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SEO Audit Tutorial 2018 (How To Audit a Website)

In this tutorial we go over a live 2018 SEO audit for a local pest control company. If you’re interested in getting an audit like this one, just head over to my contact page ?

Info About Site:

Hey Chase, thanks again.

Here’s a run down on the website for when you get back from the gym.

So long story short Ive had this Pest Control Company for several years now, and haven’t done a single thing in regard to SEO until the end of Jan 2018 (I can see a spike on SEM rush for keyword rankings at that time). The domain is about 4-5 years old (which is good I hear) and I’m currently ranking for almost every single key word I want. My business is STRICTLY local as I provide an Exterminator Service, I don’t sell product online that can be shipped worldwide so I’m only focused on Local Pages. I have paid for YOAST PREMIUM and YOAST LOCAL – Briefly set them up without much detail (I assume your familiar with this plugin).

I took the easy way out and hired a company for $300 CAD a month for SEO overseas (India). After doing hours of research and watching a lot of videos on-line I’m regretting it – Like you said “Would you hire a 10$ an hour contractor to build your home” The answer is hell no, I would hire an experienced SEO expert who’s price reflects the work they put in.

I am branching my business outwards into another nearby city (400 miles away) so I need to focus on two cities instead of just the one I live in. I’m under the impression I should make a landing page strictly for that city (Kelowna, BC) to make ranking easier. Ive already done A LOT of keyword research and review and have a paid sub to SEMrush watching my keywords and competitors ect… I used google adwords in the first 2 years of business but haven’t used since, I will likely need to do that for the new city but would like to stay away from paid advertising in my main city (Calgary, AB). I haven’t done one job yet in Kelowna, BC but seems like I’m already ranking for a lot of the key words. The majority of my local business comes from:

(Bolded Keywords are PRIME Money keywords)

Pest Control Calgary
Calgary Pest Control
Calgary Exterminators
Exterminator Calgary
Exterminators Calgary

Id Like To Rank Top 3 And Implement The Following:

Pest Control Kelowna
Kelowna Pest Control
Kelowna Exterminators
Exterminator Kelowna
Exterminators Kelowna

Its a fairly new site design, I JUST built in the past month or so, very few pages (with more coming when I have time to build them), and haven’t really optimized for anything.


Any notes you can give me on what other pages I need to create ect… Not interested in changing the lay out as Ive had a lot of customer compliment the home page graphics. Ive also just submitted my site to LOTS of local and non-local directories like MOZ ect… Waiting on a lot to approve. I just got the letter in the mail for google businesses and surprisingly they sent me a CODE even though my address is a PO box.. Apparently that’s unheard of.

Hope this helps give you a little background.

SEO Tutorial Road Map

Hey Jarrod,

I hope you enjoyed the white hat SEO audit + road map.


Here’s Your Road Map:

1. Shorten titles tags on pages
2. Take out meta keywords site wide
3. Get rid of orginization markup on home page
4. Take out article markup from home page
5. Probably want to improve on the local business markup (Put an image)
6. Make titles longer on certain pages
7. Add h1’s on on certain pages
10. Set up search console
11. Noindex tags
12. Delete uncatogorized archives
13. Get rid of auto 301
14. Noindex shortcodes and templates
15. Take out all caps in titles like:
16. Consider noindexing team pages until they are ready
17. Take out
18. Take out the rest of bloat pages and also noindex author archives
19. Continue to build out on local indexing profiles right only at 29% Moz local score
20. Get GMB profile optimized (If possible want to put a bio and get 12 photos uploaded with correct URL’s and perhaps Geo tagging)
21. Continue to build out citations
22. Should start working on 2-3 reviews a day with Pleper
23. Should probably look further into backlink profile (really want to get in trouble for PBN’s if that’s what’s happening)
24. Need to start using conversion tracking
25. Use better anchor text than click here on about page
26. Need to use structered data on about and contact page
27. Add link silo’s from service pages to other related pages
28. Title tags should have keywords first not brand
29. Title tags need to be more unique than just two words being changed
30. Not much interlinking on blog and also need to fix structered data
31. Need to work on page more and measure results with search console as well as conversion tracking
32. Need to get setup in a rank tracker like SEOProfiler
33. Social signal optimization through $10 a month buffer plan
34. Make sure to build out social media platforms under brand name

——————> TOP 10

1. Work on unique title tags
2. Basic optimizations for missing titles, metas, duplicates, etc.
3. Bloat pages, short codes, and theme templates need to get no indexed
4. Structered data correctly implemented
5. Really need to look at the links
6. Citations need to be built
7. Local indexing profiles need to be optimized
8. Rank tracking, conversion tracking, and search console setup
9. Link silo’s
10. If possible, let’s change address to home and switch as service
11. Review generation 2 – 3 per day

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