Complete Guide to Using Instagram to Market your Business 2021

Instagram is a visual based platform. Content is organized by hashtags, which allows users to search for a specific topic, product, or for cute cats. Users scroll though the platform and can see thousands of images and video clips for whatever topic they searched for. User’s individual newsfeed is based upon their searches and engagement, which is really useful for marketing your business via the platform. Since Instagram is a visual platform it is unique from other platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube. Instagram can allow you to capture the essence of your business in an artistic and creative way. Using the platform allows your following to engage with your product or business in a unique way. Instagram gives you a competitive marketing edge, and it’s free to take advantage of. If you are new to online marketing and a DIY marketer for your own business, please enjoy the tips below!

Set Up Your Account

First things first, you’ll want to download the app and set up your account. Since you are setting up the account for your business, you want to set up your account as a business account. Setting up a business account instead of a personal account provides you with the following insights: a business account gives you access to features you can’t use with a personal account, including: Instagram ads, Instagram Shopping, Contact information and call-to-action buttons on your profile.

Choose your Username

Choosing a username for instagram is much like choosing the name for a website. For businesses it is advantageous to use the same name across all social media platforms. This makes it easier for people to find you and recognize your content as your own. Much like choosing a website name you want your name to accurately describe your business, if you do not already have an established business name, consider this when naming your business and social media accounts. If you have a cookie business your username could be “newyorkcookies” instead of “ny_best_cookies_15”. If you already have an established business name, use that, or the closest name that is available. This makes searching and finding your account easier for users.

Outline your Goals for Using the Platform

If you do not know what you want, you won’t get it. Take the time to think about your marketing goals and what you’d like to get out of the platform before jumping in. List your top goals. Would you like to make sales? Get new leads? Gain followers? Increase your brand awareness? Identify at least 3 goals for using the platform. The way you post can be tailored so that your goals are more easily reached. We will go over tailoring your posts according to your individual goals later.

Define your Target Audience

Just like you defined your goals, you want to define your target audience. Identifying your target audience will allow you to more effectively market your brand or business. It will allow you to niche down and will ultimately lead to your brand gaining followers and engagement. It should be very easy to define your target audience if you understand your business and brand, which you do! Think about who is most likely to purchase your product or engage with your brand. That is your target audience. This especially becomes important when you start using ads on Instagram, as it allows you to get more bang for your buck!

Optimize your Bio within your Profile

Instagram profiles have bios that can include up to 150 words. Which is enough to explain what your business or brand is about, but not really a lot to work with. You have include all pertinent information within your bio. Your bio should at least include the following: your username or name, your business website (you should have one!) URL, a quick bio about your business, your contact information including your phone number or email address, and a call to action button. Leave out all redundant information, you can more thoroughly explain your brand when you begin posting.

Choose a Profile Picture

Most businesses choose to use their logo for their profile picture. This works great. However if you are the face of your brand and recognized as the face of your brand. A picture of yourself works great too, think about Kim Kardashian, her face is her logo. As long as your logo or picture is easily recognizable as your brand, that’s all that matters. Also ensure that the profile picture is a high quality image, and not blurry or distorted.

Create Good Content

Since Instagram is a visual representation of your brand, take your time while creating content. You do not need professional photography equipment, but you should spend time on your photos and ensure that they are in focus with good lighting and represent your brand. Your photos should tell a story and encourage engagement. You could post behind the scenes photos showing how your product is made. You could post instructionals and short videos. Most successful posts include a photo/video and a written component. You could write a description of what your photo represents, use an inspirational quote or something similar. For example your post could include a picture of your product with the following quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney. And your post would be cohesive and engaging. See more below about writing captions.

Good content on Instagram contains at least three elements, an engaging caption, a high quality image or video, and the appropriate use of hashtags. It is not enough to just post a single picture with no explanation, even if it is a good picture, just as it is not enough to post a blurry image with an amazing caption and appropriate hashtags. You need to include all elements. Content should also be coordinated with your content strategy and schedule. Your business should have a story to tell, about how it began, the good it does for the world, etc. Content should be related to your business story and be related to your business. You should not post random things that have nothing to do with your business.

Establish your brand’s Aesthetic

By this step you will have already chosen your username, outlined your goals, defined your audience, and filled out your bio. Now it is time to establish your brand’s style. Establishing your brands style makes your instagram profile look more professional and helps with brand recognition. Below are two examples of well styled instagram profiles. You are more likely to gain followers if your content is aesthetically pleasing.

As shown here and below, your pictures should be clear, concise but also coordinated so that your profile as a whole looks visually pleasing and professional.

Writing Captions

Writing captions is an important part of using Instagram successfully. You want your images to be captivating but you also want a written component to further describe the images you are posting. Captions can be short and sweet, ensure there are no misspellings and grammatical errors. Since Instagrams main purpose is being a visual platform, keeping captions short and simple is inline with this. Your main focus should be the visual content, the caption is complementary to that. Try shorter inspirational quotes, a short description of what the picture is about/how it related to your audience, etc. As you develop more engagement your captions can become a little longer since your audience will be more invested in what you have to say. But for beginners a shorter caption is best. You do not want to scare people away with a lot of reading. You want to get the most important information out first so that people can easily read it and continue scrolling through your content. I like posting behind the scenes photos with a quick caption about how excited I am to be doing x, y and z. I also like to post short inspirational quotes in relation to whatever picture I am posting.

Develop a Content Strategy and Posting Schedule

Organization is key. You need to identify how often you would like to put out content and what type. Do you want to post your story daily? What would you like to post a video or picture on your story? How often do you want to post on your profile and again, what would you like to post? We recommend posting to your profile at least once a week, although 2-3 times is best. We also recommend posting on your story daily, assuming you have a following to watch your stories. If you do not yet have a following you can focus on regular posts for the time being.

Posts should be consistent so your followers can know when to expect content. A schedule that works for a lot of people is posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Any days would work assuming they are evenly spaced and you are posting 3 times a week. It is also important to note that more people may see your posts depending on the time and day you post it. We have found that we get more engagement when posting on the weekend and after 5 pm, which is when people are generally having more down time and have more time for social platforms.

Think before you post

This relates to your having a meaningful content strategy. Posts should be on schedule, well written with the overall objective in mind. Professional Instagram accounts rarely contain random posts that lack meaning or proper grammar. Ideally by now you have developed a posting schedule and can plan your posts to ensure that they are well written and not rushed and encourage the overall goal of your content strategy. Caption should be engaging, of moderate length or short, and have a call to action (like, comment, buy) to build engagement.
Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has a story feature which allows you to post photos and videos that users may watch. Photos and videos remain on your story for 24 hours. When users click through your story they see posted photos for 6 seconds and videos for 15 seconds. Stories should include any highlights of your day as it pertains to your business or brand. You could post behind the scenes photos of how your product is made so that users can tap through and view the photos in chronological order. Stories are an interactive tool for marketing and less formal than regular posted content. Post highlights, behind the scenes and the like to successfully implement the tool.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial, the correct use of hashtags allows people who are interested to easily find your content. It increases your visibility throughout the platform. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, we recommend using 5-10. Using 30 makes your post look “spammy” and then viewers take your content less seriously. Your hashtags should always be revelevent to your post. If you are posting about cookies try using #cookiecompany #cookie #delish, you do not want to use #like4like #mycookiesarethebest, hashtags should be relevant, specific and simple. Think of hashtags as organization tags or labels. If something is labeled as “flour” you want it to actually be flour.

Understanding hashtags

Appropriate hashtag use increases engagement and visibility. It allows instagram to accurately categorize your posts and for users to find your content. If someone searches #cupcakes and you have content with #cupcakes, they will find your content, hashtags allow you to broaden your audience and gain followers who are already interested in what you are posting. WIth a little research you can also discover the most popular hashtags, what people are searching for the most. If it is a topic that is related to your brand, using that hashtag can do a lot to increase your brand visibility.
Branded hashtags
Create your own brand hashtag. Include this hashtag on everything that you post and ask your followers to use the hashtag as it relates to your products or business. As your brand grows people may search your branded hashtag so that they may see only the posts that represent your brand. Having a branded hashtag also builds brand credibility and encourages community engagement.

Use Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is something unique to Instagram business accounts and it is not available on personal accounts. Setting up shoppable Instagram posts is easy! It allows you contact with over 100 million shoppers, and since you cannot post external links on stories, this is a huge deal for Instagram marketing! Keep in mind you must have a Facebook business account linked to your Instagram account in order to set up Instagram shopping. See our full article about setting up Instagram Shopping!

Integrate your Instagram account with your Facebook business page and list it on your website

You want all of your social media platforms to be connected. Some people may have a preference for a certain social media platform, you want to have all of the platforms set up for your business and have them all listed on all of your accounts. If you have a website you want all of your social media accounts listed so that people may follow you. Instagram and Facebook can be interconnected, so when you post on Instagram it is automatically posted to your Facebook account. This is really helpful and also saves you time.

Use Instagram Ads

Ads use on Instagram can help boost your sales and followers. Instagram ads are posts or Stories that a business pays to promote to users’ Instagram feeds. They can look just like regular Instagram posts, but are always identified by a “Sponsored” label. They can also include a call-to-action button to drive traffic or conversions. Instagram ads work with a variety of budgets. Cost depends on a few factors including targeting, ad format, time of the year and ad placement. Generally, you can launch a modest ad campaign for 5$ a day.

Launching a successful ad campaign requires you to have a good understanding of your business and objectives for advertising. What does your business want to gain? There are many different types of ads, with different call to action buttons that support your specific objectives.

Use Statistics to Define your Strategy

Don’t strategize blindly, take into consideration your statistics. If posts that contain x, y and z do very well according to your account statistics, post more content that is similar. Although you should not obsess about vanity metrics, you should take statistics into account when defining your Instagram strategy.

Do what works! Repost Content that worked well!

If you have a post that does exceptionally well, learn from it! Thoughtfully evaluate why the post may have been successful, and then mimic those aspects in future posts. Did anything stand out about the successful post? Did you use an inspirational post in the caption? Was the photo of your dog, how your product is made? Think about what the aspects of the post and then post content similar to the successful post. Avoid posting the exact same content, but similar is fine.

Ask your audience to promote your content, and reward them!

This is a fabulous idea for cheap and interactive advertising. Ask your audience to promote your content/products/business. You may host a contest asking your audience to share your content and whoever receives the most likes on their share receives a free gift (your product/service/etc). This is fun, competitive, interactive AND advertising! The possibilities are endless. You can ask your audience to share your content for a coupon code, ask them to enter their email in exchange for being entered into a giveaway, and more!

Interact with your audience in a meaningful way. Be genuine.

Instagram wants to see your account interact with other users, if it sees interactions it will view your account and be more valuable and be more likely to feature it which allows you to gain more followers! Aside from the increased possibility of being featured, interacting with your audience also encourages your audience to be faithful customers and promote your brand on their own. Interaction should be lighthearted, personal and fun! Genuine interaction is key! Don’t make generic “copy and pasted” comments. It is more beneficial, and the algorithm prefers all interactions to be unique. Commenting genuine comments on fewer posts goes further than making mass comments of generic content.

Don’t buy followers and likes.

Do NOT buy followers on Instagram! Although it may seem tempting to easily increase your following, it is not real! And, it comes with it’s own set of consequences that will only hurt your brand. Purchased followers will not interact with your content in a meaningful way, or maybe not at all. The most you can hope for from a purchased follower is “nice post” type comments once in a while. Fake followers decrease your credibility as a brand and makes it appear less honest. Instagram does not like fake followers or profiles and makes an effort to purge the platform of such things. You could end up purchasing your followers only to have them removed shortly after purchasing!

Genuine Instagram accounts tend to follow relatively similar engagement patterns. There are usual rates of engagement depending on the amount of followers you have. If you have fake followers your engagement percentages will be outside the realm of normal and your account will be viewed as questionable, not genuine and less valid. Not only do fake followers mess with engagement ratios, they also bring spam with them, spam posting and messaging may result in your genuine followers unfollowing you, which is bad for obvious reasons. In conclusion, it is better to slowly build a genuine audience than it is to purchase filler followers that will only make your account less credible. And, that credibility will reflect on your business.

Frequency of use.

 The algorithm shows the best and most popular posts since the last time a user opened the app—so users who don’t check Instagram frequently will only see your brand’s post if it’s earning top engagement. (Note that 42% of Instagram users check the platform multiple times a day.)
Another way to appease the algorithm Gods of Instagram is to use the platform frequently. Logging into your account and spending time interacting goes a long way to prove your instagram worth. We recommend opening the app and scrolling through 2 or 3 times a day, and interacting with it during this time. If you own an established business it may be more profitable for you to hire someone to manage your instagram and interact with your followers. You may also choose to DIY and spend this time on the app yourself, both methods work great! Spending time on the app shows that your account is genuine.

Write a compelling bio.

Write a compelling bio! Your bio should vivaciously introduce your company its scope. Your biography should include all of the most important and unique aspects of your business. Your biography should be like your first impression. When instagram users click on your profile the biography is the first text that they see, they see this before they will see and read captions on photos and videos. It is important to make the most of your biography. Your biography should include the name of your business, when it was creative, the main objectives of your company links to your other associated social media accounts. For example, I would include the name of my company (chase reiner SEO), I would link my facebook group so that they can follow me on that platform, I would include the main objective of my business “providing SEO knowledge to everyone who needs it” and I would link my website so they can view my other products and resources. Biographies help followers understand your company and connect with you.

Develop a Unique brand personality.

The coolest people have awesome personalities, your brand should have a rocking personality as well! This is related to developing your brand’s own aesthetic and it’s very important for effective marketing. Having a brand personality and aesthetic shows consistency within your brand, people can more easily identify your brand and know what to expect from your brand. People may also be reminded of your brand whenever they see something that reminds them of your brand’s aesthetic.

Think about how you would like your company to be perceived. Would you like your company to be viewed as light hearted and funny? Serious and deep? How you would like your brand to be viewed obviously depends on what your brand sells or represents. If you are running a charity to help orphans, you’d probably opt to have your brand personality be more serious and deep rather than light hearted and fun. Likewise if your company hosts birthday parties you would opt to represent your company’s personality as fun and outgoing.

The personality should coordinate with your brand’s visual aesthetic. A light hearted and fun brand may post pictures with a bright color scheme, and an earthy or organic brand may opt for a color scheme of earthy natural hues. Aesthetic should match your brand’s personality. The posts should match the brand’s aesthetic and personality and show elements of both. Developing your brand’s personality and aesthetic is an art.
Participate in popular posts, comment etc so people will click on your profile more frequently.

Participate in popular conversations and posts.

First, follow current events related to your business. For example if you make organic makeup then you should be following all clean beauty trends and issues on instagram and you should interact with the most popular posts. By doing so you are exposing your brand to people who are already interested in what your brand has to offer! People following the trends within your area of expertise are already interested and more likely to click, follow, interact and purchase! You can also follow other people with similar brands and interests and interact with their posts. You want to be relevant within your area of business.

Monitor your reputation, check tagged posts, and comments and block trolls.

This is important but very often overlooked! Monitor your reputation! Followers will often gage your brand by how it means others are interacting with it. If other people are commenting how horrible your brand is that is bad! If other users are tagging your brand in inappropriate or unrelated photos, that also damages your brand’s reputation. Remind yourself to check tagged photos, comments and interactions regularly.

This is another method to manage your reputation. An internet troll is someone who follows you around only to be negative or interact with you in a negative way. Block those accounts, they service no purpose to you. Especially if they are commenting unfavorable comments, delete their comments and block. Be block happy. You don’t need that negativity.

Use Local SEO, establish yourself on instagram with a certain locale.

Establish your brand on instagram within a certain local. This is helpful for local SEO, and especially helpful to help local people find your business. Include your location within your biography. Take photos of/or at local places and geotag your posts. This helps establish your business as an authority within your local community. Use local hashtags, example #newyorkbakery #newyork. Using local hashtags will allow people within your community to find your company!

Use call to actions more effectively

A call to action is what you would like someone who is interacting with your post to do. It can be anything. You may ask your followers to like your post, click a link, repost your content, etc. Call to actions should not be overused, and should be used appropriately to coordinate with the content that you are posting for your business. There are a lot of ways to use call to actions, and as many different types of call to actions. Some call to actions are less direct. For example you may ask your followers to tag their friends on your photo. To entice them to ask you may post a photo about a giveaway and ask them to tag their friends for a chance to win. You may also post more direct calls to actions, for example if you are having a sale you may post a link with the caption “click now and save before it’s too late”. Call to actions should be incorporated into your overall content strategy. You should consider how often you’d like to use them (perhaps three times a week and have other content between call to action including posts).

Run as a contest with prizes-who can share you the most, etc.

This tip involves a creative and less direct call to action. It is also an example of cheap and effective online marketing. This involves a very small investment in the form of a prize in exchange for possibly thousands of likes and shares! I may post a contest offering free courses in exchange for sharing my content. Or, I may do something broader and offer a free downloadable product to everyone who likes or shares and enters their email address. The possibilities are endless! If you have a smaller or less established business with a smaller budget giving away a free sample, or some small item or a discount code is all you need! Larger businesses may give away something larger in exchange for a stronger call to action and request.

Connect your Instagram with your Facebook, post on Facebook through Instagram.

Your social media platforms should be inter-webbed. All of your social media accounts should be linked on all your other social media platforms so that you may grow your following on all of the platforms that you use. Facebook and Instagram are especially important to connect (you must have a business Facebook page or group, check out our Facebook business guide). Instagram allows you to connect with Facebook. You can post directly from Instagram to Facebook, even automatically. This saves times and allows you to showcase your Instagram on your Facebook page and bring your Facebook following over to Instagram. This allows you to grow all of your social media platform followings and also establishes more brand awareness and credibility.

Connect your other social platforms.

Build your marketing web, and catch followers and customers! Connect, connect, connect! This is important! Build multiplatform credibility and following! Successful companies have similar followers counts across all of the most popular social media platforms. In addition, some people may not like Instagram, or snapchat or whatever, and may prefer to follow you on another platform. If the other platform were not available, they may be less likely to follow your business. List all of your social media accounts on every single platform!

Link your other social platforms within posts so you can gain followers everywhere.

Link, link, link. Link and repeat. This is related to the tip above about connecting your social media accounts and building your marketing web. Include links to your other social media accounts within posted content. It is best to list a single platform within a post. For example, post a picture of your product and then within the caption request that they may see more or get more details by checking out your Facebook page (or whatever other platform) and then include the link to that platform. An important aspect of using social media for marketing is building your web well enough to capture followers across all platforms.

Make an Instagram tab on your Facebook

Web building, include your Instagram tab on your Facebook page or business page. This allows your followers and friends on Facebook to easily find your Instagram and hopefully follow you there. You want all of your social media accounts to be interconnected. This increases how often your followers see your content and also allows them to see the different aspects of your business that are highlighted throughout the different platforms.

Invite friends from other social platforms to follow you on Instagram and vise versa.

If you have more followers on a specific platform, invite them to join you on another platform. Even if there is not a following transcrepancy across the platforms you use, it is advantageous to have followers follow you across all the platforms you operate. Different platforms highlight different aspects of your business, if people are exposed to all of the different amazing aspects of your brand they are more likely to opt in and purchase, or participate in whatever call to action you indicate.

Evaluate your competition. Compare yourself!

Compare yourself to your competition. It may sound unhealthy, but in this case it is not. It is important to fully study and understand your competition and what they have to offer in comparison to what you have to offer. Studying the competition allows you to gain a more objective gage of your performance and how good the product is that you offer. Is your product lacking but priced higher than the competition’s? Is your product more comprehensive but offered at a lower price? This is all invaluable information that you can obtain through careful evaluation of the competition! If another company is soaring and very successful, you can learn from what they are doing. If the competition is offering a very similar product as your company is but doing better or worse, you can study their marketing, social media use, etc to learn and decide if you should copy them or do the opposite. Compare with the intention of learning from the competition.

Develop an Instagram specific content strategy.

Within every platform you should have a content strategy. Your Instagram content strategy should take into account the unique aspect of the platform. The platform is more visual and less verbal, the content strategy should include a posting schedule, goals for posting, call to actions, and all should be coordinated to match the brand’s personality and aesthetic. You may schedule and make posts ahead of time with the long term platform goal in mind. Posting should never be random or without intent in relation to the overall goal. If the goal is to get people over to your company’s website, then posts should be made to reflect that. When developing your brand’s content strategy, goals and objectives should be clearly defined. You cannot work in a meaningful and productive way if your work does not support your goals.

Content strategies are different for different platforms. You may have overall goals to achieve by using social platforms, but all the different platforms may achieve a different aspect of the goal(s). Example, Instagram may allow you to express the visual beauty of your company and achieve that goal, and twitter may allow you to express the humor aspect of your company.
Images that are very specific and share what you want to share about your brandThe images that you post should be related to your overall content strategy and help you meet your goals (building an audience, gaining more sales, etc).

Post about popular topics/events that are relevant to your brand/area of expertise.

Posting about popular or trending topics within your field of expertise yields many advantages for your marketing endeavors. Posting about relevant topics and issues indicates to your audience that your business is as relevant as the issue or topic being discussed. It also helps establish credibility, if your brand is interacting with posts about the current topic, your brand seems like more of an authority figure within the industry. Additionally, platforms users who are already searching the topic, and thus interested in what your brand represents, will be more likely to click on your profile, follow you and become engaged with your brand.

High quality content.

This may sound obvious but it is regularly overlooked. Your content should be high quality. Blurry, low resolution photos with bad lighting will not reflect positively on your brand. All photos and visual content should be high quality, but your written content should be high quality, thoughtful, and interactive as well. A beautiful photo with misspellings and grammatical errors will underperform compared to a beautiful photo with an engaging caption. Your goal should be to post the highest quality content possible, quality or quantity.

Delete photos that did not work well so you keep with your brand image.

Having underperforming posts on your account makes your brand look bad, and like it has less than desirable products or things to say. It’s okay to delete the outlier posts that do not perform well, and it is also beneficial to do so. You want to highlight the most positive aspects of your business and not have less than desirable results clearly broadcasted.
Have consistent content in all ways, posts be of similar quality, etc, keeps with brand image.

Consistency allows your followers to know what to expect from your brand or company. There is comfort in consistency and displaying consistency with content increases how reliable your brand appears. Consistency also helps you to maintain your brand’s image, style and aesthetic. Posts should be recognizable as your brand upon first glance. Having posts that are out of left field can confuse your followers and make your brand appear less professional.

Post quotes.

Post inspirational quotes on inspirational content. Quotes can be engaging and draw on the emotions of your followers. Usually humans are emotionally driven. Quotes that are positive and inspirational work best. Everyone wants to feel happier and encouraged!

Post collages.

Collages are a beautiful way to show many related photos within a single post! If you have a lot of content around one topic, say a new product, and you’ll like to share them all without overwhelming your followers with too many posts, collages are key! They are most effectively used occasionally, with normal content posts before and after. Don’t post several collages consecutively. Collages are great, but posting too many close together can make your page look cluttered when looked at as a whole.

Maintain your story, put this with brand image/aesthetic.

Your brand’s aesthetic does not only include its visual representation. When creating your content plan you should consider the overall story you would like to tell about your company. Your story should include how your brand started including any adversity or struggles. It should include the overall goal of your company and what good it plans to offer the world. Posts should reflect the overall story of the company. For example, you could post a picture of your new product, but write a caption about how long it took you to reach the point of product development and now that it is a successful product you get to donate 10 percent of your earning to charity, etc. Posts should express the story of your brand and be engaging.

Show your clients using your product.

Showing your clients using your product or engaging in your brand is an excellent way to build rapport with your followers. People are more likely to trust a peer’s opinion about your product over your own opinion about your product because there appears to be less of a vested interest. Clients or customers representing your brand may also be able to provide different feedback, which is helpful so that people may understand your product more thoroughly. It is important to note that the people you show representing your brand should uphold the same ethical and personal standards as your company, as they will be a reflection on your brand. If your brand is openly against deforestation, you do not want a lumberjack representing your product!

Engage with other people whose content is interesting to you.

The Instagram algorithm loves interactions. Interacting as your brand shows Instagram that you have an active and legitimate account. It makes your account and brand appear more friendly and personable. Follow other people, give likes, comments, shares, and messages. If your brand is well known, other people may love getting attention from your account. It is especially helpful to interact with other users who have similar interests to your brand. You may easily find people with similar interests by searching for related hashtags. Search related hashtags and find people you would like to follow. Again, be genuine, don’t follow every single account possible, keep your follow count on the lower end so you can have meaningful interactions.

Embrace Direct Messages.

Direct messages (DMs) are a cool feature within Instagram’s platform. It allows users to contact you directly, which can quickly become a channel for sales. You can turn off or on your DM. If your DMs are open other users can easily message you. Although you may not have time to return all of the messages that you get. It is still nice to read them and maybe answer the most interesting or important ones. DMs are also often a source of feedback, and more information about how your company is perceived is always welcomed information! It is useful!

Final thoughts.

In summary there are so many helpful Instagram tips to help you use the platform to market for your business. Following our tips will ensure that the Instagram algorithm will show you love. It is most important to develop a content strategy and posting schedule. Your content strategy should always be developed around the story of your business.
It is important to always keep your overall business objectives/story in mind while posting and interacting within the platform. It is important to interact, but ensure that it is in an authentic way. Monitoring your reputation, and showing consistency in posting helps make your brand appear more put together and professional. Instagram marketing can give your company a marketing edge, allowing you to have a beautiful visual representation of your company. When used appropriately, Instagram is a great tool.

Keep in touch for further tips. Happy Instagramming.

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