Chase Reiner December 27th, 2017

Here we have SEO memes made by meme-master / SEO expert Chase Reiner himself.

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1. When people ask me how to rank for a keyword

one does not explain seo in a single paragraph (1).png

2. How it feels to deal with people who don’t understand SEO

how it feels to own an SEO agency.png

3. What an SEO’s tabs look like


4. When people ask questions about SEO


5. White Hat Link Building

White Hat Link Building Meme.png

6. SEO Tools

SEO Tools.jpg

7. LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords.jpg

8. Bill The SEO

Bill (1).jpg

9. Google Devalues Links

Google Devalues Links.jpg

10. Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing.jpg

11. Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO Rankings.jpg

12. User Intent Optimization

user intent optimization.jpg