Want any of Chase's courses for free?

Chase is willing to trade his courses to anyone who's willing to take notes of his videos.

What Do I Have To Do?

All that is required is for you to watch videos and take detailed and organized notes. 

Here's what videos he needs help taking notes on:

> Affiliate SEO Series  

> Social Media Marketing Series

SEO Tips Videos

> SEO Audit Videos

> Local SEO Series

> National SEO Series


1. Watch a video of your choice and start taking notes.

2. Send [email protected] your notes with the video URL.

3. If your notes are accepted, Chase will ask for your help on taking notes for a series of videos (5 - 10 videos).

4. After the notes have been made for the videos, Chase will give you access to one or multiple courses depending on the amount of work required to take notes for the videos.