Chase Reiner November 22nd, 2018

How To Get More Social Media Followers In 2019 and Beyond


Are you tired of posting content that people don’t read, watch, or subscribe to?

Today I’m going to share some tips with you that have helped me get a pretty decent following on big platforms like Youtube, Facebook,  and to get more social media followers

Before we jump in I want to say that I’m in no way a social media expert and I’m sure there are things that I will list here that probably could be improved upon.

With that being said, if you see anything that you think could be done better, please leave a comment in the comments section of this post and let me know.

Let’s start with the basics of getting followers on almost any platform and after we will delve into more specific social media assets.

How To Get More Followers On Any Platform

First of all, I try not to just get followers on one asset alone.

This is for a few reasons:

1. Only focusing/promoting on one online asset is a major liability since you don’t usually 100% control that asset (algorithms change, you could get banned, etc.)
2. It’s not that hard to grow and promote multiple assets at once (in fact I find it to be easier).

In terms of the number of assets you’ll need, it’s a good idea to pick two to three main platforms where you’re going to be spending most of your time trying to grow them.

These assets could include:

  • Facebook page, profile, or group
  • Youtube Channel
  • Twitter
  • Podcast
  • Pinterest
  • Email List
  • Linkedin
  • etc.

The point is, when you pick the platforms you want to pursue, you’ll want to look for what’s already somewhat working well for your competition first.

For instance, if you’re in the insurance niche and you want to pick Twitter as one of your main platforms but you see that not many people are doing very well on that platform, choose something else, unless you can find some sort of weirdly underutilized strategy there.

But for the most part, you really don’t want to go and try to reinvent the wheel if you’re lacking authority or a content strategy in the first place.

To measure how your competition is doing, you can either look at their engagement metrics on a specific social platform or you can use a site like to see how much-estimated traffic your competitor is getting from different sources.

I recommend you do both since these options are free and only take a few minutes to do.

Now that you have an idea about what platforms you’ll want to target, you’re going to need to come up with a content marketing and engagement growth strategy.

Note: at the end of the day, almost anything you do that’s going to grow your following is going to be based around content, whether you’re commenting on somebody’s post, writing a blog, or making a video, it’s all content.

Again, for this step, don’t reinvent the wheel, figure out what’s working for others and see if you can somewhat replicate what they are doing in your own way.

For example, if you see that your competition is posting 5 times a week on Youtube with 10-minute videos about how to do (x) with (y) you should probably start out doing the same.

If you can go by the 2x rule and double whatever they are doing, you will usually end up getting even more traction as long as you’re not oversaturating your potential audience with content.

Now assuming you’ve replicated what’s working for others for at least 1-2 months, you should start getting some views.

If you’re not getting any views, traffic, etc. then you’re seriously doing something wrong and at that point, you might want to consider switching platforms, strategies or even industries.

My Number One Strategy For Getting Followers On Multiple Platforms At Once

If you followed the guide this far, and you’re only getting 10-20 views per post this method should still work for you.

Step 1: Pick up the app
Step 2: Figure out what you can give away for free based on your value ladder.
Step 3: Do a giveaway.

It’s pretty simple.

Rank & Rent Course Giveaway

The way works is you basically giveaway something your viewers want for free in exchange for a follow, like, subscribe, etc.

This strategy has generated me a TON of followers for my gaming website Siphon King.

picture of a giveaway

Other general strategies for building a following on all platforms include the following:

Cross promotion and creating unique to your visitor, call to actions.

More on this in a bit, let’s get into specific platforms for now.

How To Get More Followers On Youtube

I’ve been on Youtube for a few years and have seen a number of different strategies implemented here.

The hands down best thing I’ve found to start getting followers on Youtube is consistency and targeting.

Let’s break down both:

Consistency: you should have a consistent and recurring content marketing strategy that matches what your audience wants.

Most of my really successful videos haven’t been entirely original at all, but actually somewhat copied from what I already saw working for someone else.

That is why I REALLY recommend you learn how to competitor keyword analysis on Youtube.

As far as little tips and tricks you can use to increase your following on Youtube goes, here are a few:

1. Tell people to subscribe to you in your videos (duh)
2. Add a subscribe button in your editing and in your watermark on Youtube.
3. Give away a content upgrade (free extra value content in exchange for a subscribe (can use
4. Get featured on other channels by sending Youtubers a free product or by interviewing them or having them interview you.
5. Answer questions live for subscribers and feature them on your channel.
6. Cross promote your channel from other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Extra protip: try to post your video content by always starting with some sort of talking face in the beginning.

Other then that, if you’re looking for some sort of secret Youtube sauce, there isn’t any.

For the most part, you need to identify your target market, figure out what’s working in that market, create content that replicates that UX, and target keywords on the way while cross-promoting your other assets.

If you do this, you will win on Youtube and get a ton of subscribers.

How To Get More Followers on Facebook

My second largest following is on Facebook.

More specifically, I do the best with Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are one of the most underutilized places to bring in more followers on virtually any platform and get your posts seen more frequently than most other platforms.

Here’s why:

With groups you have WAY more control then Youtube and Facebook pages combined.

For one simple reason: Pinned posts, announcements, and admin favored posts in Facebook’s algorithm.

Note: If you really want to do well on any part of Facebook including groups, pages, even personal posts, you need to try to post content as natively as possible. For instance, posting a video directly to Facebook rather than sharing a video link to Youtube.

Here’s how I grew my Facebook group:

Step 1: type into Google site:”” + inurl:”group” + “targetkewyord”
Step 2: See what keywords have really high index counts for groups.
Step 3: Create a group with exact match keywords in the title.
Step 4: Fill out a group description.
Step 5: Create a Facebook ad targeting website visitors if you’ve set up a pixel, otherwise targeting an audience who is interested in the topic your group is about.

Extra optional step: Send your audience to some sort of landing page first where they exchange their email for an invite to the Facebook group, that way you can grow your email list and your new Facebook group.

After you start getting people into your group, you’re going to want to try to create as much engagement as possible for two reasons:

1. The more engagement you get the easier it is to slowly drip feed your sales offers into your group and get them seen. (Facebook makes it more likely that people who interact with your past posts will see your new ones).
2. Groups that get high engagement usually get recommended to people in other related groups or in their news feed sidebar.
3. Your group will also likely rank higher in Facebook search.

I was going to list more platforms to generate followings on but all of these principles are virtually the same when it comes down to it.

Extra Responses From The White Hat SEO Network:

GuruPrasad Dhuttargaon
1. Choose a Niche.
2. Network with others.
3. Give value to your audience.

Christian Skagemark
1: Release a hit song
2: Change your name to Conor McGregor, Donald Trump or such
3: If related to you and SEO, give your existing followers a good offer for referrals

Joe Maračić
Depends on which social media platform. They are different animals.

Jamey Lee
1. Create Content you would share yourself, no cheap content
2. Network with people in the same field and make friends
3. Share Knowledge or Passion (no bullshit)…See More

Marco Varela
Use a LOT of emojis ??????

Ray Smith
There isn’t a detailed answer. It’s simple. Targeting.

Thane Pullan
Depends what network and your budget. On Facebook you can simply buy ads that say like the page etc. make sure you have a good image. actually, for my grumpy cripple page, I just plugged it in a tv interview and got 3000 followers. otherwise, you can create viral images or videos and ask people to like the page, same with Instagram. it’s critical not to include links as Facebook will hold back your reach if links are included with Twitter, if you reply to famous people within seconds you could pick up followers. ironically that works better than having your stand up set in a tweet by dawn french, I have also accomplished this. consider having social media pages on your site. regarding viral images, you could just go share this if you hate cancer, or follow and share. obviously, that works if you don’t need niche followers. if you already have a following on one social network you could say follow me on some other network to win a free consultation. incentivizing does work occasionally. I’ve seen images on Twitter that say retweet and follow for a chance to win a free iPhone. you can also buy fake followers. I imagine that you could also buy foreign followers or social assets themselves. you also have to keep psychology in mind, appeal to emotions and maintain your audience. it’s social media, people won’t stick around if you’re a fake salesperson. people also appreciate authenticity. also, some niches might be easier than others, for example, something that invokes emotions like poodle pictures might do better than SEO at getting followers. though if driving traffic to a website you can always niche up and create a broader social asset. however, there might be more value in targeting. you could also collaborate with influencers and tell their audience to follow you, this might be good for targeting.

Hayk Saakian
Hold a contest for a gift card that requires following you to enter to win 😉

Kevin Carney
Marry a Khardashian.

Badruz Zaman Limon
Engage with the audience by giving value and take feedback from them.

Justin DiCarlo
Create more free content.

David Sessford
Buy them. ?

Koen Géron
Koen Géron Create better content

Nathan Wilde
Do something really really stupid on video and share it.

Farhad Ahmad
Ill use blog posts and leave a link there to my social media page. Join groups and try to get in useful conversations.

Cesar Cruz
1st step create a gated campaign where the prospect will need to do something i.e. like a page or repost a status to get the asset
2nd step create an asset. This can be an ebook, 15 min. deminar, etc.
Not a sexy method but it works. We do this weekly and take in more info than we know how to use sometimes

I hope you all enjoyed the post, and if you did, leave me a comment and tell me what you liked.

Until next time,

Happy Marketing