Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

by | Nov 8, 2018


Digital Marketing vs Traditional-Marketing

All marketing efforts stem from the same place. When you use social media marketing, you are using the foundational elements of traditional marketing.

  1. Traditional Marketing


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Traditional marketing measures include offline marketing strategies. These strategies might not be the only methods you use today to market your business, but they are tried and true and for many businesses, you, can combine online strategies with these traditional strategies to reach a wider demographic. Consider, for example, that when new tenants move into a rental property and sign up for new services, those companies might have a deal in place (or be willing to make one) whereby they transfer the new tenants to a marketer on the phone who offers them similar services like internet or connects them to new furniture stores or vehicle sales. With a combination of traditional and social media marketing efforts, companies will do well to reach those young and old.

Traditional methods include some of the following:


Direct Mail

Direct Mails

Direct mail is an incredibly popular way to reach people, especially people who might fit your target demographic. For direct mail, the best way to ensure you increase the rate of response is to do the following:

  • Make it short and sweet
  • Address questionnaires to specific persons
  • Address questionnaires to people interested in the respondent
  • Limit the questionnaire to two pages
  • Enclose a cover letter from your company explaining your needs
  • Send a reminder two weeks after the questionnaire has been mailed with a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

Response for direct mail is generally less than five percent.


Phone Surveys

Phone Surveys

Phone surveys can be cost-effective, particularly compared to direct mail, with a higher response rate. The cost is one third that of personal interviews whose response rate rests around ten percent. If you choose to conduct market research via phone surveys to ensure that:

  • The interviewer confirms the name of the respondent at the beginning
  • Pauses are avoided so that interest does not drop
  • A follow-up call is made if any further information is required
  • Interviews do not divulge details pertaining to the poll until the respondent has been reached

The typical rate associated with phone interviews is five or six per hour per interviewer. The best part about phone surveys is that you can cover a wide geographic with a relatively inexpensive rate, particularly since phone rates are less during certain hours.


Personal Interviews

Personal Interviews

With personal interviews, you will find two types. The first is the group survey while the second is the depth interview. The group survey is generally reserved for big businesses when they are brainstorming product modifications or new ideas as the results of group surveys can dictate buying preferences as well as purchasing decisions made by particular populations. The depth interview is a one-on-one interview wherein the interviewer works with a small checklist. These interviews can be focused or non-directive. Focused interviews include a pre-set checklist. With a non-directive depth interview, the interviewers encourage the respondents to discuss particular topics but with very little questioning. This design encourages the respondent to lead the interview.


  1. Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Traditional marketing measures, while outdated in their techniques, have the same foundations that are used in social media marketing. With social media marketing, your goals are still roughly the same: to reach target markets and generate leads.

Social media marketing includes many tactics such as:


Social Media Profiles

Remember that even if you don’t have personal accounts, your prospective customers need to be able to connect with you how they feel comfortable doing so. For a lot of people, that is through social media. It is recommended that you get a Twitter account, Facebook business page, and LinkedIn account. This will help you build a fan base for current clients, and past clients, and bring in potential clients. Use a similar formula for your social media that you use for your blog. You can send a Tweet through your Twitter account that links to your blog, driving traffic to your site, exposing prospects to your marketing message. You can send messages through your LinkedIn and Facebook account doing the same thing.

Make sure all of your marketing materials from your website to business cards, brochures, and email signatures all reference your social media accounts. This is something you need to keep up on. You need to be updating your social media feeds and messages at least twice per week. So if you don’t have time to do it, make sure you hire something to take care of it for you.


Generating and use feedback/reviews



This falls under a broader idea of communicating with the audience. Using social media channels you can directly talk to potential customers in a digital setting by allowing them to respond to the notices you post on your profiles, letting them leave feedback, and then responding to all of those comments in turn. Many social media pages have a place where customers can leave feedback for a business and responding to that feedback—good or bad—is one great marketing method.


Content you publish

Content Publishing on Social Media

Now, with traditional marketing methods you would publish letters or newsletters that you send, but with social media, you would publish content you post on your social media profiles or link on your profiles.

Social networks are now one of the most important aspects of building a complete social media campaign or building the rank of your website. Social media is more than a medium of connecting clients to companies. Social media is now the utmost authority in terms of succeeding as a company. A company’s success is not directly tied to the authority social media holds.

With over five hundred million social network users, having a web host package which includes social networking business pages can generate the best marketing and SEO interactive features for Twitter and Facebook with continual updates for followers. The most powerful search engines have recognized the authority social media has by connecting your rank as a website to your success among social media.

Twitter is one crucial element in the success of a small or large business. Twitter is perfect for reputation management. With certain symbols, your company can directly contact its customers in an effort to demonstrate that your company is caring and concerned. With a good quality and quantity of followers on Twitter, your company can generate additional link building through mentions. This can be directly supported through professional hosting companies with complete SEO/Social media packages.

Social Media

The quantity of followers is directly related to your ability to build links for your website. By more followers, your company will receive a higher rank in search engines. This is why it can be beneficial to use social media as a means of continually linking your sources such as articles, website, press releases, and blogs. The more followers you have, the better the chances that they will repost links to your content and thereby increase your page rank. However, quantity is not the only concern. You should also consider quality. Having followers for the sake of followers is not beneficial. You need to integrate high authority followers on your Twitter business profile who will mention your company while providing links to your content. This will positively contribute to your rank. This can be monitored by a professional web hosting company.

An increased number of retweets and links to your website content will have a direct effect on how your company is ranked and perceived in the eyes of the search engines. By drawing more traffic to your site you will be able to increase awareness, customer base, and revenue. With a web hosting package inclusive of social media you can ensure that the content you post remains relevant to your niche, not spreading too thinly. This is the best manner in which to increase the rank of your company website.

Twitter allows the entrepreneur to form a real relationship with their followers including their colleagues, friends, customers, and future prospects. A Twitter account does not require that the entrepreneur pitch to their customers and prospects each day, all day, or maintain care of an account like Facebook. Instead, it provides the opportunity to share which articles are being read, likes, dislikes, and what is happening with the company. It keeps the reader’s interest because the phrase is short and to the point. Twitter is also useful because you do not have to check the page each second. The site provides desktop applications which are adept to Windows, Linux, or Macs such as Tweetdeck. This allows the entrepreneur to divide their followers into groups and closely maintain Tweets from those whom they want to follow more closely.


The best way to market your services and products on Facebook is by using everything Facebook has to offer. This includes updating your status to include new information related to your services and products and creating pages and groups in support of your services and products.


You can link a Twitter account to a Facebook group so that customers are directed from your company site to the Twitter updates you have. This creates additional traffic between different accounts and customers, widening the array of visitors and what you can market.

The process for evaluating how well social marketing is working is the same as any other endeavor which you undertake. If you are putting in all time and money and not receiving anything or making any money, then you should try a different approach.

Overall, there is a fine balance to be struck and many lessons to be learned from traditional marketing for social media marketing.