Whether you’re looking to develop a new, passive income stream, or you want value-added services for your existing company, SEO reseller programs may be the answer. Through SEO resellers, SEO experts are able to sell their services to other companies. Likewise, other companies are able to gain the benefits of having an in-house SEO team without the overhead and maintenance of an in-house SEO team. Here’s a complete guide to SEO Reseller Programs 2020.


What is an SEO reseller program?

Under an SEO reseller program, a third party is able to resell SEO services to their own clientele. SEO reselling may  be referred to as either “white label SEO” or “private label SEO,” depending on how the services are sold. There are many benefits to an SEO reseller program. For the SEO company, they are able to sell their services to a broader clientele, as the reseller themselves is doing the work of advertising for them. For the reseller, they are able to add professional SEO services onto the other services that they have, or even focus purely on selling SEO services rather than having to deliver them.

What is white label SEO?

white label seo

White label SEO is another way to reference an SEO reseller program. This is what happens when someone resells services. Essentially, the SEO company is selling its services “white label,” and the company that is reselling the services is able to insert its own label. Many white label SEO companies even offer white label customer service and support, wherein they decline to mention their own company name during the process of supporting customers. Customers are able to call in and talk directly to customer support personnel without finding out that their services have been resold.

What is private label SEO?

Private label SEO can be considered virtually synonymous with white label SEO. But there is a distinction. Private label SEO is usually tailored to the reseller. The reseller is able to determine what services it offers. White label SEO is usually a single package that the reseller sells unaltered. This distinction isn’t always use, and white label SEO and private label SEO may be used synonymously to refer to any SEO reseller program. When something is specifically private label SEO, you may be able to assume that it has been tailored to a certain customer, or that it is even exclusive to that customer.

Why would an SEO company sell their services?

SEO reseller programs are an excellent solution for SEO companies that don’t want to spend all their time trying to procure and onboard new clients. A private label SEO program means that the SEO company is able to concentrate on what they do best: delivering the best SEO product. Rather than having to advertise for new clients, all the advertising is done for them.

Many SEO companies are highly specialized. They have invested a lot of money into getting the best SEO experts and personnel. They are optimized for providing SEO: for learning about new SEO tactics, and for using analysis and reports to identify the most optimal SEO configurations. But what they don’t want to do is have to advertise and market their own services. This is time-consuming, and eats into the amount of time that they need to ensure that they are learning as much as possible about search engine optimization.

Why Would a Company Purchase SEO Services for Resale?

Many web design companies don’t want to complete their own SEO services or have their own in-house SEO services. Even digital advertising companies may not want to learn and relearn the intricacies of search engine optimization all the time. Rather than having to do so, a company can instead purchase private label SEO services through a private label SEO program.

For the company, this gives them the ability to give further value to their customers without having to worry about maintaining their own SEO experts and their own SEO knowledge. They are able to outsource a service that is already extremely valuable, and ensure that their clients have everything that they need to thrive.

Some companies even exclusively sell SEO services. They focus on finding customers and procuring leads, rather than actually delivering the service. But they are still guaranteed excellent service by working with the appropriate SEO white label companies.

And, of course, there are clients themselves who would specifically look for an SEO outsourcing company for their own private needs. Rather than working with a single SEO expert, they can tap into a multitude of SEO experts by working with a reseller program.

How Do You Find SEO Reseller Programs?

seo reseller

There are a number of resources available for those who are looking to hire a white label SEO company. Those who are looking for an SEO reseller program should look at these gateways to find out more. Many of these gateways are third parties that serve to connect experts with those who want to sell their services.

Here are some of the most popular SEO reseller programs in 2020:

  • The HOTH. The HOTH works with both agencies and resellers to connect them with the best providers in the world. Over 200,000 businesses have worked with the HOTH, over their decade of service. The HOTH is on the Inc. 5000 list and has features such as bulk buyer bonuses, easy order portals, white label SEO reports, and analytics. The HOTH is likely the largest and most extensive SEO reseller network, both by the sheer volume of businesses that work with it, and the amount of gross revenue.
  • 51 Blocks. Built for agencies, 51 Blocks is an easy-to-use platform with some fantastic features. Services include the ability to directly communicate with clients, brand email representation, create branded reports, and provide SEO web properties as well as general web products. 51 Blocks really shines when it comes to its customer support and service, offering phone, email, and chat support for its customers, as well as their resold solutions. When calling, clients are given a completely white label, unbranded experience.
  • SharpNet Solutions. A turnkey SEO reselling solution, SharpNet Solutions provides dedicated account managers, branded onboarding documents, branded contract templates, and branded SEO assessments. SharpNet Solutions is one of the best solutions for customizing a white label service and making it your own. In addition to providing general SEO reselling services, SharpNet also provides SEO assistance for its clients’ own websites, and branded marketing materials, monthly client reports, and AdWords management assistance.
  • Marketer’s Center. Marketer’s Center has helped 3,000+ agencies through their reseller services. A few of the great features of Marketer’s Center is that they have a dashboard that makes it easier to track selling, and the ability to download analytics and reports. According to Marketer’s Center, companies are able to double their bottom line through their private label SEO services. Marketer’s center has been used by companies such as Bern Consulting Group, SmithSEO, Top Spot Me, and Market Leader SEO.
  • SEOReseller. SEOReseller provides agency migration, link building, social media management, search engine optimization, and web design services. A robust and easy to use platform, SEOReseller aims to be more than just an SEOReseller and instead a one stop shop for those who are seeking to resell digital management. It also has an entire suite of free marketing downloads, including sales guides, pitch decks, training guides, product flyers, brandable product catalogs, service level agreements, non disclosure agreements, and pitch kits. It has an extraordinary amount of resources for those interested in getting into reselling.

These are only the top five SEO reselling services available. There are hundreds of SEO companies to explore, and some may work better with your product than others.

How Do You Find the Best SEO Reseller Programs?

There are a few factors that you should consider when looking at SEO reseller programs, that go beyond the capabilities of their service. When reselling SEO services, you become responsible for the services that you’re selling. Choose the wrong partner, and you will find it difficult to acquire and retain customers. Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Branded documents. Some SEO reseller programs provide a suite of branded documents. These are general templates that can be branded with the company’s own entity, so that the reseller appears to be the originator of all the documents. That includes on-boarding documents, communications, reports, analytics, and more. Through branded documents, a company is able to provide greater value to the customer (in terms of better communication) while still reinforcing the identity of their brand.
  • Advanced analytics. SEO revolves around analytics. The best SEO reseller programs are going to have advanced analytics services, designed to show clients that their SEO is working, and to reveal ways in which SEO can still be improved. SEO has to be able to show results, in terms of showing dollar amounts that the SEO brings in. These advanced analytics services are a great way for SEO resellers to retain customers as well as keep them, by showing the value of the money they’ve spent.
  • Robust customer support. SEO, just like any other service, requires support. But because it’s being outsourced, the reseller themselves aren’t able to give good customer support for the SEO service. The reseller instead needs to rely upon the SEO company for better customer support. Thus, one of the most important features that an SEO partner can have is the ability to provide solid customer support and service.
  • High commissions. Like any resold service, an SEO reseller program gives a certain amount of commission back to the company. These commission rates all vary. Sometimes they’re negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Other times they’re a flat rate, or a rate that’s adjusted by volume. Compare different commission rates to capture the most revenue through your clients.
  • Solid reviews and testimonials. Reviews and testimonials are one of the best ways to gauge whether a reseller service is going to be trustworthy. A service that isn’t dependable can hurt your reputation with your clients. Testimonials will tell you exactly what the reseller is capable of, and the types of services that it is able to offer.

The partnership between a SEO reseller program and the SEO reseller themselves needs to be tight, as the SEO reseller is ultimately going to become responsible for the services that they sell in the eyes of their customers. The better the service, the easier it will be to sell.

How Much Can You Make With SEO Reseller Programs?

Seo Reseller Services

For marketing agencies interested in adding SEO reseller programs, this can be a complicated question to answer. Adding value to a client account means that clients are retained more often, and that client billings can be increased because additional services are being added on. Thus, it may be impossible to quantify exactly how much is being made through the SEO reseller service, because it isn’t just the commissions — it’s also the fact that clients, on a whole, are going to be happier, staying longer, and paying more.

For companies that focus solely on selling SEO services, SEO reselling can become almost entirely passive income. What does this mean? It means that the SEO reseller may not need to do any work at all; all they need to do is sell the services, and then the services themselves are completely supported by the SEO reseller program. Thus, money is coming in passively, and the SEO reseller may make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month without having to put any significant work in.

What is White Label SEO Software?

Seo White Label Software

SEO reseller companies work with web-based software solutions and dashboards, to track the services that have been rendered. Resellers are able to log in to review their clients and their billing, while the SEO companies are able to see what services they need to provide. The better the dashboard software is, the more of a handle the SEO reseller will have on their profits and their sales. Having sleek, easy-to-use software is a tremendous benefit to SEO reseller programs, and many SEO reseller programs add on complex features such as better analytics.

Should an Agency Hire an SEO Reseller Service?

Some people who work with SEO reseller services are individuals, such as web designers. Others are agencies, such as web development and digital marketing agencies, who don’t want to have to work with an in-house, internal SEO team. Agencies working with SEO resellers are able to glean the following advantages:

  • They can reduce their overhead substantially. Agencies aren’t going to need to maintain their own SEO team, which includes hiring, managing, and firing employees. They aren’t going to need to invest in new training, techniques, and technology, and will instead be able to focus on other elements of their business.
  • They don’t need to keep up-to-date on SEO changes. SEO changes substantially from year to year. Sometimes it changes from month to month. Traditional marketing companies just need to focus on broader marketing trends; they don’t want to relearn Google’s algorithms every other week. When using an outsourced SEO company, agencies are able to forego this type of constant engagement, and just focus on the bigger picture of their marketing campaigns.
  • They can leverage superior technology. SEO reseller services can invest in advanced analytics packages and cloud-based platforms, through economies of scale. They can thus support clients with a service that is meant for tens of thousands of clients, even if the agency itself is a small one with only a handful of their own.
  • They can improve their own responsiveness. An SEO reseller service can provide prompt, sometimes 24/7, support to their clients’ SEO needs. The agency itself won’t need to respond to every small SEO ticket, and the SEO reseller company will be able to boost the clients’ perception of the company as a whole.

Of course, there are some downsides as well. By outsourcing their SEO, agencies aren’t going to have ultimate control over the SEO company. The SEO reseller may not be able to integrate SEO into as much of an agency’s digital marketing strategy as they otherwise could, because they are separate and distinct services. In rare cases, agencies may be able to provide SEO internally for cheaper than they could through a reseller service, though this only occurs if the agency already happens to have SEO experts on staff.

How Can You Sell SEO Services?

How can an SEO reseller get started selling SEO? If an SEO reseller isn’t already in digital marketing or web development, they may just want to jump straight into selling SEO services. This is usually done through SEO and social media. One of the best benefits to many SEO services is that they give an SEO reseller everything they need to get started. A “kit” may include information that the SEO reseller can use to jumpstart their marketing campaign, creating websites and social media accounts in order to promote their services.

When selling SEO services, everything is about branding. Since the SEO reseller isn’t providing the actual services, they instead need to find new ways to display and promote those services. That means coming up with a company brand, mission, and values, and then promoting the services that align with this brand identity.

SEO resellers are able to build out content on their own blog or website, create social media accounts that are active and engaging, and otherwise reach out to and generate leads. Once they understand the ins and outs of their SEO reseller program, they are able to describe the potential benefits to clients, and get clients on board. From there, SEO resellers are able to capture their commission without having to personally deliver a service.

How Do You “Brand” a Reseller Service?

Seo Reseller Branding

Since an SEO reseller is just selling another company’s services, how are they able to brand the service to make it look like their own? This is an important question. As with most outsourcing, ideally the service will appear in every respect to come from the reseller, rather than the originating service.

  • Branded documents. Many reseller services offer branded templates that companies can use to put their own branding on. This includes things like invoices and reports. Since the company’s name and logo will appear on everything to do with the SEO service, the client will never need to think about the originating service.
  • Unbranded customer support. When clients call into customer support, they are often given an unbranded experience. That means that the phone will be answered by “Maria, here to help you with your SEO,” rather than “Maria, from XYZ company.” This is effective, because clients already know that they’re calling the seller that they are familiar with.
  • Tailoring services. Resellers can often tailor the SEO services to their own needs, and in so doing they make those services “their own.” Sellers can take a look at the services that their customers are wanting, and dive into providing those services specifically. This gives a more customized and branded feel.
  • Websites and other media. Customers are going to come to the agency or to the reseller through their own websites and social media accounts. Thus, customers are already going to be primed that they’re working with the company whose branding they’re familiar with. Through strong website and social media branding, companies are better able to reinforce their identity.
  • Email and online communications. Reseller services are able to forward and control email and online communications in a way that makes it less obvious that the services are being resold. Emails can be forwarded through the business so that replies always come from the business itself.
  • Customer dashboards. Many reseller programs also provide customer dashboards, through which clients can login and control their own accounts. These dashboards can be customized and controlled by the reseller, and uploaded to the reseller’s own domain, thereby making it less apparent that there’s another party involved.

Of course, many companies are also open with the fact that they are reselling services, outsourcing, and working with other partners. This can even be advantageous: a company can be freely open with clients about the fact that they’ve procured best-in-class help. Still, other companies may want to give every impression that they are managing services internally, and that’s where branding comes in.

Does It Cost Money to Start Reselling SEO?

For those who are going into SEO reselling without an agency, they may wonder whether it costs money to get started. For the most part, no. There may be some startup fees for some full service companies; reselling companies that provide everything for you, including marketing advice and training. But these costs are usually minimal. Often, these startup fees can be waived for new companies.

For the SEO company, the reseller service is providing valuable marketing and administration. Thus, it doesn’t make sense for the SEO program itself to charge the resellers a lot of money. Resellers should be wary if they’re charged a significant fee, though some small fees may be necessary to make sure that resellers are serious about reselling.

Apart from fees, companies should be prepared to invest some amount of money in their own SEO and advertising campaigns. Reselling SEO usually requires some investment in content marketing and social media marketing, which can take either time or money (or both) depending on the expertise of the individual reseller.

What Are SEO Reselling Tools and Platforms?

During the process of reselling, an SEO reseller program will generally give the reseller a suite of tools. It’s in the reseller program’s best interest to help the reseller sell their services, so they want them to succeed. These tools can be as basic as a few sales templates or as extensive as a full client portal.

The reseller will usually have a platform that they can log into to track their clients and their sales. Through this platform, they can also view analytics reports that tell them how their sales are trending, where they’re making most of their sales, and potentially what they can do to improve.

The largest reseller programs have extremely in-depth, robust analytics services that are designed to give the resellers deep insights into how their performing.

In addition to analytics services, SEO reseller programs may have tools such as on-boarding kits, which the reseller can send to their clients. On-boarding kits capture more leads, by keeping clients engaged through the buyer journey. Resellers may also be able to track things such as their clients’ trouble tickets or communications, and clients may be able to communicate directly with the reseller through a client-facing portal.

The best reseller programs are going to have the most robust technology and tools, as these tools make it far easier for the reseller to actually manage their operations.

Are There Downsides to Using SEO Reseller Programs?

Everything in life and technology has some downsides as well as upsides. When it comes to SEO reseller programs, the advantages almost universally outweigh the disadvantages. However, when looking for a program, SEO sellers should still be aware of the potential disadvantages.

  • It can sometimes be more expensive. If an agency can provide their own SEO internally, then the commission made through an SEO reseller program may be less than the amount that they could capture simply charging for it in house. But this does require that the agency already have the capabilities of providing their own SEO.
  • It does outsource a major service. Since the service is outsourced, the company cannot be certain how trouble tickets and other issues are handled. They won’t be in ultimate control of the service that they are giving their clients, and their clients may become suspicious of the fact.
  • It can be generic. Some SEO reseller programs may have a one-size-fits-all approach, which requires that the reseller do their due diligence to find a program that’s really going to work with their clients. Since there are thousands of reseller services out there, it’s important to find the best ones.
  • It becomes a necessity. Over time, the company will become reliant upon its SEO reseller program, and it may be difficult for the company to pivot if it has to end its contract (such as if the reseller program shuts down). The company may find itself lost if it has to switch reselling companies.

Most of the problems with SEO reseller companies can be completely mitigated by finding the right SEO reseller company. By ensuring that you are working with a trustworthy company, you can also ensure that you get the best possible results.

What About Wholesale SEO Reselling?

SEO reselling can be a lot like web hosting reselling, in that there are wholesale resellers as well. This can be a little more complicated than traditional SEO reselling programs. You begin with SEO Corp, an SEO company. This SEO company sells service to Wholesale SEO. Wholesale SEO further partitions this service and sells it to individual agencies: ABC Agency, DEF Agency, and so forth.

Wholesale SEO reselling is interesting because the wholesaler themselves is not utilizing the SEO services. Instead, they are finding ways to target the service to the agencies involved, and the agencies are then reselling even further to their own clientele. A wholesale SEO reseller will likely add value to the service, by making sure that the agencies get the types of services that they need. A Wholesale SEO company might even work with multiple SEO reselling programs, so they can better ensure that the agency gets the best deals.

Understandably, wholesale SEO reselling is an entirely different ballgame from traditional SEO reselling due to the scope. The wholesale SEO reseller will likely take a very small percentage, but will be moving a very large volume of products. Wholesalers usually won’t need to spend a lot of time supporting their products, but they still will need to add value. Sometimes that’s through content, such as extensive documentation regarding reseller SEO services. For a wholesale reseller, it’s important to have reliable partners as well as to make sure that the profit margins are wide enough.

Getting the Most Out of SEO Reseller Programs 2020

An SEO reseller program is a great way to start developing out an advertising agency, or building passive income. Because SEO is such an incredible, but constantly shifting, service, it can be difficult to provide it in-house. Clients today need SEO for their businesses and for their content, but they usually don’t know how to get started. Meanwhile, experts can be expensive to hire, and experts need to be continually trained and re-trained on the changes.

To get the most out of SEO reseller programs, individuals and agencies need to be careful about the resellers that they engage with. When properly utilized, a reseller program becomes a trustworthy partner that adds value to the individual or agency’s service.

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