptops desktops virus removal so they’re just taking all the related services next thing they’re doing is they’re saying our computer services extend through Santa Barbara County and then they show all the related areas they put an external link to a rub to their Google my business listing they show what it’s also named for they show the exact buildings that they’re next to so when google goes and crawls this stuff it’s probably thinking when the spiders are crawling this from google they’re thinking well this site has a lot of associated data with its main topics and it’s mentioning a lot of things that these other authoritative sites like wikipedia are probably saying the same thing else by doing that it makes you look extremely relevant because you’re listing things that other relevant websites are mentioning this is actually how I was able to rank for a 2000 monthly search rate keyword
locally for SEO I was raining I was ranking number one for Maryland SEO just by taking Wikipedia data I wrote on my page
Marilyn was meant to be or as my thought to be the birthplace of religious freedom because it said that on
Wikipedia and I reword it a little bit I don’t want to just exactly copy it over and my me putting that on the page I put pictures of Marilyn on the website and I also mentioned a bunch of related stuff about SEO it ranked without any links and there was other entire websites links ranking ranking below it so let’s just put this into what we’re doing with our site so if we look at our template you can see all the different pages I have for my SEO website so if I go over to Authority nuke which i think is should be the website that’s up we can see all those different services now some of your services might have to zero search rates if you go and see that let’s say you offer conversion rate optimization or let’s say you offer logo design but there’s no searches for that in your area it doesn’t matter because if you’re creating other relevant pages that Google spiders are gonna be looking at they’re gonna be crawling all these are four pages on your website they’re me understanding your entire
architecture they’re gonna want to see that your website is a Thor ative website around a certain subject and when most authoritative websites have relevant pages on them for instance say it’s services they have a contact page might have location pages they have also other pages that add trust like Terms of Service privacy policy if you don’t have those things on your website
generally it’s not a complete website so even if you’re not even if you’re if you don’t really have other services that have keyword searches like let’s say there’s only one big search rate and you’re in your area and these other ones don’t really re search just should still try to put those on your website because you’re creating a silo of content that’s going to make you more relevant and it’s going to be able to give you the ability to add internal links and pass authority to other pages so what I mean by that is if you’re one of your service pages let’s say
my AdWords page which has obviously no probably no searches for AdWords in that town because it’s such a low search it still is gonna get Authority and the way we can look at this is if we plug it into H refs
plug it in here you can see that it still has aur of seven and what that means is that that page is still going to pass a thority to other pages so what do I do I put a link on that page to the home page you can see here at SCO Santa Barbara it’s actually supposed to be the whole URL that’s passing link juice back to the home page it’s helping the home page get more authority and rank higher on Google and one thing that I actually did to bypass the content creation because sometimes it’s annoying hiring people to write the content for you is I just did videos I would I would do a video as you can see here and I would just explain all the things that I know about Adwords and then I would
transcribe it put it on the page and that’s pretty much it I did the same thing for the home page I did it for every single page so I wouldn’t have to spend as much time trying to hire content writers and thinking about all the content it’s an extremely easy way to build content especially for these ranking rent sites because most the time people don’t even read the content and you just need to get on the pages so stuff making sense to you guys so far let me know and chat what you guys think um and also let me know if you have any questions because we have covered a lot so far but we’re gonna keep it going so one other thing that you want to do on your website is you want to include your name address phone number and your website and your hours and everything at some somewhere in here you can see I kind of mess it up on mine but let’s take somebody like sbpc tech you could see in here they have the phone number they have the they have the address they have the email ideally you want to have the hours in here as well and you’re also going to want to mark up your pages and the way you mark up your pages isn’t too difficult I have a bunch of
tutorials for me actually doing schema markup if you go to YouTube you can see if you type in chase Reiner schema markup you should be able to see a tutorial actually did recently for a client here it is so
it’s called schema markup service for a client life walkthrough this is actually me going and marking up all the
different pages on a website it’s not super hard to do you’re really just gonna be marking up the different main pages so you want to mark up the
homepage as a local business you want to mark up the contact pages you want to mark up your service pages you want to mark up any page you possibly can which by the way you can pretty much mark up every page on your website every page is recognized as something separate and it’s not super hard to do so I would watch that tutorial if you have the time but we’re gonna skip that so obviously if you have WordPress then you’re gonna want to install some different plugins like Yoast WP SSO which helps you optimize your Open Graph data for social shares also marks up your images we’re not going to go into that stuff if you want to check out those plugins go check them out on the spreadsheet but let’s just skip that for now
we’re gonna go straight into setting up your Google search console your google analytics submitting your sitemap and setting up your conversion tracking so there’s two different types of
conversion tracking that you want to do you’re going to want to do conversion tracking for phone calls and then conversion tracking for contact page Smith’s and what that means is if people are submitting a contact to your website you want to see where they’re coming from if people are sending you or calling you you want to know where they’re coming from where they coming from Google and also you want to know how many of them are coming from Google per day or per month so what you do is first of all let’s set up Google
Analytics you’re just going to type in Google Analytics click into here
you’re gonna go to admin you’re gonna go to create account
you’re gonna set up your new account so let’s just call it iPhone repair repairs San Diego press next measure your website press next you’re gonna add your website name put it in here my phone repairs san diego comm make sure it’s the right URL whether it’s HTTP HTTPS or WW or non WW select your category doesn’t really matter too much
press create now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna grab your tracking code and plug it into your website in the header of your website if you don’t know how to do that just look up how to add tracking code in your website you could find any five minute tutorial show you how to do it after that what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up your conversions so I will do a separate tutorial at some point covering all of the complete stuff to Google Analytics so you know how to work all this but for the moment we’re just going to cover how to set up conversion so we’re gonna press goals we’re gonna press new goal and we’re gonna go to we’re going to go to custom for some reason it’s not letting me there we go well somebody’s it’s not letting me press custom okay we’ll just say contact us so let’s do that maybe I need to refresh
okay let’s try contact us again continue okay it’s not let me do it let me try on a different account because for some reason I don’t know why it’s just not working let’s try our cheese find our website website
okay so you can see already have a few goals in here but I’m gonna just go and press I unfortunately can’t press new because already have these set up you can only add like 20 goals at a time in your in your deal it might be because I’m on being or something so this says place in order but you could just press custom or contact us doesn’t really matter so we would just say contact forms submit and then you would make it a destination so based on where your websites being what kind of content management system you have whether it’s WordPress or Squarespace you basically figure out how to redirect its a user to a page after they’ve committed a form so if somebody contacted you you’d want them to hit like a thank you page once they get you a think once they hit that Thank You page you would say you would you would put this as a goal so you would say the destination is equal to chase runner comm ford slash
thanks and then you would assign of value on how much that’s worth now if you have no idea how much it leads worth to you just take however many on average people how many people contact you how many of them actually turn into a sale and what that average sale is and then divide that by whatever the whatever the conversion rate is so like if 5p if it takes five people to make $500 then you would you would put you know $100 per conversion and then you could verify this goal if it’s already set up on your website press save and then what you could start doing is actually seeing in here inside of your acquisition all traffic you can actually start seeing what traffic is giving you conversions and you can filter by which conversions you’re getting so for organic traffic you can see on my website
how many email opt-ins I get you can see in the last 7 days I got about a hundred sixty two email opt-ins and these are from the different networks and I can also drill down and see which actual pages I’m getting the most my opt-ins from as well so here we go here’s all the different opt-ins
so it’s really important to do just regular gold tracking from a redirects landing page but also you want to track your calls as well so I use something called call tracking metrics what call tracking metrics does is it lets you see where your calls are coming from and it also integrates with analytics so if you guys want to know how to do this as well there’s a tutorial I believe in my program as well as it might be on my channel but but here you can see we can see where people are calling from we can even get voice audio recordings and we can sync this with analytics so we can have an idea on how many leads were pulling off our website through phone calls which is very important because both these things need to be tracked in order to really show value and also to be able to do conversion rate
optimisation for your clients if you start going into phase 2 type stuff and phase 2 is really taking your top 10 pages and then optimizing them based off user metrics like if you have a low conversion rate or a low click-through rate or a high bounce rate or something you’re gonna want to go and then
optimize that based off where those metrics are coming from and I’ll cover another tutorial later on how to do all the different phases but that should also be in the certification information as well alright so next to conversion tracking and setting up Google Analytics obviously you’re gonna want to setup Google search console and what Google search console is for is it’s for kind of measuring what your metrics are for Google so like the amount of impressions your website’s getting what keywords it’s showing up for as we can see on my choice trainer dot site I can actually go and look and see all the different keywords that I’m getting clicks for but ideally the best thing that you want to do after you submit your sitemap which the way you submit your sitemap is you would go here type in your sitemap so sitemap dot XML and this is just gonna let Google be able to crawl your website and get an idea on what pages are on your website but the best thing that search console is for is to go and see what your top pages are and click into them and then
see where these pages are what these pages are doing so you can see for this page rank and rent this page is ranking on average position five consistently you can see it’s about five consistently average click-through rate for that keywords about six point six percent and it’s at one point five nine thousand impressions for the last 90 days now you can see that for a six point six percent click-through rate that’s pretty decent I don’t probably don’t need to change the title or the Meta Description to improve the click-through rate but for our position five that’s not that great so what I could also do is I could combine this with the analytics that we were just looking at and what this will do is I’m gonna be able to see what the page is doing in terms of its user metrics if it ever loads here we go and any day now so if I go into behavior site content landing pages and I go to rank and rent somewhere around here there it is and let’s go by 90 days because we want a little bit more time here we can see it’s got about an 80 percent bounce rate now if if it has an 80 percent bounce rate and let’s say the opt-in rate if that’s the main goal is that you know zero point eight three percent I need to improve that right that needs to be a priority because it’s one of my top traffic pages now for me it’s not as important because I don’t care as much about the traffic from this page I get most of my traffic from YouTube as we can see for my website my stats most of my traffic comes from YouTube and if that’s the case I’m more concerned about optimizing my YouTube metrics than I am about my website metrics but if I was selling SEO as a service then obviously I would be wanting to look at this stuff improving the conversion rates improving the bounce rates seeing why there’s a high bounce rate maybe it’s the UX maybe it’s a page load time so on and so on that’s how you combine search console with analytics to really optimize a website and how you do phase 2 stuff if you have prior
traffic you’re also gonna probably want to start putting user-generated content on your website but we’ll talk about that a different time so some other things that people wonder about for their local websites is how to rank related location pages because they want to rank for let’s say their main
location like San Diego but then they also want to rank for sub locations in that town as well now ideally what you do is you just do what s PPC tech does and you create related location pages so if we type in site : name of web site on Google we’re gonna see all the different pages he has and if we type in locations we’re gonna see the different locations he’s going for so you can see
Carpinteria is a location with in Santa Barbara and and ideally you don’t want to completely duplicate your text you you never really want to duplicate your content you want to make it very
repetitive generally you’re gonna be saying the same sort of things but you want to obviously make it about that location as much as possible add images bullet points that kind of thing and you would just create these separate
locations I wouldn’t spend all my time trying to rank for a bunch of different separate locations Google’s trying to get away from that they don’t like people trying to rank for all these just crazy sub locations but if you have a couple main other locations that you want to put on there I think it’s totally fine so in terms of building out your other pages like this the way I do it is I just kind of go in with that strategy like we talked about by taking some other people’s websites putting it into something like Google Keyword planner or a drafts start stealing their keywords and then putting those keywords in here and sort of mapping out the volume of that keyword the keyword difficulty that sort of thing and then creating your pages but if again if you only have one main page that has
keywords and the other pages don’t really have any keywords then like they have no search rates then I would still build those out anyways just you can get the content on your website
so in terms of like doing link outreach and building links that kind of thing I don’t really I don’t that’s I
would spend most of my time when I was I was talking about build Authority create your pages build reviews try to start bringing in traffic and engagement on a national level repurpose that to a local level and start building out your authority as much as possible and you in and if you combine that with the stuff we talked about today you should be able to rank pretty easily so that’s pretty much it let me know what you guys think I’ll be taking some comments right now if you guys have any comments you got 33 people in chat so let me know what you guys think
and before you guys do go I will say again I really do encourage you guys to check out the program again it is a bit pricey but I only take a a couple people anyways so here it is I’ll just show you right here it dot only has all of my all of my tutorials which is over 80 hours of video you can see I have a local SEO course in here which shows how I ranked over the shoulder my authority hacking course I mean my authority nuke site has a national SEO course in here which shows how I was able to rank a affiliate site I also have the
over-the-shoulder training here it has my beginner to advanced of your brand new it has how do I get SEO clients it has the main certification which is me teaching a 15 year old how to do SEO and how he started able was able to do claw audits for clients and how I was able to start giving him work and then in that as well you get my phone number you can call me anytime on my cell I help you make money doing this stuff because the biggest thing that I found that people have problems with is they can take knowledge but they don’t know how to actually end up using that to sell to clients and how to get clients that kind of thing so I actually helped you get your first clients in the door I have this new guy who just came on and he called he just called me this morning he’s like hey chase I just got done with phase 1
you know I’m gonna send you the video audit I just did for a client can you get me certified in that so so that I can start sending him clients because what I want to do is I get about 40 to 50 leads every I don’t know I’d say every week for people who want SEO audits and some of these people have huge budgets so I can’t do all the work and I don’t really like doing SEO client work anymore cuz it takes too much time I’d much rather just partner up with people and so I give the people in my program these leads to do audits with and then I split percentages with them so I’m gonna give him a lead we’re gonna try to sell to that lead together so he can get his reoccurring income through the door so he can pay off the program so again all you have to do I don’t I don’t have a sales form for this you can’t just go out and buy the program you have to call me here’s my number on the screen right here if you want give me a call after this or send me a text and I’ll call you and I can basically interview for you for 10 minutes and see if you would be a good match for this program again though you do need to know that it’s about 3k to get in but if you get in the whole plan is that you make it back okay Auggie says great content thanks man
Spencer says how do you allocate your time between rank and rent consulting course etcetera are you still putting any time in a ranking right I don’t do I think rank and rent for me is not really worth it
and especially with you know what I’ve been seeing happening like for instance I was ranking number one for web design in two different cities and then
somebody with you know a Google account could just go and say that the account the business was moved and now it’s now I have to go call Google about it’s just such a waste of time and I you know I wasn’t getting a tremendous amount of leads from it it’s just not worth it even the plumber site you know we make a couple hundred dollars off of it per month but it’s not worth it like you can make that much money doing so many other things q animals in video says how to get G and B verify when not living in the USA I don’t know I mean where are you trying to get verified in the USA truth-seeker says can a business owner edit
if you don’t go my business or does it stay there forever generally you can’t get it removed unless you get a bunch of people reporting him Chris says thanks chase some great tips how do you deliver leads is I’m not in the u.s. well all my leads are in the are online so people contact me from all around the world it’s not just in one area that’s pretty much how it works okay so we still have 33 people watching do you guys have any other questions before I head out anything you want to see in the future any questions about the program key GMB optimizations so we already covered that in the first part of this tutorial so I would rewatch this video if I were you okay guys well I’m gonna head out we’ll see you in the next video until we do 1705
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happy marketing see you guys later bye