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Notes of today’s class. The Sale = Give value — > Build Relationship —> Re target —> Sale

Relationship = Give value by becoming the guide on a specific topic —> Build the relationship by making them the hero —> Re target

Seo strategy = Opt-in —> Content —> Website

Opt-in = Success you have had around a specific topic —> Create a SOP or Checklist outlining the steps you took to achieve that success —> Create an automated way to deliver the opt-in — > Promote the opt-in to the 99% (Most cases B2B)Authority hacking = Create assets online around one topic that makes the end consumer the hero. E.g – This is how I did ‘X’ and this is how you can do it too.

Delivering the value = Pick 2-3 platforms to target that YOU are capable to producing content for and that you like (Facebook, Youtube, Blog) — > Tell your story about how you got the end result (Step by Step) —> Then make them the hero by giving them the step by step process to get the same result.

– The content is just the story
– The website is just the call to action
– The opt-in is just the relationship builder

Relationships —> Engagement ——> Authority ——> $$$

The question to ask when you build your opt-in is – How did you do ‘X’

The sale should be secondary. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the relationship, the money will come.

Don’t be afraid to share your “secret sauce” most people won’t take action on it.

A key part of delivering the value is how you say it (body language etc.)

-If your not seen
-Your not helping
-And your not selling

Give the value to the people that won’t buy from you (the 99%) in your your chosen topic as they will be the ones promoting you to the 1% (Social Proof).

What is the widest audience you can target in a specific topic but not too wide

Business —> Marketing —> SEO

How to price SEO services – You change your prices based on supply and demand (1 lead $200 – 100 leads 16K)

The value ladder – Automate your lowest barrier to entry (the bottom of the ladder) and spend your time focusing on the top of your ladder.