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Novice To Expert SEO Course 2018 (10 FREE Video Tutorials)

If you’re looking for a 100% FREE Novice To Expert SEO course for 2018 you’ve come to the right place. In this post I share 10 videos on how I rank my sites with on and off page SEO.

Also, if you’re in the market for new SEO clients or you don’t have any currently, I’ve recently made my first course on how to get SEO clients and the process I use that has generated me over 18 clients in the last few months.

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SEO 2018 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)

Looking to learn 2018 SEO techniques that really work? Tired of wasting your time learning useless information that’s been repeated over and over? Today you learn something different and new.

My name is Chase Reiner and my goal here is to show you what’s possible for you as an SEO in 2018. In this tutorial (Part 1) I cover many topics briefly so that you know what’s going on in 2018. The following tutorials will encompass a more refined scope into how to implement certain strategies we discuss here.

Here’s what we touch on:

Ranking Signals: What matters these days? Google is taking into account user experience signals much more heavily these days. Why? Because it wants to give it’s people what they are looking for!

We cover other ranking signals as well such as links, citations, social signals, branding, on page seo, etc.

Back Link Building: back link building is of course still a thing! Google love to see links but should you be spending your time back link building or focusing on other efforts?

On Page SEO: We discuss the anatomy of a page with perfect SEO and how to implement amazing search engine optimization into our own campaigns.

Off Page SEO: We discuss where this time should be spent.

SEO Tools: I briefly cover some of the tools I use and I walk you through a sick tool called SEO profiler to perfect your on page SEO.

Semantic Indexing: We talk about how Google semantically ranks pages and why that’s important.

SEM: I talk about why search engine marketing should be considered in 2018.

Visual Marketing: I point out that visual marketing is trending unlike ever before and we should definitely spend our time optimizing our websites with media.

SMO: I discuss how social media optimization can be helpful to businesses these days.

Content Marketing: Content marketing can either be outsourced or done in house depending on your knowledge or time frame.

Social Media Automation: SMA is huge these days and the people who are doing it right are making tons of connections in a very short amount of time.

Site Indexing: We talk about how Google indexes sites in 2018 with it’s new mobile first update.

Local SEO: We discuss different ranking factors and techniques for ranking locally.

SEO Leaders: We talk about who to follow and who to listen to when it comes to online marketing.

Email Marketing: We talk about email outreach and I show you some automation tools that I personally use.

Link Siloing: We talk about site link structures and passing link juice to the pages that matter on our sites.

External and internal linking: We talk about when it’s important and how frequently we should be linking throughout our pages and articles.

OG Data: We discuss how to optimize or edit open graph data to be more visually appealing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Where To Learn SEO: I give you some hints and tricks on where to go about learning white hat SEO techniques.

Understanding KPI’s: I tell you how important it is to figure out your key performance indicators.
Black Hat SEO: I talk about how it’s important to learn 2018 black hat seo to better understand white hat SEO.

Site Infrastructure and Content Layouts: Having a well structured site with content that makes since is super important to having Google better understand what it is you’re trying to rank for. That means having a Home, about, services, contact, terms of service, privacy policy, and whatever else page you’re going to need to send those on page signals to Google.

Schema Markup: We briefly cover the important of Schema data and how it can help improve your click through rates which will correlate to higher organic SERP rankings.

SEO Best Practices: We talk about how to go about doing SEO without over optimizing your pages.

Keyword Density: We talk about how having too high of a keyword density in certain scenarios can be bad.

Review Generation: We discuss the important of reviews and how they can effect your position on Google and even your conversion rate.

CRO: We don’t talk too much about conversion rate optimization other then the importance of having low bounce rates as user who are pogo sticking back to the search results and clicking / converting with your competitors are sending signals to Google saying you’re site isn’t as relevant as your competition.

If you guys liked what I have to say or would like to contact me for any reason please send me a email at [email protected]

If you want to continue learning this stuff please check out my other tutorials where I show you how I do local SEO, blog seo, and other social media marketing techniques.

I will make sure to update this guide with a part two once I see more specifically how you all respond and what you’re looking to learn moving forward with 2018 SEO. I could continue in a number of ways whether it be PPC advertising, SMM, CRO, A/B split testing, podcasting, local seo techniques for 2018, etc.

Video Transcription Breakdown

(SEO 2018 Complete Guide P1. Transcription PDF)

Are you looking to learn white hat SEO in 2018? There’s a lot of information out there these days where people are saying you should do this you should do that and most of time it just seems like people are pushing this information out to you for content they’re just trying to achieve these rankings they don’t actually really know for sure whether or not they’re what they’re talking about is true.

I have achieved many many rankings and I’m really really skilled at SEO I’ve spent many hours doing SEO for clients nationally locally I have the top ranking videos right now on Youtube for local a SEO. I’m about to show I’m about to tell you the things that really matter about 2018 there’s a lot of things like I said that you can learn that don’t necessarily mean that you have to do them.

And the first thing that we’re going to cover is ranking signals.

What’s really big in 2018 is user experience right so are people going to your title tags and clicking on them or you click through as high or your balance rates low are people going your site and then bouncing off and then going to your competitors sites and clicking on their sites if they are then you probably have a problem Google is not going to be seeing you as relevant as somebody else for that search query and they’re going to rank them higher.

There’s a lot of cases where S E O doesn’t necessarily make sense even if people are saying that that’s what exactly what you should be doing sometimes you should be doing local S.E.O and expand from there into an international website like if you can if you’re a clothing company so there’s a lot of things that we need to cover.

So what’s really big in S.E.O in 2018 we know user signals are huge right so click throughs  balance rates what can we do to reduce the balance rates on a site one of the things that we can do is we can implement heat map tracking and see where people are clicking and cross check that with something called Content analytics and all this stuff I’m going to show you. I’m not going to show you right now I was going to discuss with you kind of the things that matter and then I’m actually going to guide you through a post that has perfect on page signals and I’m going to show you all the things that I do that will make these pages rank whether you want to do them locally internationally nationally whatever you want to do.

But of course you have to remember that there’s different types of things you need to know you need to know keyword research you need to know content marketing to a certain degree. You can outsource the content marketing that’s great you need to know that social signals matter these days social signals. Google has clearly made it obvious that social signals matter and people who may argue with me can argue with me but if you post something on Reddit as an image right now and it gets five thousand up votes everybody’s talking about it you’re going to have that image show up in Google search that’s a social signal. The other things that are big but the social signals aren’t necessarily huge but they are something and and there’s some things you can do to help hack your social signals so we got user signals right those are probably the biggest We’ve got social signals those aren’t as big we got links right links are still huge They matter whether they be falling snow falling.

But what matters more is how are you spending your time are you spending your time doing more off pages you know that on pages you know if so I don’t think that’s we should be doing in 2018.

If you’re going to be creating links maybe spend a little bit of time doing off site as S.E.O. and going and doing outreach for links via email marketing campaign which there’s some really great ways you can do that I’m going to show you guys how to do this. And you can even automate these email marketing campaigns and I’ve found a way that works really well for that. And so the thing is is that there’s so much to do with as you know right that it’s impossible to be like OK and our this is everything right we’re going to have to cover a lot of stuff and I’m going to try to cover as much as I can with in this video but you also have to remember that I’m not going to want to cover all of the specifics if you do want to see more specific stuff you guys check out my other videos make sure you subscribe because I’m going to be uploading a bunch of other videos kind of like the video I made the other day which was how to rank a youtube video shown 2018 which is already ranking number two for how to rank Youtube videos 2018.

But there’s different types of search engine optimization there’s Google search engine optimization there’s You Tube there are social media optimization where you optimizing your social profiles to show up for keywords that’s been a huge on Pinterest right now and Instagram.

So OK so we got users signals we’ve got social signals we’ve got links but mainly on page as you know link building so that means create a silo infrastructure within your website to be passing link use from the popular pages to the other pages you want to rank especially the new pages that you’re trying to rank so if you’re blogging and doing constant updates on your website you should be linking to the other popular parts of your site. Because you’re going to be passing link use. The other thing that’s important is that you’re going to really want to figure out  how fast your site loads because that’s a huge thing site load time the thing that’s really important it’s always been important why hasn’t always been but recently is mobile friendly so even more important now with the new update that Google just released.
Your site if it’s mobile is going to be indexed from that mobile site even even if it’s not mobile Google’s going to index the mobile version first they’re indexing mobile mobile sites and not desktop sites now. So it’s really important that your mobile site has a fast load time that you have the you don’t have a separate mobile site with less content or the links going to the mobile site instead of your regular site.

That it’s rendering properly and I’m going to show you guys how to fetch and render all your stuff and take you through the basics to the advanced parts of S.E.O.  The other things that matter a schema markup maybe it’s not an exact ranking factor but there are some things you can do to improve your click through as with schema or to improve your name name address phone number and website consistency on your local rankings or have index those faster and then if you are moved to local there are some things that really matter right now like reviews reviews are a huge part of the local algorithm and it really can help you get filtered out of that possum update. If you don’t know the possum update make sure you check out the possum update by YouTubeing what is a possum update? I think I have  the second video for that.

Okay so let’s get started I kind of went over some of the signals that get sent or that Google picks up when they’re looking at your sites right.

One more time I will cover it okay so user experience social signals mobile friendly links whether they be external or internal If you have a local business reviews schema Marco. What else we have social I think I already said social signals but social signals.

Another thing that’s huge is are you updating your site frequently. If you’re updating your site frequently that’s a big thing for Google because then they’re going to be indexing your site more frequently right if you have a news site or blog site that you’re marking up your articles or schema marco which we already talk about schema marco but that’s huge.

That your site doesn’t have duplicate content you can use a tool like something called Bemis up which will go and scan your whole site and see if you have to look at content. If you have duplicate title times if your title tags are too long if your headers are too long if they’re too short if you don’t have headers is your keyword density too high we use tools like S.E.O profiler to go out and check. Whether or not your keyword density is too high and people are like all keyword density isn’t a thing anymore. Yes it is you don’t want to over optimize your phrases so many people are overall to my using their phrases and they’re getting hit by Google’s algorithm. OK so we know that the user experience and times every time spent on page brand mentions are also huge social signals.

Do you have a high domain authorities or are you having links coming into your domain or you frequently getting people interacting with your domain is your site constantly producing fresh content are you the type of person who is an authority in the industry.
All of these things right and then of course the local augur algorithms different do you have a name address phone number website consistency do you have.

Hyper local tech citations  are people within your cities linking to your pages is your site hierarchy is your content layout  does it work like something that Google would want to read like for instance if you’re on a home page of a local website. Do you have home contact about do you have your in terms of service your privacy policy do your services link to the other semantically related phrases or L.S.I. keywords Leyton semantic indexing.

Are they being linked to and do they have pages about them because then Google can understand your website better. Are you creating long forms of content is your content longer than your competitors or if you’re writing three thousand to five thousand word posts you’re likely going to be having better rankings than people who have lower word post because you have more keywords for Google to understand what your site’s about because you’re going to be mentioning more things. Things that Google relates your main keywords about even in Youtube videos are your Youtube videos.

Google is Youtube so they have a similar set algorithm not exactly similar but do your Youtube videos are they high in content do they really cover everything. Are people interacting with these videos one of the big things is are they spending a lot of time on these videos.

Okay so I think the first thing we should cover is.

Basically what perfect on page S.E.O looks like there’s a really great article that Bakley go talks about and I’m sure Bakley was going to probably try to make this video on YouTube which is fine because he’s amazing and you guys should listen to him anyways but I have some things that I think you guys want to listen to too.

Perfect on page S.E.O this is what in my opinion what you would really want to look for so we’ll just observe a page that is already ranking number one for S.E.O so we got what is a S.E.O./ search engine optimization Search Engine Land right so right off the bat we can see what is S.E.O right that’s what people are looking for when they’re going to Google and typing as one of the big things about S.E.O in 2018 isn’t to be just doing S.E.O. for your keywords just creating content about what you think is related. You want to be actually seeing or at least assuming what people are going to be looking for when they’re typing a keyword so if somebody is looking for Panda are they looking for the actual animal or look it seems to Google that most people that are typing in panda are looking for this song which I actually just recently listened to because it’s a great rap song.

But then next to it you’ll see there’s the animal and then there’s also the software company. Google rank what it thinks you want so if you’re looking for S.E.O. People when they’re looking for S.E.O. are likely clicking through what is S.E.O so if you’re going to try to rank for a S.E.O. You should already know based off the assumption of what you’re seeing that that’s what people are going to be clicking on and that’s how you can become more relevant get higher clicks and have lower bounce rates on Google. So it’s not just about what you think you should be ranking for or just trying to get your website in front of other people you should really be considering what are people looking for so I can give them the best result possible because that’s what Google wants also.

The other thing is they’re including semantically related keywords  S.E.O and search engine optimization that’s going to help them rank higher because Google better understands L.S.I variations of your keywords and L.S.I. is basically what I was saying before Leighton Semantic Indexing so anything that they will semantically relate your main keywords to so  S.E.O Google S.E.O wiki S.E.O company likely having these phrases in your article are going to help you rank higher. And if you look at these there are likely good subject lines to have in your article so even in this video I could start saying well if you want to know how to SEO for a company this is how you do it gives me another subject talk about and then if I were to do like a text breakdown with something like and take this whole video and translate into a blog post which is a great idea.

Then I’m going to be having these different subjects to have Google read about and then rank me for it hopefully. Okay so we’re going to click through to this website.

And we’re going to observe another thing that you’ll notice right off the bat is that there are slightly extensions this is another thing that improves click throughs because you have more text to take up all you have to do for this is put anchor times in your post and Google’s going to likely pick that up and put certainly the extensions into your organic result that’s huge.

Another big thing you’ll see right off the bat is that  URL is guide/ What is S.E.O so they’re probably talking about search engine optimization a lot in their folder for this and then they’re probably talking about it here as well. Well we know they are. So this is perfect because we know that’s what Google wants to see what is  SEO and file URL are also a big ranking factor and you’ll see that it’s only three words you don’t want anything above three words You also usually just want to have your article like that because then it’s not another level down and Google doesn’t have to assume that your articles not as important as the you know level up from that like Slash guy but if you do a lot of articles in slash guide then it’s probably going to prove your credibility for the next level down.

And it’s instance of this is when I used to rank press you know tips in 2016 I was creating constant articles for this keyword and eventually I was able to rank for this keyword. But it was the blog it was the category instead of the actual post and the reason for that was because everything that I was posting about in 2016 was here because it was a S.E.O. tips 2016/ whatever the post was.

So now we’re going to hear R.H. one looks pretty good right now what we’re actually going to do is we’re going to run this through a simple as you know check or actually you know what we’re going to take this is step further we’re going to go to your profile because this is the best tool in my opinion for S.E.O in 2018 to measure all of your different ranking signals.
So what we’re going to do is we’re going to without really setting anything up we’re going to go to and there’s a bunch of different stuff in this tool and I would love to show you guys this but the video is going to be way too long so I’ll make another video and I probably should because this is such a great tool. But I can’t do that right now so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to ranking page optimization we’re going to top ten optimizer we’re going to find our website we’ll just put my website even though we’re not trying to rank for this we’re going to put our keyword SEO.

And yeah there is one that’s not a good keywords there is optimizing for when I put a top ten.
And we’re actually going to use this right here. This is 51 percent with any SEO tool guys never use that percent that they give you even with Yost or whatever as a way to measure how well you’re doing with SEO these tools are great for giving ideas but they’re never exact. If this was an all accurate accuracy this would be like 100 percent because it’s so hard to rank for that keyword but there are probably some things that they could improve. But that’s not to say that this isn’t Probably not even close to how good their SEO actually as.

So here’s a basic overview of the different things that this tool is picking up that should be done or improved if we go down here we’ll see the different search results and then they’re just going to compare your page to those pages which is even cooler because any tool that will compare your SEO to other people’s SEO is great by me so the first thing we’re going to look at is link building and we’ll see that these are the amount of links that we have in comparison for this page in comparison to these other pages that are ranking you’ll see that we have 352 links and it looks like MAS has 400 links.

So they might even have better links better 400 links than this page actually has and we this is there might be more internal linking going on this page and there is in this page it’s not enough information to really tell and when people say oh well this page has more links than this page that’s why it’s ranking better never the case. I’ve seen websites with 10 links opposed to a 1000 links ranking number one while the other sites ranking like number 10 so links aren’t everything these days guys they are a very important but they’re not everything.

So we’ve got trusted links and this is basically based off of their algorithm I’m not going to look too much into this.
Next thing we’re going to go to is number of backlinks well I guess this is exact match in the anchor text sorry this is the amount of time you see the keyword exact match SEO an anchor text this is the amount of links in comparison from all of them this has 171,000 this one has one 199,000 says 200,000 I think it might even have more but I can’t really see anything past 200,000 I think.

All right so quality back links this is just a measure of how quality these backlinks are from how high authority these sites are based off this domain authority metric that they have built in your algorithm. Which I don’t think is in any way associated with Maz. This is the keyword used in bold in the body text and this is how many  times you actually see the keyword SEO in the in the body text and then this is the keyword density on this page and the number of times we actually mention that our search engines actually mentions this key word which is 52 this is a good thing to look at is that this page mentions it the most so and it also has a 5 percent or 5.4 percent keyword or density which is funny because it also has the least amount of words.

We know that it’s probably because this article is most semantically related to what people are looking for the user signals are probably ridiculously high. And this article probably has really really high click through rates and low down through rates down through rates. Here’s the different page titles we can see this is the page titled Search Engine Land has and it looks like they’re just dynamically adding their name at the end of every title. And then this is the keyword density again for the keywords SEO. In the title tag not within the content.

These are the age tags  that are being used and this is also important to look out and it doesn’t look like we’re over optimizing age tags you don’t want to usually don’t want to go over 20 age tags and usually don’t want to go over. I used to think that you didn’t want to go over 3H2  but you can get away with it.

Right here you will see that the SEO phrase looks a little over optimized in terms of the heading tags so they could probably if they were ranking number two or three they could spend some time taking out as many as S.E.O. Tags or SEO phrases in their header tags and replaces with semantically related terms by going to LSI graph and finding keyword variations and plugging those into these header tags and they might even show up for more long tail keywords if they do that because I’m sure this article is showing up for a bunch of other things as well.

We also got key word use in body bold text of course. Bold and tags are something that Google looks out a little bit more than just regular text. Looks like we’re doing okay there and and like I said this is all just kind of just to get an idea we don’t actually know for sure whether this is okay or not but it’s this is a great tool and it really does show you like pretty accurate I’ve been some changes to some websites based off of whether or not they’re over optimizer under optimized and seriously saw some ranking improvements once I fix those through this tool and I’ve used a lot of different tools I’ve used SEO profiler I’ve used SEO site check up I use SEO Centro hot frog.

You know all these different tools probably tons more I used to just only review to read tools of my podcast. But this is by far in my opinion the best at least for on page SEO.
These are the domains same domain anchor text people who are linking from similar domains I believe. So this looks like it’s all from Search Engine Land so these are all internal links I believe. Which is cool because it looks like our internal links in comparison. So that’s huge. I mean if you look at it’s like gosh we have okay so it does say the anchor text is over optimized in terms of our siloing or in terms of search engine land’s asylum but if you look at the amount of internal links going to that page and opposed to the other pages it’s huge and you’re passing so much length use from your other pages and that’s why siloing so important.  On site link building in my opinion if you can you guys can disagree I don’t care on page on site link building is so much more important these days than off site.

Because if you’re really good at what you do and you’re generating traffic to your site hopefully these links are going to be coming in because you’re writing really amazing content you should be pushing your content out to people but it should be because your content is so amazing that anybody you contact is going to be like yeah I’ll give you a link.
And there are a lot of people who spend all their time out reaching in spamming people to link to their content and it just doesn’t work as well these days guys okay.

So keyword use and all text we can see here looks like it’s over optimized root domains.

Key analysis for SEO the key words are actually in the root demands an exact match to Mainz don’t matter anymore that’s another thing for 2018. Actually I think it might have been sooner but exact match domains aren’t a thing just go for a really good brand name instead that people can remember so you can improve those click through. Unless your brand name is who you are you’re a local business and you’re trying to rank for something that’s exact match on the local logarithm. That’s huge if you want to have your keywords in your business and it’s also going to help improve your click throughs  a good instance of this Example of this is one of our by phone or a pair or i Phone or pairs in a bar because it’s a higher search rate for the business breaking organically number one two three four five and was breaking number two but it’s been fluctuating.
I’m sure I think if I do an unbiased search from like actual unbiased search it would show this higher but that was like literally within a month and that business is getting all kinds of calls and getting like 12  percent balance rate and it’s generally well.

Domain age are making factor of course search and combat compatibility and this just has to do with like your technical aspects like your java script I believe in your H.T.M.L. code and your page rendering that sort of thing so you also does not use capitalized letters only capital letters that’s really bad don’t be only using capitalize letters in your title tabs.

Another thing that you should really look at as your page shareable So if we go on like something like Facebook give buggers their problems there because you want people to be able to share your pages so you can get those social signals and then also I don’t see anything against into in 2018 changing your OG data. So that you can are frequently changing your O G data so that you can get other people sharing different images or different descriptions or whatever and you’ll see that the Twitter  OG. tag is a little messed up so that should definitely be helped or fixed.

And what I use is SSO pro to fix that it’s a W.P. plug and if you don’t have to word press than just change your data manually even though that does sound like a pain there’s a lot of content management systems that give you the ability to change your OG. data but if you really want to customize it use something like a SSO pro or social media were fair.

So we looked at the page a little bit if we were to actually look at the page now without really looking at the code side of things we can see that the first thing they do is they include well they include their title as their header their H one because you want people and it’s in an item props you know that it’s marked up with schema as an article so article markup.

You need to have your title and H1be pretty much the same because when people are hitting your page and it says something about elephants and not a S.E.O. that’s bad they’re going to head in there to be like oh my God I’m not here to see elephants I’m here to see what I clicked on so you want your age one to be pretty similar you know okay so it’s two they’re saying what is a S.E.O. again that’s a little spammy I don’t think I would personally do that but they’ve identified this as something that’s really important and that’s why they’re going for that let’s look at the tag.

And for the all time we have search engine optimization chalkboard so they’re trying to make us look as legit as possible as an image and that they’re not trying to exactly spam the same exact keyword which is a S.E.O. but they’re trying to get this keyword in there again within the first couple words in the first paragraph your contents probably going to be more heavily weighted than further down in the search result I mean in the search result in the page same thing with your links whether you’re linking internally whether really thing externally are you linking to it can technically relevant websites are you linking to a third of websites are you an authority that’s what’s really important. Next they define what a S.E.O. is and they get all of their keywords in hear with all sorts of variations write free organic editorial natural right this is basically just a article made for ranking.

You also see that they’re linking to all the major search engines and they’re also linking to paid search. I think Google AdWords or no they’re linking to another article which is really important. So they’re linking other another really high quality article I’m assuming they’re also putting a video on there because multimedia is huge YouTube huge you can put a video on your website or on your web page it will probably help you rank higher and Google Loves YouTube right and this is also probably going to keep your time spent on page really high especially if the video is really good and it’s also the same thing the same title right or at least pretty similar.

So we’ve got more tax more links you want to three to five links per thousand words sometimes you get away with more like these guys but I’m saying three to five internal three to five external. You’re also seeing that they’re giving you more information that they’re giving probably a image with an embed. That you can link to that they probably also push this image as a back linking tactic as well through email. And then of course there P.D.F. and here’s all of their anchor tags linking to. To the different parts of their article which is also huge t I don’t like how they put You’ll find it here not about anchor text use you should always be using your anchor text with keywords like this. But yeah those site links are huge because then you get more.
Actually these are these are separate pages but I think there might be cycle okay so yeah even if you’re linking to separate pages like this with tags I think you can still get the slightly extensions in here.

So yeah it’s a separate page so even if you’re linking like that you can still get like what I was trying to say is like a guide and you’re linking like there are different links to articles you’re going to get those sightly extension the most likely if you structure them like this and you’ll see that they’re just constantly replicate saying all of their different types of keywords.
And all their complete guide so there are huge you know it’s a complete guide there are the go to source for information really is it the go to source for great information. That’s you know hard to say I’ve been a search engine and they got a lot of great articles but like I said before are you learning this stuff because people are just saying it and it’s a bunch of stuff that maybe you don’t necessarily need to learn or are you learning it because you’re specializing in that field. A lot of the stuff that you’ll see is great like you’ll see that they section at local SEO Mobile

But do you need to know all that stuff. And can you learn in other ways you know should you be learning from other people that’s really up for you to decide. Like I was saying I really like visual content so when I can see other people teaching me how to do this like we’re doing it right here it makes a little bit more sense to me and I also really like it like backlink oh when they when people can show me what works and what doesn’t work because one people can show me through experience what works instead of me just reading a blog post and then having to figure it out myself because some guy is writing you know thousand words and then gets bored because it’s so much writing or even five thousand words you have to really think about how much effort was put into that just like people who hire a SEO’s.

They can either get a really good as you know or a really bad as S.E.O. and the difference is how much time does the really bad as S.E.O. spend learning the stuff versus the guy who’s really good. In the same thing with the Learning how much time are you spending learning from really bad SEO’s how much time are you learning spending learning from really good SEOs . So it’s really important to identify who’s really good and who’s really bad because if you’re spending all your time learning from people who are really good then you’re going to spend a lot less time failing and that’s what’s important success leaves clues so hopefully what I’m going to be showing you isn’t going to be nonsense.

So we went over kind of the anatomy of really good on page SEO the next thing that I want to show you is local a S.E.O. So if we go to something like computer repair. I’m in a very very competitive need for this keyword I have other high ranking keywords I’ve been able to rank realtors I’ve been able to rank. Doctors I’ve been able to rank all kinds of people I have a whole list of things I’ve ranked for and I’ve also ranked for like a S.E.O. in like all these different cities some of which I’m not even and I think at one point I was number one in Maryland for Search Engine Optimization just because I made a page to see if I could do it.

So what I’m trying to get at is this is something that I’m really good at even though I’m not necessary number one for the stuff I stopped pushing because I don’t necessarily do computer services as much anymore. I was number one for SEO in my city until the company that hired me I gave their ranking back because they hired me after I outranked them.

So what is really big right now for a local a S.E.O. in 2018 so what’s really big is your NAP. consistency so most people just say  NA.P. consistency which is name address phone number but your website is also a citation right so if we go to and this is a way to pick up general links on local or certain general citations on the main local indexing sites but not all of them we’re going to use another tool to look at the other ones so if we look at iPhone repair or sorry computer repair.

Whoops I signed into my business name there Am I right click on it and so now we’ll see here. These are the different indexing platforms. you’re like oh I thought you were really good why are these inconsistent well Mas’ doesn’t necessarily pick up everything that you have which is kind of annoying because identity of a Google list and you just saw it but some of the things that you know Maz can’t necessarily push out through all of its A.P.I. as I watch it is going here press the button and update it myself is a great service you only pay eighty bucks for it and and what this what this does is it goes on like you know Facebook Google Plus super pages all these connected A.P.I. is that. Maz has it pushes out you’re in for. Mission to these local indexing platforms the next thing you want to do is figure out where your citations are coming from are they generic citations are they hyper local What’s the difference the difference is that generic citations are just citations that you would be able to get anywhere around the world which aren’t as important as hyper local citations which are citations that you would be able to get. Only in like your area so right so if you’re in San Francisco and you’re a plumber you’re going to want citations from you know go green San Francisco because that’s hyper local and you’re going to be more considered more relevant a great way to find the citations is to go to your city or every route on white spark type in your business or your key phrase and then see.

All the different possible citations sources that you can be getting and compare those citations to other people so you’ll see the people who are raking highest usually have the most citations That’s not to say that these people who are who have less citations are still ranking number one the reason why is because sometimes your citations can be stronger where other factors of local us you know can be stronger and those signals are very are usually very relevant to what users what signals are being sent to Google for national results or international same thing user experience click through sponsoring. Social signals.

Is the has the company been around for a while does the company or does the website talk a lot about who they are they have all their on page signals are they being sent to Google.Is there are links going into this site other than just citation either way so this is a great tool if you press compare this will actually go and compare where your citations are coming from in comparison to these other people and you can actually extract this I think is a C.S.V. and see in like laws with open sightings. For a traitress a dress where these.

Where these links or how authority of these links are and you can go on trying to build them as your profile also kind of lets you see where you’re getting your links I’d love to go through that more but we just really don’t have time. So also reviews are so huge so many people on Google right now don’t have reviews especially locally Well I mean that’s usually where the reviews are coming from. So like if I type in something like San Francisco actually is a huge city this might not be a good example but let’s just see like let’s try a psychologist or something.
This is crazy in San Francisco. The top people ranking have no reviews right this is probably a huge search trait and they could probably get a huge R O I if they were to rank higher.

One of the big things in google right now is reviews the people who get like hundreds of reviews are usually ranking the highest and that’s not to say that’s the only ranking factor but the reason why is because one of the reasons why is Google takes as Ray factor and the other reason why it is that people who see other people with tons of raving reviews are more likely to convert with that person because people really trust reviews these days why because reviews are how people get to see whether or not your business is more legit than somebody else’s you have to remember that these people are on the Internet and they don’t know who you are other than your name how you look and your reviews.

So reviews are huge and there’s a lot you can do one of the things that I do is I go up and I actually call these people I’m like look Mowlam I have the top ranking tutorial in the world on You Tube right now for local SEO I want to help you out you know not to say something like that you could just say hey look I’m the guy who can rank you number one I’m. Not some spam agency or girl sorry I’m the guy or the girl.

And one of the things I noticed is that you’re already ranking number four I’m sure if I did some. An A.P. citation audit and got you some maybe some more hyper local citations maybe did some basic on page S.E.O. by running this person’s website through something like Bemis up and just get like a basic idea on.

How these guys are doing so we just go like this plug them and you can pretty much give them a huge ranking boost by doing a couple things like that fixing their method descriptions missing fixing their title tags being too long medic keywords still being present medic  keywords aren’t a thing anymore we need to get those get rid of those in these websites.

Plugging them in the laws you know you could literally just health laws connect to it’s A.P.R.’s and index these people in all these platforms the other thing is are you getting your views on other platforms other than just Google Google ranks sites higher if you have a bunch of reviews on Yelp if you have a bunch of reviews on Facebook not as relevant on Facebook but there are certain categories where people are more likely to trust you if you have reviews on Facebook or you know then on google and google will take those sites those indexing platforms more and more heavily weight them in 2018.

The other thing that’s huge is advertising right if you look at this right here people are doing a lot of local advertising and a lot of people don’t want to spend the time getting certified through Google partner or through Google AdWords or analytics I’m personally certified in all the areas of outward and in analytics and I can tell you right here these people are doing it wrong they don’t have slightly extensions. I don’t think they have called Extensions they they have a location extension which is great they probably don’t have conversion tracking.

But they’re probably spending more money than these people and they could be spending less if just improve their ad score and branding is huge if you have branding in the local right now you’re going to help. More heavily influence people who are going to the local packages also if you click more places usually the I’ll start showing up here as well. And more and now there’s four ads in the top search results before the map and sometimes even an organic listing so which is usually like Yelp or some affiliate site like they’re pissed at Psychology today because it’s really hard to tell rank those sites these days unless you have really strong  SEO and why do you need to if you can rake in a local pack pretty fast.

So I’m not trying to ramble guys but there’s a lot that goes into this and a lot of it has to do with things that are really easy and you can bypass all of this useless information that people are giving you miss important to stay on top of the updates it’s in part of the Google updates it’s important to stay on top of The different things that are happening in the SEO world but should you be spending all of your time learning this stuff when when there’s other trends happening you know you can be spending an hour of your day learning things that are relevant to get helping you or you can spend ten hours your day learning things that are completely irrelevant and end up being things that you don’t even end up using.

So we’ve got local SEO search engine marketing I love to dive more into that because it does Kevlar contribute but it’s just not something I can go into because I have I would have to create a whole course about it one of the big things that you’ve got to think about if you are going to be using search engine marketing as a tactic to go with SEO. Make sure you’re doing it right if you have a ad.

Make sure you’re running at least four ads make sure your zing sightly extensions make sure you’re using called Extensions there’s Newt extensions like pricing ascensions that work on mobile and people can see the different prices for the different services you offer which were great the reason why you want to use all these things is because it improves your odds were you’re paying lower per click and you’re spending and you’re getting higher rankings because Google wants to show the most relevant things to its customers.

Also brought match with modifiers group so social media marketing. Does it  contribute we know that social signals contribute but how much should how much time should be spending on social media really depends on your business but you can get those really contractually relevant links and you can get a lot of people interacting with you sharing your posts and probably even linking to you and remembering your brand which it helps you improve those click through donor again and in the long run.

I use a lot of automation for social media because why not if I was going to specialize in social media then I probably would do automation but since I don’t want to spend my time specializing in social media not because I don’t think it’s cool not because I don’t think I could but because I like spending my time creating content in teaching that I don’t like spending my time as much learning about social media I do learn some things because I know it’s important but a lot of my time goes into what I can do to create great content instead of what I can do to share that’s not to say I don’t know a good amount about social media so what do I do for Facebook.

To create signals to Google I have Facebook pages I have a personal page that’s connected to a lot of people why because I want people to look at my stuff share my stuff give me feedback for my stuff and what I do is I usually connect with people who are like have the top connections in common.  Same thing with Linkedin but on Facebook with all my five thousand friends I have a tool called Facebook to a kit that goes out messages them on their birthday automatic. Well I have to press the button but it messages them on their birthday it interacts with them when it’s you know Fourth of July or Christmas and then I do a lot of live streaming because live streaming so huge on Facebook right now why because Facebook wants to push your actual face in front of people and make their platform more personal.

And keep people on their platform because they know and so should everybody else right now they know that visual content is so huge YouTube is the second largest search in in the world and Facebook wants to take some of that. So live streaming What can you do for live streaming on Facebook use something like wire stream make your videos in advance then edit them with like something like Sony Vegas and then wired stream will let you rebroadcast this to Facebook to

YouTube to twitch whatever you want to rebroadcast. The other thing is is that when you go to your Facebook pages are you going your Facebook page and then interacting with other pages on your Facebook page some people don’t have time to do this but if you were to do it you can go on your News Feed if you know where your news feed is because they always change where their news is for your pages which is really annoying and I’m not even going to try to find  it your page has a news feed and what it means is that it only shows news from other pages that you liked with your page.

And so why it’s important interact with those other pages because when you like their stuff when you comment on their people’s audience that are commenting on those other big pages they’re going to come over and see your page going to react with you. The other thing is you can boost your posts which is huge these days you can do offers and events and there’s so many things that you can do on Facebook these days I haven’t spent that much time at all specializing in it but.

Definitely one of the things that I really found which was really helpful was the fact that you can convert your personal page into a business page and auto transfer all of your friends as likes into that business page so if you’re creating yourself as a brand and you have your own website as your name like I have Chase You can actually convert your Facebook page your personal page into a business page will transfer all your likes over and then you get all those impressions from the people who are already interested in you.

So why is it so important to connect with other people you know through automation on Facebook is because they’re going to be more likely to help you in the long run right if you end up needing like you know somebody to go out and look at your article if you maybe need somebody to go out and refer business to you so you can start getting reviews all of those things is something that’s going to happen through interacting with people automatically that you would not have time to do all on your own.
It also lets you auto invite people to events and do all kinds of other things that are cool I can’t spend too much time covering that either.

So the next thing we have is circle scope.  Circle scope will go and help you do the same thing that it basically does on Facebook except with Google plus we’re not going to dive too into that but you can get way more followers doing that.
And then we have same thing for Twitter made by the same people that do the Facebook but for Twitter goes out and helps you like people’s comments and retreat them and all that sort of thing for Linkedin there’s a pretty cool tool called Link and what the link does is it goes out and it helps you get connected with people who are.

Relevant to whatever you’re searching so if you want to find them by keyword by school by name by title by connection all those sort of things it’ll go out and automatically start viewing these people’s profiles and you can even send them auto invite.
If they send you an invite and it’ll auto accept that and send them a message you can send like a U.R.L. you can send whatever you want I’ve got a lot of people on a podcast this way.

Which I can use that podcast to to use that as a submit that as something like Rev get a content breakdown put that on a website and then get a website updated with fresh content it also does drip Marketing and what that is is it goes out and puts motivational quotes on your on your Linkedin page and then Linked In Twitter will go out and interact with these people that you’re viewing on their Twitter channels as well as your Twitter channel.

There’s some other things like Youtube to Buddy which will go out and like people stuff on Youtube same to its base they’re basically all the same things I don’t really want to cover them all because they’re all pretty similar but I’m going to name them off. There’s some other things like Ninja pin or which will go out and pin people’s stuff on Pinterest there’s some there’s a tool for tumbler.

There for email marketing I use a tool that I go out and auto outreach to people this is a great way to get links you can use pitch box it will do if you put in a keyword or a list of people that you want to or websites you want to contact it will go and find all the contact e-mails for those websites and go out and contact those people with dynamically replace names and whatever you want to be doing with your job tdescription to be contacting these people make them make it seem as personalized as possible on a large scale.

If you want to make the totals for all these things I will do them but the reason why I’m showing you this is because I’m just showing you what’s possible. I do all these things because I know they work I don’t do things that don’t work and a lot of people spend time doing things that don’t work and the reason why is because they’re figuring out what works the reason why you figure things out that. Do work is because you first figure out things that don’t work and even the people who figure out things that work that’s a lot usually because when you think things work they usually end up not working as well as something else might work if you were to keep trying other things but what happens is most people stop trying once something starts working.

I’ve gone past that point where I found things that work and I just keep going for hours and hours and hours. So that’s what I do for automation on that was really just to get a point across to you that in 2018 automation is huge you don’t want to go too much into the black hat automation side of things people get really into it start scraping content doing all these crazy stuff.

I actually created a black hat as S.E.O. guide. Dot com that kind of goes and it’s on my Youtube channel right go through the slides your presentation and it goes through all the techniques that people are using these days and my could be a good idea for you to actually see what’s possible not for you but for what people are doing these days and what’s still working.

Because it help will help you get a better idea on what not to do basically and learning blackout as you actually does contribute to SEO in my opinion. OK so we learned a little bit about nationalists you know we learned about ranking signals we learned about local us you know I talked a little bit about search engine marketing I talked about social media signals what else is there besides that multimedia is huge you want to have pictures on your website you want to have videos on your website you want to be good at video marketing to a certain degree in my opinion because video is becoming so huge these days.

There’s so much opportunity right now on Youtube for SEO it is such an untapped market there’s tons of people hitting these videos and literally just by getting start drinking on Youtube you can be getting clients on Google because people are more likely to. Trust you if you have really well thought out tutorials on Youtube and people are watching it and you’re a place to go for information.

The other thing that isn’t necessarily a ranking factor in Google but will help you rank better is constantly learning the the places I go to learn is definitely back I listen to podcasts I love listening to podcasts The great a great place to learn also as the Google Webmaster hangouts John Mueller does. Also just by interacting and implementing and testing your own stuff is going to really help you a lot to you I love teaching this stuff because it definitely helps me learn in the end I love doing as S.E.O. but a big thing for me is not getting too caught up into doing things just because I think that they should be done.

I actually really believe that Youtube is going to become so much bigger in the future it already has expanded tremendously but because it is the second largest search and in the world I have been spending some time learning how to use Youtube because or how to start doing some professional videos how to do tutorials because I can see it working out a lot better for me you have to learn where your K.P.I are or where your client’s K.P.I are and what that stands for is keeper for and keep performance indicators so if you can identify your market as mainly being on Youtube or if you can identify your parka as mainly being on Google or wherever.

That’s what you need to go for as you want to 2018 isn’t about just getting keywords and then having them show up on Google anymore that used to work because you used to get so many good rankings because it was so easy to rank before now it’s not easy to rank anymore if you’re going to run for a long tails it might be easy but that’s not profitable in the end. Iif you want to go for something that’s really profitable spend your time getting really good. Good at something that you like and then learn the things that are closely related to what you want to be really good at so if you really want to be good at local SEO learn how to do local as you know don’t spend as much time doing national SEO unless you really feel like nationalists you know contributes to local a S.E.O. or if you feel like social media marketing really contributes to local SEO which in some ways it does depending on the business. So I said a lot I could keep rambling and honestly the longer the video the better but I don’t want this average time spent on video to high.

If you guys have any questions which I’m sure you probably will or if you want to you know tell me that I’m a terrible SEO and that you don’t learn anything that’s cool too the thing that’s really important is that you at least learned something today or at least considered something today and. If you want to I can definitely make tutorials and to continue this complete guide that’s the other thing is if you can create tutorials and continue your Complete Guide make it part one part two you’re going to have you’re going to help bring cures your video is better as well.

I will create those other parts of create the as you know tutorial 2018 for Ad Words or whatever you know I guess obvious or just a marketing tutorial but but AdWords definitely contributes to SEO and I could go more into how AdWords contributes to a S.E.O. but that’s what I got for now hopefully this video ends up ranking well for SEO completeness you know Guide 2018 I definitely said the word enough in the video I thought leave.

I’m under the impression that Youtube actually does pick up your wording in your video when you’re speaking with its captions especially if you add captions and if you mention your keywords in the beginning of your video and at the end of the video like I said I hope you guys learned something today I will see you guys later.

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Pitchbox outreach template:

Subject line code:

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My name is Chase Reiner and I run a SEO channel on Youtube that has a ton of high ranking SEO videos.

I know you’re incredibly busy, so I’ll be quick. I am currently publishing a HUGE multiple video tutorial called, “The Complete Guide to SEO in 2018.”

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One way or another, thanks for your time, and keep up the awesome work on {{ if MRG_BLOG_NAME }}{{MRG_BLOG_NAME}}{{ else }}your site{{ /if }} ?

Take care,

Chase Reiner
SEO Growth Hacker at
(805) 864-5096

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