70+ SEO Influencers To Follow On Twitter

by | Sep 11, 2018

In recent years, Twitter has taken a starring role on the world stage. It dictates what tomorrow’s headlines will be and tells us who people are. As wild as it sounds, even though it is only a social media site and seems fairly trivial, Twitter is a veritable gold mine of information, especially for those looking to stay on top of vital trends in business.

SEO is, of course, not exempt from the Twitter information hoard, so it can be an invaluable tool for those looking to learn more or stay sharp. That said, it helps to know where to look. These Twitter accounts are a great starting place.

0. Chase Reiner- @SEO_Chase

Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner is a On Page SEO expert who teaches SEO tutorials on Youtube and runs an SEO Facebook group with over 10,000 members.

  1. SEO Chat- @DevSEOChat

Search Art

SEO Chat is, according to their Twitter bio, “dedicated to helping business owners and marketing specialists perform Search Engine Optimization on their sites.”  They cater to professionals and beginners and have a very useful forum.

  1. Barry Schwartz- @rustybrick

Mr. Barry Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz is a seasoned veteran of the search community and has been working in the field for more than 14 years now. He serves as the CEO of RustyBrick, which customizes online technology for companies.

  1. Search Engine Land- @sengineland

News About SEO

This is a fantastic source for SEO news and emerging techniques, if staying on top of the trends and in the loop is what you aim for. They post about myriad other topics as well, including PPC and Google.

  1. Matt McGee-

Matt Mcgee

Speaking of Search Engine Land, Matt McGee worked with Third Door Media- the parent company of Search Engine Land and many other SEO giants- for a decade as a writer/reporter, and later Editor-in-Chief. As a result, he has a wealth of knowledge and a very engaging Twitter presence.

  1. Site Pro News- @SiteProNews


This account offers valuable advice for business owners on tools and techniques to improve site traffic, efficiency, and more. They also cover working with social media platforms and many other online plugins and sites.

  1. Brian Thomas Clark- @briantclark

SEO Auditor

Mr. Clark is a self-described “Brutal SEO Auditor”. He is affiliated with House of Search, who pride themselves on their dedication to being thorough and, in their own words, “ruthless”. Their strategy is aimed at maximum efficiency.

  1. Daily SEO Tips- @DailySEO

Twitter SEO

A glance at the bio for Daily SEO Tips on Twitter reveals a follower count above 15,000- and for good reason. Their content is easy-to-understand, accessible, and consistent.

  1. Google Webmasters- @googlewmc

Web Master

There’s nothing better than advice from the best, and Google practically runs the world, Internet-wise. The Google Webmasters Twitter posts tools and news from the media giant itself, making it a fantastic authority on getting noticed through the foremost search engine in existence

  1. Duane Forrester

Mr. Forrester

Mr. Forrester is a pillar of the SEO world, having held positions at MSN and Bing in the past. He now serves as the Vice President of Industry Insights at Yext. His Twitter is chock-full of invaluable news, advice, and resources.

  1. Search Engine Journal- @sejournal

SEO Journal

A giant in the SEO and search visibility industries, Search Engine Journal is one of the best places to look if you want no-nonsense content you can use that is straight from the source.

  1. Alaister Low- @AlaisterLow

Mr. Alaister Low

Alaister Low Is a self-proclaimed “Startup and Technology enthusiast”. He often lends his voice and experience to large-scale marketing conferences, but for those who just want to tip or two, his Twitter is much more accessible.

  1. Marketing Land– @Marketingland

Digital Analytics

Marketing land is a heavy hitter in the field of Social Analytics, a current hot topic in search visibility and online marketing. Pay close attention to their Twitter account for the freshest news about upcoming trends in the industry and how you can make them work for you.

  1. Aleyda Solis– @aleyda

Aleyda Solis

Miss Solis is a wildly successful speaker, consultant, And SEO expert. She is the founder of #MujeresEnDigital, an initiative to bring brilliant women into the spotlight of digital technology and the online marketing industry. She frequently posts about the role of psychology in technological trends.

  1. The Search Agency– @thesearchagency

SEO and SEM techniques

The Search Agency focuses on bringing equality analysis of SEO and SEM techniques to the attention of the people who can use it. They also specialize in “display advertising” and “conversion rate optimization”.

  1. Neil Patel-@neilpatel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most recognizable names in digital marketing today. He writes for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, among others. His resume speaks for itself, and much of that expertise can be found on his Twitter account every day.

  1. SERPs-@serpsapp


The SERPs (short for Search Engine Results Pages) app and website are useful tools for anyone who relies on SEO to boost their online visibility. Their Twitter offers insider tips as well as guides to their software and help in navigating SEO in general.

  1. Rand Fishkin– @randfish

Rand Fishkin Moz

Mr. Fishkin can is a former employee of Moz, so his experience with SEO is unparalleled, and his tweets are exceptionally prolific. His bio professes that he posts up to 40 times a week about technology, startups, and digital marketing.

  1. Dejan SEO– @dejanseo

Search Marketing

Based out of Australia, Dejan SEO is a leading competitor in search marketing. They specialize in strategy and innovation, and their tweets are full of tips as well as critical analyses of existing software and systems relevant to the field.

  1. Mike Blumenthal– @mblumenthal


Mike Blumenthal is all about boosting business’ local search ratings. His Twitter keeps it light and fun, while remaining educational about how to tweak your online presence for SEO purposes and how to work within major platforms like Google to your best advantage.

  1. Bill Slawski– @bill_slawski

Mr. Slawski

With more than two decades of experience in SEO, Bill Slawski is the Holy Grail of search marketing professionals. Lucky for us, he happily answers questions from his Twitter account while also providing plenty of advice and original takes on the industry.

  1. SEO Book-@seobook

Seo Twitter

The SEO Book Twitter specializes in providing short, sweet topic headers with links to send you directly to more information on the subject at hand. It’s a very efficient way to spread the information people need with minimal time spent reading long, opinionated tweets.

  1. SERoundtable-@seroundtable

Marketing Strategy

Heralded “The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community”, SE Roundtable is a priceless resource for news gathering and strategizing to better understand and utilize search visibility optimization techniques.

  1. Search News Central– @searchcentral

SEO Technique

As their name suggests, Search News Central Is a hub for current SEO techniques and workarounds you can use to maximize views and site traffic for your company’s online presence.

  1. Jon Cooper-@joncooperseo

Mr. John Cooper

Although he is particularly young, energetic, and laid-back, John Cooper really knows his stuff. His Twitter account is the proof, and he regularly posts SEO guides and critiques of other people’s techniques to point out and separate effective strategies from lackluster ones.

  1. Marketing Pilgrim-@MarketingPilgrm

SEO Trend

The marketing program Twitter focuses on posting various perspectives on SEO news, to break down current events in search marketing “so you don’t have to”, which saves a lot of time if you’re looking for some fast tips or expertise.

  1. Jeff Bullas-@jeffbullas

Mr. Jeff Bullas

Mr. Bullas has been named by Forbes as one of the top 10 Social Media Influencers currently around, and his Twitter provides access to his ebooks, Articles, and other sources through which he shares his wisdom and advice for navigating online search marketing.

  1. Search Engine Watch– @sewatch

Search Engine Watch

The bio on the Twitter for Search Engine Watch names it as the “longest-running search industry resource in the world”, so it should be your first stop if you’re looking to optimize your online visibility to clientele.

  1. Andy Beal-@AndyBeal

Mr. Andy Beal

Mr. Beal serves as the CEO Of Rep Refinery and Trackur, two companies whose sole function is to craft businesses’ online image and reputation so as to take advantage of current social media advertising trends and get as many eyes on them as possible.

  1. Ignite Visibility Blog-@IgniteV

Ignite Visibility

Ignite was recently named the number one SEO company in the USA, UK and Canada. They specialize in social media and SEO as well as CRO. If you are not keeping a close eye on their Twitter, you’re not getting the best information out there.

  1. Julie Joyce– @JulieJoyce

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce is the owner of Link Fish Media Inc and a regular columnist for Search Engine Land. She also hosts the SEM Rush link webinar, and her Twitter account is both entertaining and informative.

  1. ClickZ– @ClickZ


The sister account to @sewatch, ClickZ is a consistent provider of news and current events about all the tools and technology that constantly influence the search marketing industry.

  1. Reel SEO-@tubularinsights

Video Marketing

Reel SEO is a valuable resource for all those looking to branch out into the multimedia or video marketing side of search visibility. They post statistics, trends, and good (or sometimes bad) examples of what draws the eye to a piece of video media.

  1. Kristi Hines-@thekristihines

SEO Expert

Miss Hines is the free spirit of the online content and SEO worlds. She is a freelance writer and marketing specialist for blogs and other online content. Thus, her Twitter covers a wide range of subjects, given her diverse experience.

  1. Search Engine Freak-@SEF_Blog

Twitter SEO

The search engine freak Twitter account offers concise headlines to direct knowledge seekers immediately to where they need to go, with the most accurate and useful sources available.

  1. Chitika-@Chitika

Ad Network

Chitika is a massive online ad network with over 350,000 publishers and the best in advertising optimization technology. Their Twitter account offers informative blogs and other resources to help business owners along in their journey towards SEO perfection.

  1. Matt Cutts– @mattcutts

Mr. Matt Cutts

Mr. Cutts served formerly as the head of the webspam team at Google, which makes him a god among the pantheon of search engine optimization experts, and he graciously shares his knowledge and experience through his frequent tweets.

  1. Moz– @Moz


Anyone at all familiar with SEO knows the name Moz and how much of an authority it is in the industry. If you’re new to SEO, this is an excellent starting place. You can learn more from the Twitter account at Moz than from many other research sources.

  1. SiteProNews– @SiteProNews

Web Development Trends

Site Pro News mainly functions as a comprehensive news feed of all you need to know to stay abreast of trends in web development, as well as recommendations for resources on search engine optimization and online visibility techniques.

  1. Joost de Valk-@jdevalk

Mr. Joost de Valk

As the founder and CEO of top SEO program Yoast, Mr. de Valk is an authority on all things SEO, and his Twitter account is full of his blog posts on the subject, as well as useful content from other sources and experts on digital marketing.

  1. State of Search– @State_of_Search

State of Search Event

State of Search is the yearly conference put on by the Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association. As such, the Twitter for this event is constantly posting about the stars of the SEO industry, and a ton of useful and informative blogs.

  1. Richard Baxter-@richardbaxter

Mr.Richard Baxter

As a man who has devoted most of his career to starting and/or cultivating successful businesses, Richard Baxter certainly knows what it takes to attract attention to his online endeavors. Although his Twitter account is extremely blunt and sometimes a little vulgar, he is well worth keeping an eye on for the wealth of information he often shares.

  1. WebProNews-@WebProNews


WebProNews is dedicated to all things Internet. They focus on social media, Internet culture, online business, and even trends in gaming. Their Twitter account can add some much-needed diversity to the information flow for those business owners who tend to focus more on Google or other traditional SEO platforms.

  1. Mark Traphagen-@marktraphagen

Mr. Traphagen

A fixture at Stone Temple Media, Mr. Traphagen is an expert in content strategy and building social media influence. He posts valuable information on analytics and strategy, nicely broken up by tweets about his Labor Day plans and astronomy, among other for-fun topics.

  1. Lisa Barone-@Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone’s brand of expertise lies in SEO as it relates to graphic design, PR, and social media as it pertains to visibility for businesses. She also tweets about other SEO experts and upcoming conferences and events.

  1. Marketing Vox-@marketingvox

SEo and SEM

Marketing Vox aims to highlight not only the trends and tips for SEO that many other Twitter accounts do, but also “The integration of SEO, SEM, display advertising, email, social media”, and others. Their subject matter is wonderfully diversified, and it makes them an excellent source for those looking to brush up on their digital marketing techniques.

  1. Digital Marketing

Marketing Land deals with a wide variety of platforms for the purposes of digital marketing. According to their Twitter bio, posts range in subject from social media to analytics to video and email. They also post news and notices about major upcoming events in SEO.

  1. Phil Buckley-@1918

Mr.Phil Buckley

Phil Buckley is a talented SEO analyst and online content marketer, as well as a digital strategist. His posts go between search engine visibility and personal stuff, but the resources that he posts are excellent and absolutely worth looking for.

  1. John E. Lincoln– @johnelincoln

Mr. John E. Lincoln

As the CEO of Ignite Visibility, John E. Lincoln has proven himself to be one of the biggest heavy hitters in the digital marketing industry. His Twitter feed reads like a full-on SEO guide, and if you follow him, you get all of that golden wisdom free and at your fingertips.

  1. Simon N. Reynolds-@simonnreynolds

Simon N. Reynolds

Simon Reynolds has spent his career as a connoisseur of startups, and strongly focuses on analysis and data to get results. He tweets from a wide variety of sources and on topics from emerging data in digital marketing to scams making the rounds online, making him an incredibly valuable resource for the SEO professional.

  1. SEMrush-@semrush

SEM Marketing

The SEMrush Twitter not only offers tips and tricks covering much of the online marketing field, but also the opportunity to rub virtual elbows with experts in the industry via their weekly #SEMrushchat.

  1. Lee Odden-@leeodden

Lee Odden

Lee Odden serves as the CEO at TopRank marketing, a prominent company that specializes in B2B marketing, as well as marketing on social media. His Twitter is quite interactive, and he posts polls and updates concerning his upcoming appearances at conferences and other major digital marketing events.

  1. Teknicks-@Teknicks

Online Marketing Agency

Teknicks is an online marketing agency that emphasizes client collaboration, adaptive business practices, and analytics as a main focus. Their Twitter account, however, covers a wide range of topics from all of the above to how to craft the most effective resignation letter for your job.

  1. Tad Chef -@onreact_com

Social Media

Although his profile picture makes him seem pretty silly at first glance, Tadeusz Szewczyk is no joke. He is an SEO professional and social media master whose Twitter features resources spread across the field of digital marketing, from Google to easily accessible diagrams on social media analytics.

  1. Dawn Anderson-@dawnieando

Dawn Anderson

Ms. Anderson Is a database-driven SEO professional, who has served as an author at Search Engine Land and the current director of Move It Marketing. She also frequently appears as a speaker at major digital marketing conferences and is kind enough to share slides and clips of her lectures on her Twitter.

  1. Benj Arriola-@BenjArriola

Benj Arriola

Even though Mr. Arriola’s Twitter bio simply lists him as “some SEO guy”, he is a veritable fount of wisdom on SEO and SEM techniques, and he regularly tweets about a wide array of topics related to SEO and online/social media marketing.

  1. Loren Baker-@lorenbaker

Loren Baker

Loren Baker is the founder of Search Engine Journal and as such, he knows exactly what content will be valuable to his followers in the SEO and digital marketing businesses. He posts regular tips, encouragement, and the occasional puppy video.

  1. copyblogger-@copyblogger


The copyblogger Twitter account is all about words, words, words. They aim to teach writers and those involved in SEO how to phrase things more effectively so as to draw in customers and clients and enhance their communication techniques. Their advice is a must for anyone looking to step up their content.

  1. Seth Besmertnik -@Besmertnik

Seth Besmertnik

Seth Besmertnik is the CEO at Conductor, Inc. He professes to be “Obsessed with Making a Material Impact on the Way Great Companies Market to Consumers”. If you are of a like mind, be sure to follow his account and follow his example.

  1. Anna Crowe-@annaleacrowe


Miss Crowe writes for Search Engine Journal and doubles up as an SEO consultant, so she has plenty of experience and wisdom to share on her Twitter. She posts a fair amount of link building content, so if that is a special interest, she is an excellent social media presence to follow.

  1. Elmer Boutin-@rehor

Elmer Boutin-@rehor

Because of his frequent experience sharing his expertise at major events like PubCon, Elmer Boutin fills his Twitter account with links from other brilliant minds in SEO and digital marketing and encourages his followers to learn from the best. His connections are invaluable, and he is well worth a look or a follow.

  1. Eric Enge-@stonetemple

Mr. Eric Enge

Although Eric Enge is primarily known for being the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, he also lends his experience and advice to other major publications like Search Engine Land. There are few better people from which to learn the business, as he knows just about every inch of it.

  1. Bartosz Góralewicz– @bart_goralewicz

Bartosz Góralewicz

Mr. Góralewicz bases his entire career on effective and precise SEO techniques, as the head of SEO and co-founder of Elephate SEO.  His account is therefore full to the brim of insight on trends, critiques of marketing strategies, and other valuable tidbits for the SEO professional.

  1. Jon Henshaw-@henshaw


John Henshaw has spent his career as the senior SEO analyst for CBS, GameStop, Metacritic, and other major companies. His Twitter often focuses on design layouts to better equip websites for search engine visibility, which is not content readily found on many of these other Twitter accounts.

  1. Kristopher Jones-@krisjonescom

Kristopher Jones

Kristopher Jones’ Twitter account features a wider diversity of content than that of many of his contemporaries. He posts from a variety of sources, from major marketing conferences to publications like Search Engine Journal, and more.

  1. Michael King-@iPullRank

Mr. Michael King

The founder of iPullRank and undoubtedly the most dynamic personality on this list- and potentially in the business as a whole- Michael King works as a speaker, consultant to several Fortune and INC500 brands, and a rapper on the side. He generously tweets his expertise for anyone looking to boost their SEO game.

  1. Jeremy Knauff-@JeremyKnauff

Mr. Jeremy Knauff

Jeremy Knauff is the mind behind Spartan Media Inc., a veteran of the Marine Corps, and a regular contributor to several publications such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land, among others. He posts from a wide variety of sources, thanks to his diverse experience in digital marketing.

  1. Paul Shapiro-@fighto

Paul Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro wears many hats in the world of SEO and digital marketing. He is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Catalyst SEM, specializes in Technical SEO, and he writes and speaks about the industry as well. All this is reflected in his Twitter account, which offers a veritable cascade of information on events, strategies, and many other facets of the industry.

  1. Ann Smarty-@seosmarty

Ann Smarty

Besides being blessed with a last name that fits her expertise well, Ms. Smarty tweets often about various sides of SEO marketing, and the best ways to increase site traffic and search engine visibility.

  1. Michael Stricker-@RadioMS

Michael Stricker

With many years as a Digital Marketing Director, author, and speaker, Michael Stricker has built a career educating others about the intricacies of SEO/SEM and social media marketing. His Twitter features links, podcast, and tons of data to enhance any digital marketing enthusiast’s understanding of the business.

  1. Bas van den Beld-@basvandenbeld

Mr. Bas van den Beld

Although Bas van den Beld’s Twitter bio describes him as a “storyteller”, make no mistake: he knows his way around the world of digital marketing through his work as a consultant and speaker. His tweets are both inspirational and educational, a rare and valuable blend.

  1. Spartan Media-@SpartanMediaInc

Event of Spartan Media

Run by Marine Corps veteran Jeremy Knauff, Spartan Media prides itself on a bold, efficient approach to “Web design, SEO, and digital marketing”. Their Twitter is full of unexpected headlines on informative, engaging articles, all of which are aimed at maximizing your visibility as a business.