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How to Advertise on Facebook for Free (Save Thousands)

by | Nov 4, 2018

facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is the best way to get your business in front of people locally and nationally. Of course, Facebook is a for-profit business, and that means many advertisers pay for prime ad placement. For small businesses, this is problematic because you don’t have the finances to compete with the big boys. It may feel like Facebook advertising is beyond your reach, but that is patently untrue.

Facebook has the greatest reach of any social network. In the United States alone, Facebook has more people logging in every day than vote in Presidential elections. The growth of Facebook testifies to their reach. This platform is one of the most lucrative spaces in American commerce and is one of the biggest media platforms in America.

Whether you are white, black, male, female, Republican, or Democrat, you are constantly on Facebook. Even cell phones come with the Facebook app pre-loaded! Facebook’s revenue is derived from advertising – in fact, 97% of their gross earnings comes from ads. It makes sense that Facebook wants you to spend money on ads.

You don’t need to go down that road, though. Instead, all you need to do is understand the basics of Facebook advertising and leverage the platform to give you maximum returns. Once your business builds a profile with free Facebook advertising, then you can step up your game and use the paid advertising to make your business explode. The options are endless with this social media giant.

Facebook Goals




The key to making Facebook advertising work for you is understanding exactly what you are looking to get out of it. Obviously, the goal is to increase sales. When you increase sales, that naturally increases your profile. You are in business to make money, this is, of course, the number one goal. So take action on Facebook that takes you towards that goal!

Besides making money, the other thing you need is Facebook followers. The key is getting GOOD followers. You want followers who will engage with your brand and that will promote your products and services. The more followers you get, the better your brand is. The better your brand, the more customers you acquire. As you acquire more customers, you can sell your services at higher prices. This is all common sense. What isn’t common sense is how to see your progress towards your goals.


Facebook Metrics


Facebook Metrics


There are plenty of ways you can leverage Facebook’s platform to make money. The key to doing this is using the free tools of Facebook! These tools allow you to track your progress and tailor your advertising strategies to get the most conversions. For free advertising, there are three metrics you should know about – click rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate. Here’s how they work:


Click Rate


Click Rate


Make sure that you check how many people clicked on your Facebook ad. This allows you to see how your ad is resonating. The higher your click rate is, the better you are targeting your audience. When you have a lower click rate, you may not be tuned into the right audience, or your audience may not be responding to your advertising.


Click Through Rate


Click Through Rate


Your click-through rate is a greater measurement of your audience’s engagement with your brand. The goal here is seeing how many people are clicking your ad in relation to how many people saw it. Basically, this is a percentage of people who are engaging with your brand. A high click-through rate means you have properly segmented your buyers. The key here is drilling down to the right niche. A good click-through rate is anything higher than 3%


Conversion rate

Conversion rate

This is the statistic that tells you how many consumers saw your ad and then went through and made a purchase on your website. Naturally, you want a higher conversion rate. This is where you can tweak your message to get even more conversions. By pinpointing your audience and refining your message, you can easily turn your business into a behemoth by understanding this statistic along with other two previously mentioned.


How to Set Up Your Business for Free

Of course, step 1 is to get a Facebook account! Using your Facebook business account it’s important to set up your contact information and have a compelling About Us page. Critical is making each part of your page conversion centric. If you are not leading your customer to a specific action, then you are wasting the click they gave you.

Getting your Facebook business page the action it needs to drive conversions is a lot of common sense. Besides using your ads, here are some different ways to engage with your audience and ultimately gain conversions:


Utilize the Vanity URL Effectively


Vanity URL


Vanity URL’s are Facebook’s way of advertising your business with ease. The key here is using the name of your business in the vanity URL. Think about what your targets would search and name your business accordingly. The key is to have brand unity throughout, and a vanity URL needs to be memorable. If you are not going to use your business name, make sure the URL is memorable – make it funny or if your slogan is catchy, that’s a great solution as well.


Use Pictures that have Mass Appealing




Like everything else in the world, first impressions on the Facebook matter. If you choose photos that are poor in quality, people will assume that your business provides poor service. We know nothing could be further from the truth, but if you won’t spend the time to put your business in a good light, why should you be trusted with more weighty matters. Make sure you use high-quality photos and rotate them based on seasons. Include high-resolution images of different deals that are being offered as well. Pictures are an easy way to develop a relationship with potential customers.


Do Not Neglect Your About Section


About us.


Keeping your About Us or About Me section to a word count of under 250 is imperative. The About section is where you begin selling potential clients on your business’s ability to provide the services needed. There are several sections but be sure to provide helpful information including contact information such as e-mail or website. Keywords give people an idea of what your business does, and they help inform search engines such as Google about your area of expertise. Being descriptive is the key, so be sure to use all the characters that Facebook will allow as that will enhance your search results.


Tell the Story of Your Business


Story of Your Business


Savvy business owners will exploit Facebook’s business story feature to great success. The key here is using this feature to sell your business. Don’t make it salesy, instead talk about the origins of your business while keeping in mind your ideal customer. You want to make this section market-oriented and use effective SEO keywords. Your business’s story will sell, provided you take the time to highlight how your journey solved a problem. Add personality by including the important members of your team along with any specific function they perform.


Unleash Your Creative Side




Most folks with a Facebook business page play it straight and this leads to pages all looking the same. Their loss is your gain. Use your creativity to make your page stand out. The best way to do this is in an authentic way. If you have a wry sense of humor – incorporate it! There are many different ways to boost your page’s engagement, so be sure to constantly change things up. When people are interested in what will be the next iteration of your page, they are more likely to visit. Above all, make sure that your page is thematic. Use your branding colors throughout to create a sense of unified purpose.


Get Reviews


Get Reviews


Positive reviews are the internet’s best way to attract potential customers to your business for free. When you ask your best customers to leave a review or offer an attractive discount to people who write a review on your Facebook page, it increases the interaction people have. Facebook reviews serve as an incredibly valuable free marketing tool because they can show up in search engine results. The more you are present in a search engine, the better your business looks. This increases conversions just because you performed good customer service.


Have your Fans Like Your Facebook Business Page


facebook like


The simple thumbs up from alike is very important. They increase the reach of your content and your business is more trustworthy. Ask yourself, do you trust someone with 10 likes or 1,000 likes? It’s not a contest who people will trust. Likes are so easy to get! All you need is someone to click and move on. How easy is that?!


Marketing to the Right Facebook Audience


Facebook Marketing


Using an ideal customer profile that derives from demographics and psychographics is the best way to tailor the message to the people who should be buying your product. When you tailor your content correctly, Facebook’s algorithms do the rest of the work. Getting the likes, shares, and comments drives your work towards a wider audience, resulting in increased conversions.


Use the Facebook Icon Like It’s Going Out of Style


facebook on business card


The Facebook icon should be all over your business cards, signs, e-mail signatures and your website. A great way to make it even more prominent is a vanity URL like People will click and you’ll get the like you need that translates into that valuable Facebook marketing currency. Put the Facebook icon everywhere! It’s free!


Ask People in Person or Online


Ask People in Person or Online


However, you interact with people, be sure to get them to give you likes. Whether you are in a store or chatting with someone, make it worth their while to throw a like your way. Offering discounts or free stuff is one of the best ways to make this happen. With low-cost items, the value you get from the like will exceed whatever it costs in the discount and/or giveaway.


  • Monetize Your Time on Facebook:


facebook mobile

Your time on Facebook should be spent making sure people see your business. The best place to do this is discussion groups related to your industry. There are also plenty of groups that have your target audience. People get notifications all the time from      Facebook groups. By being present and posting compelling content, you will get engagement. The more engaged people are with your brand, the better your Facebook performance will be.


  • Post Interesting Articles for Your Audience:


FB Article


There is more than just getting people to read your article. Make it interesting so they are inclined to click it and further interact with your brand. You want the likes and the comments. Shares are great as well. The articles do not need to be from your blog, but instead can be from different services related to your industry. Keep the attention of your followers and others in different groups by regularly posting. The more customers are thinking about your business, the more profitable you will be thanks to the clicks, shares, likes, and comments.


  • Change it Up by Posting Inspirational or Funny Quotes:


FB Post


People love to laugh and feel inspired, if your business does this, you will get lots of likes, shares, and comments. There are different services that help you create quote images to keep everything fresh. Make sure that your quotes are related to your business. One of the keys is making sure if your quote is shared by a third party that your logo is on the image. This allows you to get free advertising. Users will search out your business, and that’s one of the most positive ways to start interacting with them!


  • Post Pictures with the Happy Customers:

Reviews are awesome, but what’s better than having visual evidence that your customer loves the work you did? Photos are the best way of giving you the two thumbs up! Customer reviews are gold, but photos of happy customers who consent to you sharing their joy are platinum! These get great likes and shares. The customer will enjoy being a subject of your post and will share with their Facebook network as well.


  • Use the Tagging Feature to Generate Excitement:


Facebook Tagging Feature


The tagging feature on Facebook is an easy way for your message to be spread without someone having to work too hard. When you post an article, photo, or really, any type of content, invite your followers to tag a friend. You could even turn it into a contest where the person who tags the most people gets a discount of some kind. Tags show up on notifications and these new folks who may not know about your business are suddenly engaged. This is an easy win.


  • Use Questions to Generate Discussion:



The questions can be anodyne, or they can be insightful. The goal is having people engage in thoughtful discussion. Depending on the nature of your business, it would be wise to ask questions about how people are going to celebrate an event within the parameters of your business’s niche. This is a great way to gain insight into your target market and devise marketing strategies accordingly. Ultimately, the goal is getting people talking. The more people talk, the more they associate your brand with a good experience. This is a big win for your Facebook engagement.


  • Use Video to Great Effect:


facebook video

People love watching videos, and you should make the most of this interest. The most important thing about videos is that they’re either informative or amusing. Use videos to teach customers about the different products and services that you offer. For example, instructional videos associated with a product are a great way for people to familiarize themselves. Not everyone is good at reading instruction manuals – most are visual learners! Amusing videos serve a purpose of humanizing your brand. Doing this is a great way to give customers good feelings about who you are. This personal connection helps build business relationships and results in more shares.



The constant theme in all of these tips is how important being active on Facebook is. If you run a business, you are in the business of lead generation. Your next sale is more important than the work you’ve just completed. The frequency of interactions helps you establish your Facebook prominence and keeps your business ascending the levels of searches.

Now that you understand the different ways that Facebook advertises and how you can use Facebook’s advertising platform for free, it’s imperative that you get started creating great content. Use the Facebook ad specs as guides to understand how to engage customers. Make your business page a destination for people who are interested in the type of work you do. When you integrate these strategies effectively, your business’s profile increases. Your business will be included in organic search results on various engines, and your leads will become that much more voluminous.