Today I’m going to show you how I sell  $3000 SEO services to small business owners and how you can to. I actually just made $800 from an audit today and I made about $1700 selling SEO audits and services last month.

I’m going to show you step by step process on what I do to sell these services.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


How to Bring in and Capture Your Traffic

Content Marketing

This is very Important  if you can’t do some sort of traffic capture and then remark it, you’re going to be losing a lot of sales.

So what I’ll do is I’ll figure out some sort of messenger bot or texting system or email drip feed and I will start with content marketing.

It doesn’t really matter how you get traffic you can do ads,you can do content,you can do Youtube videos,you can get traffic off of Google but as long as you’re able to generate traffic in some way.

Most People do SEO, most people do online marketing,Know how to generate traffic online.

It’s not that difficult if you have a system in place that you’re using to generate traffic to your clients or for yourself as long as you have a way to be able to market yourself to an audience.


How to Pick the Right Keywords

Pick the Right Keywords

I use Ahrefs and I target KD 2 things you wanna have you wanna be able to niche down and you wanna be able to to target low KD.

What that means if you want to rank for SEO audits and you want to get views for SEO audits on Youtube or you want people looking at you ads for SEO audits,you want to be the SEO audit person and that means you want to have a lot of content,you want to have a lot of authority around that thing.

Whatever you have you want it to be topical you want to have topical relevance meaning you want to have clusters of content around whatever the niche that your trying to rank and you start going for the low kd first.


Keyword Explorer on Ahrefs 

All keyword explorer

If we want to go for an SEO  audit we go to Keyword Explorer on Ahrefs and type in SEO audit as you can see we have a very difficult keyword difficulty to rank for 65 KD that’s not the keywords that we want to go for.

We want to start out and target the keywords with KD one to one and what we want to do is we want to filter anything with the keyword audit just to make the things a little bit faster.

Anything with low KDis going to be something that you will be able to rank for without having links or a lot of authority.


Opt In Strategy

Relationship building automation

What I use is a system that I’ve created within my Relationship Building Automation Program which if you’re not familiar with that you can go check here .

You can see what I do is I get people to download my SEO Audit Checklist Template or my Local SEO Roadmap and once they download it they get taken to facebook and they have to put their email in.

Tools to Use On Extracting Data

Phantom Buster

Now once they put their email in what I can do is I can use a couple of different tools like Integromat and phantom buster and I can extract data from the user,I can take their email match it in their LinkedIn profile and I can take their data off on LinkedIn and send them messages based off that data that I found.

I created all this stuff myself it took a really long time to do but you can actually see what these messages look like now is pretty cool.

What you want to do here is you want to figure out some way to get people to opt in whether it is by email,Manychat texting and then what you do is get them to talk to you and you want to build a relationship.

So whether you’re automating your relationship building or you’re just building it yourself you want to figure out how you can actually create conversations with people who are watching your stuff opting in and then asking questions getting to know about them. 

Once you know about them then you can pitch them whatever you’re trying to sell.


Free Phase One SEO Audits

Free Phase One audit


The reason why I’m doing free SEO audits is because I don’t think I will be able to get enough audits paid.

I didn’t think I was going to have enough people paying me $800 a month or $800 an audit because that’s kind of a high price if you’re just starting out.

So I would do a Free phase One Audit now what you can do is in this funnel you can actually create a free phase one audit process.

On the phase 1 audit what you’ll actually see that all you’re auditing is basic stuff like does site redirect to preferred version,Is the favicon on there is it a robot’s.txt on,there is the sitemap set up in the robots,txt.

If you don’t know any of these stuff also the paid seo template will walk you through with videos of each section showing you how to find these things identify the problems and actually fix them as well.


Getting on the phone 

Getting on the phone

This is very important if you can’t bring your customer from watching you or looking at your blog or whatever they’re at to getting on the phone with you you’re not gonna be making a bunch of money and the reason why is people want to talk to you before they buy from you they want to get on the phone.

So the first thing you want to do after you get them a free phase one audit and they’re within your budget range you get them on the phone you get them on the screen share for about 10 – 20 minutes and I’m going to be asking as many questions as possible on that call .

After asking all those questions you want go over the simple thing base on the phase one audit and then offer them the full 4 phase audit for whatever you want to charge.


Four Phase Audit 

Four Phase Audit

What Four Phase Audit is you’re auditing four things:

  • Sitewide Audit – This is what you did on phase one you’re going to be looking at all the issues that are affecting  the entire website,basic SEO issues.
  • Technical SEO Issues – You’re going to look at things that are going to affect the website based on it’s analytics search console metrics and then ahrefs data that you’re going to pull with our screaming frog template.
  • Keywords – You’re going to look at their competitors.
  • Authority Gameplan – How are they going to be actually doing what we’re talking about in part one which is creating the system. How they’re going to be doing they’re content marketing,what’s their content budget, how they are going to create their opt in strategy, how they are going to build they’re relationship and how they are going to build authority.


Free local Seo Checklist

Obviously everybody knows you need to do content,everybody knows you need to do opt in strategy,everybody knows you need to create some sort of systems when you’re going implementations for your clients.

How do you go from not having any experience to start to being able to start getting results like these for clients where you get an extra boost and double the traffic in just a couple of months ranking number 1 for their keywords.

If you really want to know the specifics on what I do for these local sites you have 2 options you can go get my Free Local Seo Checklist which will show you all the different things that I do step-by-step or you can always head over to and grab the SEO Pro Bundle which actually includes all of my information about my courses this.

If you guys have some few extra bucks and you’re trying to spend your time learning something that is going to improve a couple of more streams of income for your business.


What To Do Once You You get a Client

Track Calls

Once I get a client and I sell them on a service I’m going to take their audit and what I’m going to do is pretty much a couple of times a week I’m going to go through these different websites and I’m going to figure out where are for these different websites. 

On every Client I make sure to keep track of my calls like what you’re seeing on the image above and I’m always thinking about what is the next thing that needs to be done on this site .

I’m also going into the website and I’m thinking about “If this is my website how would I wanted it to be how would I wanted it to look and what would I wanted to be ranking for and then I think about all the different pages I’m going to need for those rankings “.


What to Do After Initial rounds of Implementations

After initial Implementations

After fixing all the basics like the page speed,made sure that there’s a call to action made sure that there’s no duplicate content once you do all that stuff all you’re basically doing is creating a new pages building out new content and what I do from there is I’m basically just doing optimizations to the website.

A Lot of clients don’t really know what they’re doing and you need to be there to kind of tell them what needs to be done.


6 Month SEO Package

6 month seo package


If you’re at least $2000 a month per client you thinking about at least $12000 per client and a lot of people are worried about losing their client 6 months from now that’s fine because you made $12000 off of a client and you can’t get anymore client’s within that period that’s on you.

You made a good amount of money you helped them out, you did what you needed to do and you move on you have a great case study and that’s all that really matters.

A lot of stuff that I do on Youtube and a lot of videos I make a lot of content I create is just case studies. It’s just me going over things that I was able to rank and that gets me more clients.

If  you guys really want to figure out when you’re doing this stuff when you’re trying to get clients when you’re trying to get people to pay you a lot of money that you have a system where you’re creating value you’re creating content and you’re creating opt ins you’re building these relationships you want to build as many relationship as you can online so that you can automate your sales system with some sort of conversation and be able to grab customer data so you can start pitching your services to them and the more people know you the more they’re going to want to buy from you the more they are willing to pay.

The reason why people I continually have people say “I wasn’t expecting to pay that much but I’ll pay it” because people want the best they want to do what they get and they want it done right.

When you have the system in place just like the one I have nobody else is going to touch these systems like there’s nothing else out there right now that’s able to take this process and replicate it over into the businesses.