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SEO training is intended to help you learn how to improve your own website search rankings. Most SEO training helps you learn how to create the best online marketing tools for yourself, your website and your business. 


    What Is An SEO Audit?

    An SEO audit is a complete analysis of your presence on the web and how it balance best SEO practices. It shows you how your information is not SEO complaint and offers recommendations to allow you to achieve better business results. All recommendations from an SEO audit are prioritized and show the value along with effort and impact to complete the action. 

    How Long Does An SEO Audit Take?

    The length of time an SEO audit depends greatly on the size of your website. You can expect that it will take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. We will perform a thorough investigation of your web presence.

    White Label SEO Audits

    A white label SEO audit is when we do an audit for a website you’re working with, but brand the report as your audit. Think of the white label as though it is blank, so it is company agnostic. Some companies have built audit tools that work really well and we can use them to run an audit and create a report of the SEO on your website.

    What is an Audit Template?

    An audit template is similar to a checklist. It gives us a starting point for the website audit. We have particular items that we check every time we do an audit. It ensures us that we do not miss anything while auditing your website. It is not complete, however, because each site is unique and we adjust based on specific needs. It also provides instructions so that you may be able to help fill in some missing information that we cannot capture during the audit. 

    How To Do An SEO Audit

    The best way to start an SEO audit is by taking a crawl of your website. A crawler is a great way to find any broken links, duplicate content, pages that are not links, and keywords that are not working for you. A crawler tells you which pages Google is crawling and how often. You should make sure that you only have one working version of your website. You should also do an SEO check on each one of your webpages. 

    SEO Audit Report

    This is a document that shows you the results of your SEO audit. It also explains what corrections you should make and why to make your website SEO. The report also indicates of your website has passed or failed specific SEO factors. 

    Local SEO Audit

    A local SEO audit is focused on optimizing your website for local customers and searches. When you want to attract locally, you must understand what a local customers wants, such as address with directions and phone number. This type of audit shows how your website performs in rankings by search engines. It provides you better conversions so more searchers turn into purchasing customers. 

    Free Website Audit

    There are tools available on the internet that allow you to check how SEO friendly your website is. You can search from them online and select one. You must enter your websites url and in minutes you can find out the SEO health of your website. These free audit tools give you basic information about your website. The tools provide feedback on items such as html tags, content quality, and how optimized your keywords are. These tools can also tell you how quickly your webpage loads. This is an important tool in determining how usable your website really is. 

    Website Audit Service

    This is a service that audits your website for you. While there are many options available to you when it comes to auditing your website, we can perform website audits for you. We offer a full line of services to audit your website. It is not a one size fits all type of service. We can create a service that fits your needs. 

    Screaming Frog SEO Audit

    The Screaming Frog is a spider and web crawler. This means it has the ability to crawl through the URL of a website and gather key data points. Once it captures that data, the information is analyzed. The Screaming Frog is flexible and fast as it can make its way through large and small websites with efficiency. It gathers information in real time, so you know it has the most up to date information. 

    SEO Audit For Beginners

    Gathering information about optimizing your website it only good to you if you understand the information. An audit for beginners makes sure that the information is easy to understand and breaks it down into the simplest form. This type of audit gives you information such as how many pages are crawled by Google. You will gain access to a list of all of your website and URL errors. It also gives you a list of all of your website’s indexed pages. 

      How Much Should An SEO Audit Cost?

      The cost of an SEO audit depends on the specific services you desire. Each service is geared specifically to your needs. I can provide an estimate, but cannot promise your cost will be in this range. A basic audit is going to take anywhere between 5 to 10 hours, so the cost will be between $600 to $2,000. If you want a more detailed audit, that will fall into the $3,000 to $20,000 range. If you are interested in paying someone for hourly services, you can expect that to cost somewhere between $125 to $200 an hour. 

        SEO Audit Software Like Screaming Frog and Ahrefs

        Ahrefs is an alternative to Screaming Frog. Remember Screaming Frog is a web crawler and one of the top SEO analysis tools available. Ahrefs gives you something that Screaming Frog cannot. It has a live backlink index. So, it shows you the strength of your backlinks and anchored data. It has one of the best user interfaces so it is simple to navigate. 

          Manual SEO Audits vs SEO Checkers

          An SEO checker does a quick check of your entire website and gives you feedback on how to optimize your content for the long term. This is usually one tool that helps you quickly check your website. A manual SEO audit using multiple tools to check the optimizing of the content on your website. This tends to take longer and requires compiling all of the information in one document. 

            SEO Content Audit

            An SEO content audit is intended to help build trust in a domain and increase page rankings. The audit analyzes all the content on the site and using metrics determines which content should be improved or replaced. A content audit determines which are the strongest pages in a particular domain and shows you how to leverage them. A content audit also has the ability to uncover hidden content marketing opportunities. 

              SEO Report

              An SEO report gives you a summary of important data about your website and how it preforms in search engines. It includes comments about what was found on the website as well as steps that should be taken to improve SEO. An SEO report also gives you an indication of your rankings within search engines. Another item that an SEO report shows you is your progress and how much your site has grown from one month to the next. 

                Analytics Audit

                An analytics audit is when the analytics configuration of your website is analyzed. The intention of this analysis is to ensure that all the important data is being tracked and aligns with the proper sources. This types of analysis looks at items such as account and property settings within Google Analytics. You want to make sure that your website is built on a solid foundation. 

                  On Page SEO Audit

                  This is an audit of all of the content, including keywords and images located on each page within your website. This gives you a more complete understanding of the information on your website. When you have a better understanding, you are better able to create more optimized options.

                    Off Page SEO Audit

                    This is an audit that happens external from your website to determine how your website ranks on search engine result pages. This allows you to improve the perception of your website to potential customers. This helps you to ensure that other websites linking to your own are reputable.  

                      Link Audit

                      This type of audit involves analyzing and researching all the links that drive traffic to your website. This allows us to find any concerns with back linking, as well as the opportunity to create a backlink. This link also ensures that your links and target keywords are optimized. 

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                      We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chase for several months now and have seen tremendous results. His knowledge and passion of the SEO world pair together to bring dedication, growth and integrity to an industry that can sometimes lack people of this caliber. His white hat SEO strategies ensure not only the best end results, but results that you can stand behind knowing they are done correctly. He is truly an outstanding professional as well as a great person!

                      Crystal Etem

                      Owner, Our Sleep Guide

                      Chase is the first Seo consultant that has taken the time and effort to teach all of us non Seo people how to make their websites better and rank higher using common sense practices. The SEO industry is filled with so many so called experts it’s hard to tell who is helping you, and who just wants to take your money. Watch some of Chase’s video’s, when you realize he knows what to do to help you, spend $200.00 for an hour audit, it will be the best $200.00 dollars you ever spent. Chase went over an hour on my audit and provided so many good tips and things to fix, even my website designer was impressed. Since I have been watching his videos we have gone from the middle of page two to page one on some of our keywords. After we fix the issue’s Chase found in the audit I am confident we will be in the top five search results for our niche. Great Job Chase! 

                      Russ Rego

                      Owner, Mirror Reflections

                      Last year we hired one of the keynote speakers at mozcon to do an audit for us. Spent a ton of money to get a 2 page document that told us what we already knew. The audit that Chase did for us was outstanding, 1 hour long video chat, answering all of our questions and explaining everything. Insane amount of value. We will use him again, and we highly recommend him to anyone.

                      William Burgess

                      Lead SEO, Velocity Restorations

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