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The Same Process I’ve Used To Rank In The Same Area Three Times With Three Different Websites

Download this free template I made for you to go out and rank your first website locally for SEO related keywords. In the checklist you get over twenty steps I’ve made to ranking, generating reviews, building citations, hiring content writers and much more. 

Local SEO Checklist v1.0 Overview

0. Figure Out Content Management System.
1. Verify GMB.
2. Build Citations.
3. Take Images and Optimize GMB.
4. Include NAP and Map Embed on site.
5. Markup homepage with Local Business Markup.
6. Install Yoast Plugin (Do not buy premium).
7. Install WPSSO (Buy Premium for $50).
8. Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics, Submit Sitemap.
9. Generate Reviews Via Blog Content.
10. Make sure all title tags and meta’s include some variation of your main keywords.
11. Build out related location pages if applicable.
12. Setup internal links to main pages with anchor text matching the keywords you want to rank. Try to internal link on most pages to home page with brand or keyword rich anchor.
13. Do keyword research for national terms using the following method, you’ll want to bring in as much traffic as possible from national type keywords in order to grow your authority and streamline your reviews.
14. If necessary, setup guest post outreach with Pitchbox or Scrapebox.
15. After having the site for atleast a month, make sure to go through Search Console and optimize pages with low click through rates.
16. Add videos to pages to increase relevancy, in the videos simply explain what the page is about.
17. Make sure CTA’s are above the fold for main pages.
18. Setup online and offline conversion tracking.
19. Add free downloads or lead magnets to national blog pages to funnel audience into an asset you control.
20. Once your site ends up ranking for SEO in your area, pitch potential clients a free audit in your area with this SEO audit template.


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