33 Tips for How to Get More Likes on Instagram (Double Your Like Count)

by | Dec 10, 2018

Instagram is the world’s best way to share photographic content. However, you choose, you can use Instagram to become an influencer in your business or just in your personal life. Getting likes is more than just using great filters or having a fantastic camera. Use Instagram to tell a story and people will find their way to you. This is a great platform to share the fun moments you have with family, friends, or people who are just interested in what you’re offering.

Instagram Likes

Wondering how to get more likes on Instagram? It’s not too difficult, but you must have a plan. The 33 tips listed below are great ways to grow your Instagram presence. Many of them work in conjunction, so mix and match as needed.

  1. Take and Post Photos of High Quality


Man holding a phone


You don’t need a DSLR camera costing thousands of dollars to take great Instagram photos – all you need is the pairing making every photo great – good lighting and a great subject. Using the camera on your iPhone can take a fantastic picture. All you need to do is find the right subject and the right lighting. Now many phones even offer burst photos, so you can select the perfect shot!

If you decide your Instagram would benefit from a great camera, well, you’re in luck. People are far more likely to like and follow accounts with amazing photos. There are many amateur photographers using their cameras to generate fantastic photos. Use your Instagram to build your amateur profile or break into the professional ranks thanks to great photos. Whatever you do, make sure your photos look great. If they need touching up, do so before posting. The shares your great photos get will only boost your Instagram profile.


  1. Make Your Filter Schemes Part of Your Branding


Using filter on photo


In the world of social media, branding is an important consideration. Instagram offers lots of ways to turn your photos into marketable items. One of the best ways to make your items stand out is to keep them consistent. One of the best ways to do this is through using the same filters or same type of filters on all your photos.

By using consistent filters, your photos have a look. By having a look, it becomes easy for your followers to associate your work with you. When sharing this work, you’ll be able to see where it goes and becomes easier to track – and monetize. On your followers’ feeds, this helps increase your reputation and gets you more followers at the same time. It’s an easy way to go viral.


  1. Use Other Social Media Platforms for your Posts




If you are only using Instagram to spread your photos across the internet, you’re doing it wrong. There are many social media networks that are perfect for you to link with your Instagram account. If you look at demographics, you will see that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest bring in many different types of users. By neglecting these platforms, you’re deriving yourself of valuable likes.

So, you may be asking, “How do I make my accounts work together?” It’s very easy, actually. What you need to do is link your accounts with Instagram. Doing so is quite easy and you can even download apps that automatically post to all your social feeds. By populating all your social feeds with your beautiful Instagram posts, you are inviting people to like and follow you that may not check their Instagram often. Better yet, people who don’t have Instagram would be interested in signing up for the photo-sharing service thanks to your hard work that wasn’t too hard to do.


  1. Local Hashtags Help Make You a Local Celebrity



For any business to be profitable, they must start with dominating their local market. Facebook is no exception – it had to be popular within Mark Zuckerberg’s initial community before it caught fire everywhere else. Instagram is no exception, and using local hashtags is a great way to get your friends and neighbors

Using local hashtags is also profitable. For amateur photographers, taking beautiful pictures of your downtown or the local beach with local slogans as hashtags only serve to increase your popularity. Invariably, the people of your community will use these hashtags when searching for Instagram. If your local businesses have a certain hashtag they use to attract folks into their stores, this is something you should adopt as well. Be a part of your community and you will be surprised by how quickly you gain popularity.


  1. Get More Likes by Doing the Popular Thing – Using Popular Hashtags


most popular hashtag


You should be spending a lot of time on Instagram looking at what’s trending along with the different popularity of hashtags. Something can trend for a few hours – even a day – but the hashtags that have enduring popularity within your niche are hashtags that must make their way into your posts. The reason is simple – you want more likes, you must get your stuff in front of people who are willing to give you likes.

There are many places to search for hashtags. Look at the most popular Instagram poster in your particular niche and note the hashtags used over and over again. This is for a reason – this person knows to get their stuff in front of as many eyes as possible, it’s imperative to use hashtags repetitively. Popular hashtags get eyes on your posts, and when you post great content, people will give you a like. Spend time looking at hashtags to formulate your Instagram strategy.


  1. Location Tags Get Those Near You to See Your Work


Location Tagging


Instagram is all about exposure, and when you put your work in front of as many different eyes as there are near you, you will get more likes. Thanks to the local tagging feature, you can get your work to be seen by people nearby. This is because Instagram uses location tags especially effectively. Users are targeted for content based on where they are along with their interests.

Your local audience is important to cultivate. Using location tags lets people know where you took your photos along with where you are. If you travel, these are especially useful. This helps you get an audience in places you wouldn’t normally be. There is a lot of different ways to leverage this. You can use the tags to show something that people may not know – a hidden, out of sigh gem, or you can use location tags to showcase your interpretation of something more famous, and that’s a great way to get people to see your work.


  1. Behind the Scenes Photos Bring Users Closer


Behind the scenes


For businesses and celebrities, getting their fans and keeping them hooked is all about access. It is important to give customers something they couldn’t otherwise get. Therefore many artists and businesses offer behind the scenes content. This is a great way for them to build a connection with their audiences, and for that connection to be even more nuanced.

Just because you are someone taking photos on Instagram doesn’t mean you don’t have behind the scenes content. You can post videos about how you select something to shoot or simply profile your different equipment. Take people on a personal journey by talking about your pets or show your favorite things that wouldn’t normally be exposed on your Instagram feed. These are just a few ways to easily attract likes without having to work too hard.


  1. Like to Enter Give-Aways are Easy Like Targets




Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for nothing? Chances are if you don’t, you may have a profound inability to have fun. This is something you need to fix. Before you do that, understand why contests work. Great contests with lots o participation have low barrier entries. This is why 50/50 raffles always get lots of traffic – there’s essentially an entry fee of 50 cents because everyone who enters thinks they are going to win!

The same thing works with your Instagram account. You don’t need to give away anything of value – just simply make sure people know that to enter all they need to do is like your post! This is ridiculously easy because it takes two seconds to like something. The best part is when people like something, they rarely remember to keep checking on the contest, so when they win it’s an unexpected surprise. This is a great way to generate follower and like loyalty.


  1. Use Tag-to-Enter Giveaways to Generate Followers




Likes are great because they have a low barrier to entry and that is encouraging to people looking to enter contests. Tag-to-enter giveaways serve a similar purpose, except what they do is help you get a greater following. If your follower numbers are increasing, this is always a good thing and a natural way to ensure that you get more likes.

The tag-to-enter giveaway is simple – your followers have to tag friends that don’t follow you and then you give them a prize. The tagging allows them to select who would be the best new followers for you – and since they know your content and know their friends, it’s an easy process for them to undertake with maximum benefits for your Instagram feed.


  1. Instagram Influencers are Very Helpful


Social Media Influencer


If you are going to be great at something, it is wise to emulate someone who is already great at it. Instagram is no different. Instagram influencers are great people to partner with because they bring a wealth of knowledge to your feed. Furthermore, they lend credibility to your endeavors. Partnering with Instagram influencers can help you get likes.

The other things Instagram influencers can do is show you to do what they did. It’s difficult to chart an unknown course, but it is much easier to follow a well-worn path. This is what you get when you partner with Instagram influencers. Seek them out! You’d be surprised how eager they are to help you!


  1. Use Instagram Takeovers to Promote Your Account


Instagram Takeovers


Influencers are great for takeovers. The goal with an Instagram takeover is to gin-up excitement about your account. This is especially useful when you are trying to promote something. If you are launching a new product, having an Instagram influencer take over your account does much to promote what you are trying to do. These viral celebrities have massive followings, so it makes sense to leverage these folks to move your products.

The goal is always getting new eyes onto your feed. Influencer takeovers do exactly that. They bring an audience and get that audience excited about your account. You will get new followers and those followers will give you more likes – and share your content!


  1. Leverage Brand Partnerships




All brands are seeking to get new partners to promote their products and services – you should be no different! Partnering with brands is the same thing as networking – you use each other to get new leads. For Instagram, this means likes.

Brands are very helpful because they have large followings. This is useful because they leverage their followers to give you likes and follows. You get greater exposure and so do they. It also helps brands because when their stuff is promoted by you, their credibility increases.


  1. Use Instagram Promotional Tools for Likes




All people seeking likes are promoting in one way or another. Facebook has strict requirements in terms of their promotions and Instagram isn’t the easiest way to organically promote. However, you can drill down to your niche and promote your posts. This allows you to get your content in front of the people who will like it best. The more likes, the more exposure.

Instagram promotional tools only work on engaging products! Don’t promote stuff that you wouldn’t click on. When you create exciting, engaging posts, people will give you the clicks and likes. Since promotion does take time and money, you want to be sure your investment is worth it!


  1. Use Video to Change Things Up and Get Likes


Posting up videos


The same time of media on constant repeat in Instagram gets boring and keeps people from enjoying your feed. You need to change things up in order to get people to return. Use video to do this! You don’t need to spend lots of time recording video either.

Some great ways to make videos work is to do How-To videos or simple behind the scenes stuff. Whenever you do anything on video, people are more prone to pay attention. Don’t make videos too long – a couple minute is a great length. Use your other social networks to promote videos as well – this increases your Instagram footprint.


  1. Boomerangs Make Video Even More Engaging


Boomerang on instagram


Boomerang is a type of image content that exists in the space between GIF and video – they are short videos that play forwards and then backward (hence the name). Posting a Boomerang is one of the most fantastic ways to get likes from your followers. Make sure it’s something exciting – a Boomerang with quick and dramatic movement is the most engaging kind.

These boomerangs should be no more than 10-15 seconds. The best thing about using boomerangs is for humor or something really exciting. Your followers greatly enjoy these – and they are easy to share! Use boomerangs to improve your likes and your shares.


  1. Ride a Carousel to a Land of Greater Likes

Instagram Carousel

Instagram used to use the carousel exclusively for ads but now anyone has the ability to include the carousel into their feed. This is one of the best ways to share media and it allows your followers a greater way to engage with content. You can create a story with carousels and your followers will appreciate the efficiency of a carousel – and they’ll repay your consideration with likes.

Use carousels to create stories and engage followers. If you have product lines, these are perfect for giving people a look at something specific. Think about jewelry. If you are offering a new line of bracelets, what’s better than showcasing all options in one carousel post?


  1. Use Tags to Engage Influential Accounts




Within your industry, use tags to engage accounts that have similar offerings as you or offer accessories to what you do. This informs the different accounts of new photos and shows up in their feeds! Having something show up in an influential account’s feed is a great way to garner likes and get more engagement on your page!

The best part about tagging influential accounts is they usually return the favor. When both of you are tagging each other, your likes increase, and the power of your brands is multiplied. People like to be included, so using tagging is a great way to keep people in the loop and get reciprocation.


  1. Use Photos of Customers to Increase Your Likes


Posting a Photo on Instagram


Similar to the point above, people love to be included. No one enjoys inclusion more than your customers. If a customer sends you a photo of your product – post it! This is a great way to generate organic likes and your customer has that much more brand loyalty now. In fact, when you tag that customer, it shows up on their feed and the feed of their followers.

If you use photos of customers, they’re more likely to engage with the brand beyond likes. Your customers are your best promoters. Give them a promotion and what will happen is they will return the favor ten-fold. Always ask permission, and when you get permission, tag the customers and your followers will give them traffic too.


  1. “Tag a Friend” Style of Posts


Tagging People on instagram post


Calls to actions are one of the best ways to get people to do things, and with tagging, you can utilize calls to action to get the most out of the engagement of your followers. When you post something, encourage your followers to tag a friend. This is one of those chain reaction moves that get you likes, followers and much more.

There are several ways to do this – you could post a funny video and ask them to tag a friend who might laugh at the video. What will happen is the tag appears on their feed and they follow it back to your page. The person looks at your page and gets interested in what you offer. Again, this is an easy way to organically grow your likes.


  1. Use All Types of Quotes to Engage Your Followers


Social Media Conversations


One of the great things about social media is everyone loves the pithy, motivational, or funny quote. If you can pull off all three with great reliability, you are going to attract more people to your brand. This is a great way to increase your likes by doing something inspiring that people love. The hard part for some is coming up with the attention-grabbing quotes.

Remember what was said about filters? These should be used when designing your quotes. Many of the best quotes are clear letters over a clean background. However, you can be creative. If the quote has relevance and is visually engaging, it will be shared. Make sure the quote has relevance to the picture. Many times people post quotes because they love them, but the visual looks out of context. Don’t be that Instagrammer.


  1. Generate Likes with Posts of User-Generated Content


User-Generated Content


Your customers are creative geniuses and often use their social media platforms to showcase your stuff in a way you didn’t think possible. These are awesome posts because they do your promotion for you. Let’s say you make t-shirts and people are posting content of doing something while wearing your t-shirt – this is a great post! You will get likes from that person and the people who are interested in that activity.

Taking a few minutes to recognize the people who are promoting your products is a great way to do brand engagement. When you engage your customers, they are more likely to be loyal and keep posting content. Also, they will tag you in posts. How great is that? You sell them a product, they love the product, and then they become your non-commissioned sales force!


  1. Write Pithy Comments on Popular Photos


Writing a comment


People love wit, and when you use wit, you are guaranteed to get more followers. This is the success of Twitter. People who are funny in 140 (now 280) characters are viral sensations. It’s hard to be interesting in such a short structure. For you to get more likes, comment on posts and make your comments memorable!

Engagement with people is the best way to organically get followers and likes. People, including the original poster, will see your comments – and if they’re not funny they should be constructive and supportive – and will visit your page. Once they see the brand behind the charming commenter, you have now become someone that they will follow and like!

  1. Simply Follow More Instagrammers

Instagram Following

You should follow everyone in your industry that’s bigger than you or is interesting. This is simple – they may be inclined to follow back. The more you follow, the more you see, and it’s easier to comment and engage with like-minded folks. Furthermore, when you’re participating in their feed, they will participate in yours.

Try to follow a couple new accounts per day, this will help get your followers up and when that happens, you are more credible. People who view your account see you have thousands of followers, they are more likely to believe that what you are saying has great value in their lives. Make sure to follow folks and they will follow back!


  1. Post Compelling Content Consistently


Post Compelling Content


You should have a schedule for your Instagram posts. The best way to do this is curate your content and set times as to when it’s released. For your branded items this is easy to set up. The good news is this keeps you relevant to your followers. Posting consistent content goes a long way toward elevating your brand.

Now, you can’t just constantly post sales items. You also have to post compelling content. You should do this as inspiration strikes, of course, but it’s important to make sure that inspiration is striking. Try to find a couple great things each day that are unrelated to what you are selling. This is an easy way to engage your followers in non-commercial transactions. They will have more positive associations with your Instagram account, and that means more likes!


  1. Always Post Your Best Content at High-Traffic Periods


Image Carousel

Posting a carousel of your newest products at 1 am is never a good idea. Your followers aren’t awake, and when they do wake up, your content will be far lower in their feed. Check out the times on Instagram when your followers are most active. This is very important to schedule your posts. Your best stuff should be released when traffic on Instagram is at its highest.

The reason is simple – when people are on Instagram, they are engaging with content. You want your content to be there. It seems counterintuitive to be part of the high level of traffic, but ask yourself, how often are you on Instagram during the low traffic periods? If you won’t see something, neither will your customers. Make sure to leverage these times to your ultimate advantage so that you can get a ton more likes.



  1. Ask Important Questions to Your Followers


People holding Smartphones


People love to give their opinions even if they know nothing about a subject. This phenomenon has been around as long as people have communicated, and Instagram is no different. In fact, you can leverage asking questions to your followers not just for engagement, but to shape your business’s direction.

Your followers love giving input, so try to make questions a big part of your posts. This is where having engaging design helps as well. Make your questions interesting, and then make them look interesting. When you are attracting people to answer your questions, you are finding a creative way to engage them. This leads to more likes, comments, and when overall engagement is increased on your posts, you win in a multitude of ways.


  1. Make Sure to Capitalize on Trending Topics as They Arise


Trending Topics on social media


The internet is always doing something, and you can’t be late. If you’re late, you’re done. Unfortunately, the internet is merciless on those who are late, so if you don’t mind being the “late guy” and having that be your schtick, you want to stay on top of trends. Simple trends like the Laurel or Yanni viral sensation are a great way to engage your audience while selling items. Make sure your post is clever and not overly commercialized. That’s a turn-off and a trend ender.

More on trends, it’s important to make sure that you’re on top of trending and have an idea as to making your products trend. This isn’t always easy – you want them trending for the right reasons. If you trend as a punchline, then it’s best to have good humor. Otherwise, try to be creative and engage people through trends. Having people who understand internet culture work with you on your social media is a great way to ensure you are always ahead of the trending curve.


  1. Consistently Post Discounts and Promotions


posting on social media


Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love a deal? Me neither. When your followers see that they can get a deal, they will give you likes and jump on the deal itself. This is a win-win – you get the like and you get the money. Posting deals is a great way to engage followers.

Always change up your deals to keep them fresh. When your followers know the deal is always the same, they get fatigued and move on. You don’t have to actually change the deals either – just the verbiage! People on Instagram are creative, leveraging that creativity into dollars is simple when you understand how to make deals. As always, make sure the items are low cost and that you can play with the margin to make the deal still profitable for you. Money is always made in margins.


  1. Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Posts


Instagram Stories


Like all wise companies, Instagram reacts to its competitors in the marketplace. It’s the biggest competitor is Snapchat. The Snapchat story is a great way to promote items, and Instagram decided to get in on the act. Instagram stories last only 24 hours and it’s stripped down. Because of this, it allows people to give what seems like a candid look.

The best part about Instagram stories is you can promote when your story will be uploaded! Building anticipation is critical to ensuring that your Instagram story gets the likes that it needs to succeed. You can even promote upcoming stories when people miss out on the story they were looking to see. Using these stories strategically is a great way to drum up interest in your endeavors.


  1. Instagram Live is a Great Connection Point


Instagram Live


Keeping up with Facebook is important too. Because Facebook has their live streaming option – in a vertical video – you can do the same on Instagram. There are many options, but make sure to notify your followers that you’re going live is extremely important to getting the right amount of traffic on your feed.

There are several different ways you can do Instagram live. One of the best ways is using it as a product launch. This is a great way to get people excited about what you are going to be doing, and it’s also perfect for a question and answer session. Because you can see the comments and questions, you can react in real time. People feel like they have a greater connection to you, and that’s because they do!


  1. Write Impressive Captions for your Stunning Photos


Split Image


Captions are extremely important and people who don’t take time to write a great caption are missing an opportunity for engagement. Since you don’t have a character limit, tell a story, ask questions, and be fun. This requires you to be a bit of a writer, so don’t use long sentences. Be funny and charming, explain your picture and why it has meaning. With quotes, use the caption to give context to the quote and give people a call to action. More than anything, your captions need to provide context. Sometimes though, the best caption is nothing, and that can add to the mystery of certain photographs.


  1. Tag Counterintuitive Users


Tag Counterintuitive Users


Anyone can tag friends or family. Some even tag those in the same sector. To use tags effectively though, go outside the box! Counterintuitive tagging can give people who otherwise wouldn’t see your page a reason to get interested in what you do. Sound strange? It is! But it works! When you find a way to show a relationship between what you’re doing and someone else’s purpose, this is a great way to get new people engaged. The more people are engaged with your products and services, the more likes you get. As you accrue likes, these counterintuitive tags will work their magic and expand your brand.


  1. Leverage the Explore Tab Effectively


Explore Tab


The explore tab or page is a great way to get your content in front of a bunch of people. In fact, the magazine Wired called the engage tab “The most honest place on the internet.” Who doesn’t want to be associated with honesty?! This space of curated and personalized content gives you a spot to get in front of people who have interests in the space your Instagram would fill.

The criteria are an Instagram secret, but the thing most people notice is you want content that has high engagement, content that’s similar to what users are interested in, and content that is similar to accounts users already follow. This makes a lot of sense. The next step is improving your chances. To do this, make sure you know the audience you’re seeking. This is where target marketing is important. Then see how your content is doing with engagement. Follow patterns that have better engagement. The more you stick with these patterns, the better off your Instagram feed will be.

Final Thoughts

Getting Instagram likes is not difficult, it is just a matter of discipline. There are several strategies above that require diligence and also an understanding of how to win the Instagram game. Perhaps the most important thing that Instagram users should know is to keep posting and use branding. Make sure that people know who you are and that you have a defined look. Once you have that, everything else will come together.

Also very important is the social media integration. There are many people who have Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat that may not have Instagram. Some of them will migrate to the platform because they enjoy your work, while others will be content to stay where they are because of comfort. Don’t neglect the other platforms to focus on Instagram, instead use the platforms with each other. The more people you have engaged, the higher your sales are. No one would eschew that.

The biggest thing you can do to enhance your likability on Instagram is to be likeable! Have fun with your posts and engage your followers in unique, exciting ways. Doing this will ensure that your followers share your message. Everyone loves the fun guy, so view your Instagram feed not as a job, but a hobby. Bring the sense of whimsy to the feed that you would to any fun endeavor is a great way to showcase your personality and create those deeper connections.

Finally, the key to getting more likes on Instagram is using a strategy that’s authentic to you. The tips above are just a place to start, but ultimately they will get you on the road where you need to go. The more likes you get, the greater your exposure. As your exposure broadens, this could make your business endeavors quite profitable.