Search engine optimization is something that’s usually at the top of any digital marketer or small business owner’s mind. After all, we all utilize search engines like Google and Bing to find products or services when we need them most. Simply put, ignoring SEO is like leaving money on the table for your competitors to find.

There are a number of different things any website owner can do to improve search engine ranking. However, this often takes knowing and checking hundreds of different factors all at once—something most people don’t have the time or energy for on their own. It’s just too much to look at all at once.

That’s where website SEO checkers come in handy. These great tools scan your site to find potential problems and areas where you could improve. In many cases, they also offer periodic scheduling and very comprehensive reports to make it easy to see not only what you’re doing right but how your competitors are faring, too. For those who want an improvement in traffic, these types of apps offer such valuable insight that they are well worth any associated cost.

But how do you choose a tool that meets both your needs and your budget? Here are a few of the top search engine optimization checkers for your website.

#1: Cora SEO

Cora Seo

One of the most popular search engine optimization tools on the marketing right now is Cora SEO. This program utilizes a specific algorithm set to analyze over eight hundred ranking factors to help you determine which on-page website changes you need to make for a better search engine position. From there, it measures and correlates which ones apply the most to the keywords you are using and exactly what you need to do in each category to rank at a higher position. Plus, many users report that they love the simple interface and clear data.

Additionally, Cora SEO isn’t as visually friendly as some of the competitors. For those who want a pretty tool that gives them a clear look into how their page is faring, this might not be the best option. But if you don’t mind an app that gets the job done while still remaining relatively simplistic in design, then the features alone outweighs the fact that it likely needs a bit of a software facelift.

From a budget standpoint, the biggest benefit to Cora SEO is that it is a no-obligation, monthly software subscription. This gives you plenty of opportunity to try it out and decide if it has all of the features needed for you to accurately analyze your website. The downside? The monthly cost is right around $250—which can be a little much for those who are tight on funds.

#2: Page Optimizer Pro

page optimizer po

Another highly utilized SEO tool is Page Optimizer Pro. Also known as POP, this program allows you to check for a single keyword and review various on-page signals in the same ideology that Google is looking for. It also allows you to add competitors and see where they rank in comparison to your own site. This alone can be incredibly valuable if you’re in a very competitive niche or just can’t seem to outpace another business in your industry.

Where this app really shines is the clear reporting. After running a scan, you’re given a very workable task list of areas where your website excels and where you need to make changes. This is great if all you need is an idea of what changes to make to improve your ranking and don’t really require a whole lot of fancy analytics. If you have a site that is available internationally, another benefit to POP is that it is available in every language and alphabet.

As far as cost goes, Page Optimizer Pro is incredibly affordable. Single-user plans start at just $10 a month for a very basic version and go all the way up to $39 for unlimited features. This is ideal for websites that are smaller and trying to rank against competitors, such as those who have a local angle like a contractor or retail store. In addition, they also offer plans for those with agencies or multi-site needs.

#3: Screaming Frog

Screaming frog

Despite the unusual name, Screaming Frog is actually a highly valuable SEO spider tool and crawling program. In fact, it is so robust that it is trusted by hundreds of digital marketing agencies and large corporations around the globe including Disney, Amazon, Apple, and others.

Examples of what you can do with the application include creating XML sitemaps, looking for duplicate content, find broken links, and visualizing site architecture. You can also integrate it with Google Analytics for super accurate reporting. With the premier version, you even have the opportunity to set scans at regular intervals for easier automatic reporting.

Thankfully, Screaming Frog is just as affordable as it is useful. The free version provides ample tools for really improving your overall on-site SEO strategy, while the paid option provides an unlimited crawl limit and a whole lot of more advanced features.

#4: Yoast SEO


If you have a WordPress website, you’ll want to check out Yoast SEO. This tool is a website plugin that features tons of excellent features designed to help you rank higher faster. A content analysis screen shows you exactly where you need to make improvements, such as adding a higher keyword density or customizing a meta tag. And that’s just the beginning.

In short, it helps you create better content on the fly before you’ve published it. This means that there is very little that you have to go back and change, as most of the time you’ll already have best SEO practices handled by seeing the indicators in the back end of your website. In fact, you’ll likely get so used to these ranking factors that after a few weeks you’ll start to do them on your own without the reminder that the tool provides.

As far as price goes, there are several different options. A free version is available for basic blogs and personal sites, while a premium option is available for a one-time fee of $89.

#5: WooRank


Another great SEO checker tool is WooRank. Much like similar applications, this program includes a keyword checker and several different SEO monitoring tools. Crawl your site to look for issues and compare it to up to three competitors. Or opt to check it against a 100-point scale that analyzes your website across seventy different criteria points. A special visualization tool lets you see how far you’ve come as you start to integrate various recommendations and make certain SEO changes.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of WooRank is the reporting. For those working at an agency or on an enterprise level, you can even download branded reports that look as though they came straight from your company.

The cost of WooRank starts at $59 for a single site and goes up to an enterprise level. While it isn’t as affordable as other comparable options, the number of features and ease of use makes the price well worth the spend.

#6: SEOptimer

seo optimizer

For small business owners without a huge marketing team, SEOptimer is an ideal choice. This program is a great basic SEO tool for the do-it-yourselfer that crawls your website looking for potential issues and provides plenty of actionable tips along the way. It also tracks your rankings to remove the guesswork, making it simple to see and compare where your site is showing up on Google or Bing.

But for professionals and boutique marketing agencies? SEOptimer is a great choice for creating branded reports that offer ample data to help clients understand where they are in terms of search engine optimization. Furthermore, you can help cut out a lot of the work with the program’s special embeddable audit tool that allows potential marketing leads to self-service check their own pages straight from your company website.

And SEOptimer is quite affordable, too! The simple single-site option is only $19 per month, while the embeddable white label plan is only $59 monthly.

#7: MySiteAuditor

mysite auditor

If you’re a marketing firm looking for a basic tool to improve leads and assist potential clients, MySiteAuditor is an excellent option. This quality tool checks basic SEO best practices and generates a report that includes over fifty different signals to determine total optimization of a specific keyword.

However, it is worth noting that this really isn’t a tool designed for small businesses or blog owners. While their page does offer a place to do a free basic audit of your website, there are many other tools on the market that give you better functionality as a SEO do-it-yourselfer.

The basic plan for branded reports starts at $39 per month, while the embed tool is $79 per month. There is also a free trial for ten days so that you can see if it is a good fit for your organization’s SEO needs.

#8: Sitechecker Pro’s All-in-One SEO Platform


Need something a little more robust? Sitechecker Pro’s All-in-One SEO Platform features numerous advanced features to help you identify potential issues and improve your overall search engine ranking. Think elements like monitoring all the backlinks you’ve built for your website and determining how much a rank has changed over time.

It also has specific mechanics for e-commerce websites including average order size, revenue, conversion rate, and much more. This element alone makes the tool a better SEO website checker choice if this is your niche.

Small business pricing begins at $29 a month, with several packages going as high as $119 monthly. They also offer a pretty substation twenty percent discount if you choose to pay annually.

#9: SEMRush


What would an SEO tool list be without a nod to SEMRush? This widely known and used tool offers tons of features designed for both the small business digital marketer and those who run entire companies built around search engine optimization.

While this program does offer tips on how to improve your overall search engine ranking, it is the analytics tools it provides that really makes it worth the higher cost. Keep track of rankings, paid advertising, competitor ad budgets, and so much more. There is even an option to reveal any company’s website traffic and online performance—making it ideal for use to scope out the competition. Honestly, if you’re looking for something that is top-notch for all angles of digital marketing, this is the tool to use.

SEMRush does come with a hefty price tag, however. The most basic option is $99 per month and the business plan with every bell and whistle comes in at a spendy $399 a month.

#10: SpyFu


What if you aren’t as concerned about checking your own website for search engine optimization and more curious about what competing brands are doing? That’s where SpyFu comes in. This unique tool allows you to search any domain and see every AdWords keyword they’ve purchased or organic rank that they’ve had for over the last decade.

As you can tell, this is pretty powerful information that makes it easy for you to mimic what they are doing or make adjustments to your own optimization as a whole. Think of it as a tool that is best paired with other SEO website checker tools to give you a really comprehensive strategy.

Another great thing about SpyFu? The monthly cost. A basic plan starts at only $33 per month and gives you more than enough great information to start tracking your competitors and adjusting your organic search strategy accordingly. Of course, more robust plans are available for enterprise users at a higher cost.

#11: Raven Tools

raven tools

Raven Tools is an excellent all-in-one SEO website checker used by large brands all over the world. This is truly a professional level tool designed for those who are concerned with boosting their overall page ranking and making a huge difference in their organic search efforts.

Run reports that search for things like missing meta descriptions, broken links, images missing alt tags, and more. You’re also given an easy-to-follow checklist that offers numerous tips as to where your website is doing well and where it needs additional work. Schedule periodic audits to ensure you never miss a beat. Plus, you receive a site audit link that allows you to share the report with other members of your team.

Another thing to love about Raven Tools is the price. Small business packages for two websites and two users starts at just $49 a month. From there, choose from five additional price points all the way up to the highest package designed for agencies at $479 a month.

#12: SEO PowerSuite

seo powersuite

What if you don’t care about all the bells and whistles? SEOPowersuite is ideal for those who just want a comprehensive solution to check their own website and not worry about branded reports, audit scheduling, and more.

This is a great all-around solution that gives you the real meat of the information you want: keyword research, competition analysis, and rank tracking. There’s even a robust backlink feature to help identify where you are currently linked and potential opportunities for more. You can also easily see social media stats include page backlink and popularity on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

Unlike other solutions, SEO PowerSuite is different in that it is a downloadable application and not an online app. It also has a much different license price point—free for basic users with unlimited websites and keywords, plus annual plans available for agencies and professional marketers who have a greater list of needs.

#13: Moz Pro

Moz Logo

Of course, you can’t make any SEO list without mentioning Moz Pro. Not only are they a very knowledgeable resource for all things search marketing, they are consistently on the pulse of all the major search engines including Google and Bing.

This tool crawls your websites with the same precision as the big-name bots to offer insight in potential changes you need to make for a better organic ranking position. A special page optimization score really provides makes it really clear to see key areas of focus where you can improve your search engine position. It even gives you ideas of what keywords to create content around to better your score and increase your chances of a coveted first page ranking.

All things considered, the only big issue with Moz Pro is the price. Spending $99 a month for the smallest package might be a concern for bootstrapped small businesses, but there is a free trial to help you see areas that need immediate attention before you upgrade to the paid plan. There are also price point options and more features for those who need it, such as agencies and enterprise websites.

#14: SEOprofiler

Seo profiler

The great thing about SEOprofiler is that it can be as simple or as robust as you need it to be. This web-based application includes everything a good SEO website checker should have: keyword tracking, daily rank checking, local SEO, and a connection to Google Analytics for reviewing metrics.

You can also check your mobile search engine optimization stats, which has become increasingly important as many people utilize smartphones and tablets to browse the web. For those with brick-and-mortar or hyper-local businesses, you can check search in your area to see how your page stacks up and determine which of your competitors are listed in Google My Business but don’t have a website.

SEOprofiler is available with a one-week free trial—ample time to decide how it stacks up against some of the more comprehensive tool options available here. If you decide it meets your needs, you can switch to a paid plan that starts at $69 per month and goes up to an enterprise plan that’s nearly a thousand dollars.

#15: Serpstat


Serpstat bills itself as a “growth hacking” tool for those interested in improving search engine ranking. In some cases, this is the truth as it offers an all-in-one solution for those who want to not only see where their site is currently positioned but also where they can make serious improvements.

A keyword research tool provides valuable insight into which terms to target organically and which ones it is worth utilizing paid advertising. You can also analyze keyword trends via an easy-to-read graph to determine what terms you should really pay attention to and which ones you can skip. Furthermore, the tool allows you to find out your direct organic competitors and discover what they are doing differently from your efforts. And that’s just the start! There are tons more features than we can really mention in this list.

For most blogs and small businesses, Serpstat’s Lite plan at $69 per month is more than effective. This option includes all of the best features of the tool while still offering plenty of search engine optimization reporting data.

How Do You Choose the Best SEO Website Checker?

When it comes to choosing the best search engine optimization tools for your website, it really comes down to personal preference. Ultimately, the easiest way to decide is to look at two factors: your reporting needs and your budget.

In some cases, a basic checker is more than enough to get the job done. However, if you run a lot of paid advertising or have a pretty extensive website with lots of pages and backlinks, you’ll want something a little more robust. And, as you might probably guess, the more advanced checkers cost more on a monthly or yearly basis that just the simple ones.

Wrapping It Up

Finding the right SEO website checker for your needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These fifteen different options features everything you need to accurately monitor rank, analytics, backlinks, and more. Choosing the right one really comes down to what features you really need and how much you’re willing to spend for the tool you need.