Chase Reiner November 5th, 2018

When hiring professional SEO services what do you usually look for?

What pushes you to get the services of an agency instead of just a one-man show?

Perhaps you’re looking for fast outputs. An agency can certainly do more than a just a single SEO analyst, right? Or maybe, you look for higher quality outputs that you can’t get with just a single person working on the scene.

Whatever you’re reasons may be, here are some tips you should keep in mind when you hire an SEO agency.


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There are a lot of SEO services for small business available in the market for you. And the SEO services pricing they charge varies from cheap to affordable and then downright overpriced. But, that doesn’t mean that there are no affordable local SEO services out there. If you do a thorough research, you can find SEO packages offered for a small or medium sized business.

Now, having one SEO expert is excellent. But, imagine having an entire team at your service. This is one of the perks of hiring an agency compared to just having a freelancer do your SEO needs.


4 Things To Keep in Mind when Hiring An SEO Agency



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The first thing to take note when you’re hiring an SEO agency is to check how fast they work. After all, there are more brains working on your SEO campaign. More brains equals more work done, right? Checking out how fast they do a project will help you gauge how long they’ll work on your website and how many campaigns you can launch in just a short span of time.

Take a look at this example. Let’s say your friend, Josh, owns a company that sells mattresses. We’ll give it the name Sunset Valley Foams. Now, your friend wants to increase his website’s visibility on the local arena, and he hires the services of an SEO agency called Maxwellco.

Maxwell takes three whole weeks to implement content optimization on just a handful of blogs he has. Now, Carnegie Solutions, on the other hand, can finish the same SEO project in half the time. If you were the one hiring the services of an agency which one would you hire? Based on your friend Josh’s experience wouldn’t you hire Carnegie Solutions instead of Maxwellco?

Speed matters, you want a cheetah doing your SEO, not a typical dachshund.


Quality of Work

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Okay, speed is vital to making sure your website is up and running in no time. Because, with more time your site spends on the maintenance table, the less chances you’ll get for income. You can’t sell online if you don’t have a website. And you can’t have a website that’s not running according to Google’s standards. But, all speed and no quality will get you fined instead of rank higher.

Asking for an SEO proposal from the agencies you are considering can give you a preview of their work. Check how thorough they are with the keywords they plan to use, and the strategies that they will implement to get your website into the top of the Search Engine Results Page.

You can also ask for their previous outputs to see for yourself if they deliver what they propose. There’s nothing wrong with being thorough, and you wouldn’t want to make the wrong decision of hiring an agency that gives a half-baked product.

You can also get feedback from their previous clients to get an opinion on how they are when you’re working with them. Do they give clear weekly reports? Do they lag in their tasks? Or, do they give more than what you asked from them? It’s better if you have an overview of who you’re going to be working with instead of entering into a working agreement practically clueless to their work ethics.



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More sales. That’s one of the first benefits that come to mind when people aim for when they decide to have their website optimized. Sales are the end goal, for all the traffic you want to get. But, SEO is not Paid-Ad. It won’t instantly give you revenue in the first week. SEO needs time. So, taking a look at the sales that your prospective agency was able to produce will provide you with a glimpse of how efficient they are?

For example, if a company manages to get your sales up in just a short amount of time, like for example in just one week, an agency managed to get tons of traffic. Traffic, of course, results in sales. You shouldn’t be all happy about this. Instead, you should look at it in two mindsets. Don’t just focus on the money! Find out how they did it. Did they employ out of this world SEO tactics? Did they use well-known influencers to drive traffic into your site? If you find out that they used a sort of questionable strategies, then that’s a red flag.

Sales are good but resorting to grey hat SEO practices just to get them isn’t right. Do a background check. Be a detective when looking over a candidate agency’s credentials. And remember that there are different types of SEO out there. Choosing anything but white hat SEO can lead to your website getting penalized by Google and other search engines.



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How resourceful and self-sufficient is the agency that you’re considering? Are they independent enough that you can leave things in their hands for a few days?  Without them calling you or asking for your help, even if you gave them all the logins and data that they need. Having a dependable agency is vital. You are hiring an agency because you want someone who will handle your SEO. You want the hands-off experience.

If they can’t run a single campaign without sending you ten messages on Facebook or WhatsApp, then you have a problem. Hiring a group of people who work like one of those wind-up toys is never a good thing. Choose someone who takes the initiative to do the tasks you assigned to them without being reprimanded to do it.


SEO Range

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At what range of SEO can the agency you are planning to hire handle? Can they do big commerce SEO with thousands of product pages? Or, are they still a startup agency handling small SEO tasks? You need to be clear about your business and your goals. You can’t just surprise the people who will be working for you by blurting out that you have 10,000 product pages that need optimization. Especially, if you told them that you’re just a small scale business.

There are many specializations in the field in the same way that there are hundreds of SEO experts and SEO profilers in the market. By choosing what type of service you want plain and clear, you’ll prevent SEO campaign failures. After all, an SEO agency that specializes in small-scale SEO can’t be prepared to handle big commerce jobs.



Hiring an SEO agency breaks down to this. You need to set your goals out plain and clear. The agencies that are vying for the job that you are offering need to be fully aware of what kind of business you operate. And you too should require the same kind of clarity from them. Ask for their previous work, do an adequate background check and learn to evaluate their outputs and attitude towards work. Because in business, there’s no such thing as confidential when you’re paying someone to something.