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The 101 Best SEO Google Chrome Extensions (Free Downloads)

by | Oct 24, 2018

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Whether you are an SEO freelancer or in charge of a large agency, everyone can benefit from extensions that make business a little bit easier. There are plenty of them out there but each one serves a different purpose. Knowing which SEO extensions are available to you will help you to save time when and where you need it. These extensions cover a wide range of applications. Some of them simply make it easier to do the technical side of your job While others help you with project management, communication, and more.


Below are the top options for anyone involved in SEO:

  1. SEOquake


With this, you can analyze Google results, extract them, review the internal and external links, look for page problems, and check on your metrics.


  1. Note Anywhere

With regard to productivity and managing your tasks, this extension allows you to make notes directly on a web page.




Using this, you can check the position of your web pages and/or multiple sites with a single keyword.

  1. NoFollow

This highlights all of the nofollow links on a website and detects any no follow or no index meta tags.


  1. Ahrefs Toolbar

Ahrefs Toolbar

This will check your domain dating, URL rating, number of backlinks, and number of referring domain not just for your website but for any website.


  1. MozBar

This tool will check out metrics like Domain Authority or Page Authority for any web page and you can use it to perform custom searches, extract Google SERPS, and check for on page Issues.


  1. Scraper


You can scrape data from any web page using this and it integrates the scrape data with Google Sheets, so you can export it quickly.


  1. LinkClump

This opens multiple Links at once in separate tabs or separate windows, so you can copy all of the links to your clipboard. If you are trying to do link prospecting this will save you a lot of time.


  1. Tag Assistant by Google

Tag Assistant by Google

You can check to make sure that Google tags were correctly installed for any website.


  1. SERPTrends SEO Extension

You can track searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo so if you perform the same search again it will show ranking movements directly within the SERPs.


  1. N.A.P. Hunter

N.A.P. Hunter

Locate rogue N.A.P. data.  You can search Google for different combinations of your business phone number, address, and name with all citations exported to an Excel file.


  1. Web Developer

This adds the web developer Toolbar to your Chrome window, so you can check how the website looks with different sized screens, locate images that have missing all text.


  1. AdBlock


This helps you to block ads from Facebook, Google, YouTube, and pretty much anywhere else. This is great for viewing organic results only.


  1. WhatRuns

You can instantly uncover what things are running on a website such as Frameworks, ad networks, fonts, plugins, themes, and analytics tools.


  1. Fireshot

Screen Capture

You can capture and save full or partial webpage screenshots to a PDF, PNG, or jpeg after which you can edit and annotate them. This can be integrated with Gmail and OneNote and works offline.


  1. Tamper Chrome

You can modify any requests that are sent between a website and your browser in real time. Responses can also be modified.


  1. Stylish


You can customize color schemes for whatever website you are designing without any coding. There are pre-made themes and skins from which to choose which is great for experiments with the design and making improvements to user interfaces.


  1. Page Load Time


This will measure the pay inside the toolbar and display it for you.


  1. Link Redicrect Trace

Link Redicrect Trace

This will uncover all URLs within a redirect chain which can help you to locate any lost links.


  1. FindLinks


This tool will highlight any hyperlinks on a website, so you can see them easily. It is very useful if you want to uncover any unwanted links.


  1. FatRan


This will tell you where the website is ranked for any specific keyword or key phrase at any given time.


  1. SEOStack Keyword Tool

You can use this to find low competition, long tail keywords in a matter of seconds by scraping data from Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Google all of which can be exported to an Excel document or Google Sheets.


  1. gInfinity


This creates infinite scrolling through Google search results which are useful for scraping Google search results in bulk.


  1. Keywords Everywhere

With this, you can add search volume to your website, specifically the websites you already use such as YouTube, Amazon, and Google.


  1. SimilarTech Prospecting

SimilarTech Prospecting

Uncover useful information about the website that you are visiting such as company information, social profiles, estimated monthly traffic, and web technology.


  1. SEO Search Simulator

Emulates Google searches and allows you to see how rankings vary from one search versus another based on different parts of the world.


  1. Window Resizer

Window Resizer

If you need to resize your browser window so you can see how it website looks different size you can use this for popular sizes such as desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad.


  1. Open SEO Stats

This will show you a handful of SEO stats for whatever page you are currently viewing including Alexa, geolocation, and the number of indexed pages.


  1. Ghostery


This will tell you how many websites are currently tracking you such as Facebook custom audiences or Google analytics and it blocks them if you want which is especially great if you need to regain privacy. Websites will typically load faster if they don’t have to load tracking Technologies from other websites like this.


  1. AMP Validator

You can check whether or not a website is currently an accelerated mobile page.


  1. Ayima Page Insights


Use this to uncover any on-pageAyima Page Insights issues and you can connect it to Google search console to get additional insights as to the web properties.



  1. ObservePoint TagDebugger

With this tool, you can audit and debug any issues with your website tags and also check on the variables or the on click events.


  1. OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

Use this to unveil structured metadata on your web page.


  1. TumbyPageGetter

You can share content in more locations with this.


  1. Feedly Mini

Feedly Mini

You can add content to your Feedly with this tool.


  1. Redirect Path

Use this to check for redirects and HTTP Header.


  1. Check My Links

Check My Link

You can find any broken links with this.


  1. Pocket

You can save videos or articles, or anything in between for later with this.


  1. Rapportive


Using this extension, you can see LinkedIn profiles right from your Gmail.


  1. RSS Subscription

A subscription to this extension makes it as simple as one click to post your blog.


  1. Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome

For designers and developers, this ads a toolbar button to a handful of web developer tools.


  1. Code Cola

This is an editing tool for online Pages.


  1. Corporate Ipsum


This will help you generate random corporate-speak when you need to fill text on something you are designing.


  1. Eye Dropper

This lets you pick colors from different web pages.


  1. Instant Wireframe

Instant Wireframe

With this, you can do any web page instantly as a wireframe.


  1. PerfectPixel

Using this you can develop a website using per-pixel levels of accuracy.


  1. Resolution Test

Resolution test

You can test different web pages with various screen resolutions.


  1. Ripple Emulator

If you are trying to develop mobile applications this is a browser-based HTML5 development tool you can use.


  1. Spling Google Chrome Extension


When you want to add your current page to Spling, use this.


  1. Pin It Button

Similarly, if you find things you want to pin, use this to keep tabs on those things.


  1. Stylebot


This lets you change the appearance of your website immediately.


  1. Draft

As a blogger, this tool makes it easy to collaborate on content but maintains Version Control for writers.


  1. Related Content

Related Content

This helps you to improve blog post with related images or links, even related posts.


  1. Quick Click Website Audit by The Tech SEO

This helps you to create pre-formatted links to a handful of popular SEO tools which reduces the need for copying and pasting.


  1. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

User- Agent Switcher

This mimics a user agent so it checks your website displays for different browsers or different operating systems.


  1. Portent SEO Page Review

With this, you can review your current page and kick back data such as outbound links, open graph tags, meta Tags, canonicals, and more.


  1. Web Developer Checklist

Web Dev Checklist

Using this you can analyze a web page for any violations of Google best practices.


  1. Discoverly

This lets you use social data in a much more effective fashion.


  1. DocuSign


You can sign documents online quickly and easily.


  1. WhatFont

With this, you can identify the font used on a web page.


  1. Delicious Booksmarks

Delicious Bookmarks

Here, you can enjoy the Delicious extension.


  1. CircleCount

To view information about Google Pages or Google+ Profiles, you can use this extension.


  1. Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak CRM for Gmail

If you need to add CRM functions to your Gmail, this will help you to better organize any outreach campaigns, create mail merges, log interactions with your prospects or customers, and track emails all in one location.


64.Ninja Outreach

If you need to review things about a blogger and their website, this is the tool to use. It gives you SEO metrics, RSS feeds, demographic data, special posts that said blogger might have written such as product reviews or guest posts, their social profiles, and more.


  1. YSlow


You can make your pages a lot faster using the page Performance Tool for the Yahoo search engine specifically.


  1. Nimbus Screenshot

If you need to capture a web page and then edit the screenshot this is the tool to use.


  1. Image Downloader

Image Downloader

Here you can browse and download images on different web pages.


  1. Facebook Photo Slideshow

This lets you just play a slideshow within the Facebook photo gallery.


  1. Project Naptha

Project Naptha

Here you can highlight, edit, and translate text from any image you find online.


  1. DropBox for Gmail


You can preview different files and links and then send them.


  1. Evernote Web Clipper

You can save all the things you find on the web to a single location.


  1. G New Doc

Google docs

You can create a new Google document with nothing more than two clicks.


  1. Clipular! Research

With this you can organize your screen captures, search, and bookmark different web pages.


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

This lets you access other computers in a secure fashion.


  1. UberConference

Uber Conference

This is a wonderful visual conferencing tool.


  1. Momentum

For productivity, you can use this to replace new tabs with a personalized dashboard.


  1. MightyText


If you need to enhance communication, use this extension to send a text from your Mac or PC with an Android number.


  1. Pushbullet

With this extension, you can move links, files, and notifications with you where ever you go.


  1. Nestor. Highlighter


If you need to highlight content, use this to better summarize the work you are doing.


  1. Sortd Smart Skin

This is a Gmail extension that lets you organize your tasks and emails inside of one digital workspace.


  1. Pullquote


With this extension, you can activate online reading modes.


  1. Google Keep

If you want to take down your thoughts and then share those thoughts with other office personnel, do it with this extension.


  1. Streak


To manage customers within your Gmail account, use this extension.


  1. StayFocusd

You can limit the amount of time you spend on websites unrelated to work with this.


  1. SEO Status PageRank

SEO Status PageRank

To help with search tools and SEO, this extension checks the Alexa and PR rank for each page.


  1. Analytics Helper

Using this, you can detect if Google Analytics is installed on your web pages.


  1. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank

With this, you can get rank and site information from Alexa Traffic.


  1. SEO Site Tools

Using this, you can check on social media metrics, external metrics, and on-page metrics.


  1. Canonical Inspector


If you need to inspect the canonical URL of your web pages, do it with this.


  1. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

You can share content and bookmark it for later with this.


  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

When you need to share content to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, you can use this.


  1. TwitShot for Chrome

On the note of Twitter, if you want to add an image to your tweets for a change of pace, use this.


  1. Google Mail Checker

Gmail Checker

When you need to see the number of emails you have that are unread in Gmail, you can use this to see a display each time you log in.


  1. Instagram for Chrome

There are many times you might need help with social activity or communication as an SEO company or agent which is why there exist so many helpful extensions. This one is an Instagram extension you can use.



Rescue Time

This is a productivity extension that keeps track of your computer work all day, running in the background. It then generates a pie chart/list of where you spent your time. If you prefer, you can set it to cut you off when you go beyond the time you want on certain non-work-related websites.


  1. Gyazo

This is another extension for screen grabbing that lets you highlight an area after which you get a shareable URL instantly. This beats having to move your screenshot to Paint and then save it, and move it back.


  1. Grammarly


f you produce written content, this checks the spelling and grammar. Moreover, with better subscriptions, you can check things for different reading levels.


  1. Tampermonkey

This runs userscripts designed to modify or customize the functionality of your web pages.


  1. Search StackOverflow


This is an extension for StackOverflow.


  1. Search by Image

If you are tired of never being able to initiate searches based on images, fret no longer as this extension lets you do just that.


  1. OneTab


Use this to reduce tab clutter and save up to 95% of your computer memory while working.


Overall, with these tools in hand, figuratively, you will be well on your way to saving time and seeing increases in your productivity. Anyone involved in SEO, to any degree, can stand to benefit from these extensions and the time and effort they save.