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The Biggest SEO Mistake For Beginners

If you want to know more about the biggest SEO mistake I made as a beginner

…you’ve come to the right place!


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What’s up there, SEO pros? Today, we’re going to be talking about what is the biggest mistake you can make starting out as an SEO.

When I first started doing SEO, I was only focused on traffic or ranking for keywords. Now, if you’re getting traffic, that’s great but I didn’t know this one thing; I spent so much time and I actually wound up getting a lot of traffic, not just from Google but also from social media platforms. Now, the mistake that I made is that I did not capture this traffic. So, I got a bunch of traffic to my site but what happened after they left? They never came back. So, the reason why this was such a big mistake is that I could have had a huge following a lot earlier if I were to take the traffic that I was getting and put it into places that I controlled it. Mainly because say for instance, I want to sell something in the future, may be an SEO course like the courses I offer, maybe some sort of mentoring like the mentoring I offer, whatever it is, I don’t have those people anymore; they’re gone.

Take Action! 

Now, maybe those people will see me later on down the line and they’ll say: “Oh, hey! I’ve seen that guy.” But it’s a lot more valuable to start doing certain things like for instance, content upgrades, Facebook groups, YouTube subscribers, start doing giveaways where you can get people to opt in, to maybe for instance, following you on Snapchat which I do a lot, in giveaways just for the purpose of capturing people. Now, chances are you’re already a YouTube subscriber or maybe you’re in the Facebook group. That’s great! But that only happened because at one point, I realized that I was losing out on a lot of traffic and sales, because I didn’t keep people in controllable assets. So, if you guys want to see how I actually funnel people into different places, capture them with step by step instructions, I have a course called SEO Triforcing which I will leave in the description. You can go and check it out and learn how to do this stuff yourself and start generating a huge following like I have personally.

And untill I see you next time, happy SEOing!

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