Chase Reiner December 5th, 2018

What’s up there SEO pros?

A lot of you have wondered what SEO audit software I use these days because I’ve used Sitebulb I’ve used screaming frog and then I also used deep crawl for my bigger websites that I audit so today I’m gonna make a quick review on the difference between site bulbs screaming frog and even certain auditing tools like ahrefs which even has their own audit tool and why I think you should use certain tools for different tasks and what their main benefits are.

First of all, I stumbled upon Sitebulb by finding out about it from somebody named doc Sheldon who’s an old-timer SEO he’s been in the industry for like 20 years or something crazy and I love site Bob I’ve been using it like crazy for my current sites and I’ll tell you why I love site Bob first then I’m gonna go over screaming frog and then I’ll address some of the other tools but of but out of all this auditing tools so far my two favorite tools that I will continue to use is sight bulb and screaming frog and yes I do use both so let’s go over sight bulb first why I like it and sort of what you can use it for so sight bulb, first of all, is a software that costs I think about $300 a year or I think about $30 a month something along yes something along those lines

it’s a really worth the money in my opinion if you can make $200 from an auditor 300 audit it’ll pay for itself in one audit and you can easily charge $300 for not at $2 for not it if you can’t do that then I would really start trying to get to a place where you can by doing some of the client generation methods that I talk about a lot by giving away on its at first and then start selling them based on sort of supply and demand principles once people kind of you know see your audits what you do based on any sort of case study your documentation that you do whether it be a video or text-based

documentation you’ll soon hopefully get people inquiring about your audit so anyways the cool thing about sight bulb is it lets you have a trial license you can try out the basically the full thing without any restrictions from what I’ve seen and I think that’s for about a month or 15 days I’ve been using the trial version haven’t bought it yet but I definitely will so so what you’re gonna see once you open it up is this whole layout new project recent audits that kind of thing now one of the biggest things that I like about this tool is that it gives you comparison data so when you run one audit it’ll let you see what you actually fixed based on the audit that you did before which is really really really cool I love that I don’t really see that with much other tools at least screaming frog and some of the other tools I’ve used so the way you set it up you just go start and configure a new audit

and I pretty much just check all this stuff I do enable Google Analytics and Google search console data because I want to be able to see the traffic on my pages keyword analysis you just put in your brand keywords crawl website XML sitemaps that’s pretty much it as far as the number of days for Google data to fetch through search console I’d

probably make this a little higher maybe like 90 days or something and then you press start audit so once it crawl starts crawling through you’re going to end up getting your project so I’ll click into my project and here’s all of the audits that I’ve done so far so one of the cool things is that you can actually compare what this current audit is where it’s at with one that I’ve done a while ago and it’ll show me the progress that I’ve made from this audit now till the first audit here right so if I press compare audits it’ll show me the improvements and the things that are not improved so like the things that got worse so there’s more 404 errors

apparently some 403 Server or no sorry that’s temper I don’t know what 403 is I have to look that up 500 server errors are gone down redirects have gone down and then whatever else has been changed right and there’s a lot of information you’re like look at this on pate there’s on page there’s off-page there’s links like there’s so much stuff in here so another reason why I really like this software is because I can go into then my most recent audit press view audit you know exit out a discord really quick it’s just blown up and I could go into hints like this and I can see like a pretty comprehensive overview

categorized of all the different things that I need to fix so like for instance links has an internal link with no anchor text has only one filed internal linking URL so on and so on so this is something that you can easily just go through and start optimizing but one of the things I will say that I would be weary of with this tool is that you know you have to be careful with any tool so it’s not just this tool but any tool when you get a list like this just because you get a lit a little all the different things you need to fix doesn’t mean that’s necessarily the thing that you need to fix first now it does show you the things that are critical that you need to fix before anything

else I believe if you go into dashboard it’ll actually show you sorry not dashboard but in here if you audit and then it’ll show you

the severity right here errors that’s like the worst you can get I think but again I don’t try to use this as a means to an end I like to use it as a way to see what’s going on with the site and things that I can fix over time but that’s why I also really like screaming frog because when I go into screaming frog I can I can use the template that I already have with me that I’ve created for my website

or for my audit template and I can export all the data from screaming frog directly into that in a way that I’ve already had it set up and let me show you how that looks because this is a this is something that’s really helpful that I’m not sure if you can do a Sightbulb or not so for the moment I’m going to continue to use screaming frog for this portion but I can actually export all of the different URLs and then have them segmented one by one so far

instance if I go into my click-through rate optimization tab which is really just a combination of me exporting search console data and then HR F’s data and then also the screaming frog data as well as it being synced with Google API through search console analytics which if you don’t know what any of that stuff means I’ll create an advanced guide for how to use this audit template at some point I need to redo it because it’s getting more and more complicated as I’ve been adding stuff to it recently but anyways so let’s say I want to rank for SEO techniques 2018 here’s all the search console data right here now if I highlight this whole over URL I can actually take the stuff from from the URL over here on the screaming frog crawl copy it into this tab and now I have all of the on-page type stuff that I need to fix like you know if the word counts are really low this looks like this didn’t get pulled over I need to fix that

if the crawl depth is really high or there’s low in links if the user metrics are really bad like the Google bounce rate is you know really really high I think this is I think what happened this actually needs to get pulled over one so the bounce rate I think is 84% yeah yeah because this is

average session duration right here or if the conversion rates really low so on and so on so I like to be able to see like on a page-by-page basis as well the thing is sight bulb does let you see page by page basis type stuff like I can type in the same URL right here and I can still get sort of that data but it’s not really it’s not really the layout that I already have set up which you know it’s a little bit less

comprehensive in my opinion than what you would get or at least less

accessible than what you would get with screaming frog I can export this right here let’s see I can export it is cool it’s still a good layout right so I can still see the outgoing links

I could still see incoming links which this is actually a little bit better because you can actually see what links are pointing to it where screaming frog is really show you that so again it just really has to do with accessibility sort of what level of you know view you want but I really like I like both I like to be able to see both sides of the data just like with a lot of the other tools I use I like to be able to see like keyword research data on two different platforms not just one being able to compare on different platforms really gets you a better average in my opinion and it helps you just have a better understanding of what you’re going for now in terms of other audit stuff like audit software that you can use I know there’s I’ve tried SEO PowerSuite I’ve tried the site called power mapper that doesn’t really give you an audit but it gives you more of like an html5

compatibility standard which just kind of it’s too much as far as like the H refs tool I think it’s too slow and it just it doesn’t really give me what I want I think if you are gonna be going really really big I don’t know if this site ball the handles huge amounts of URLs like deep crawl does I’ve know in the past for anything that I’ve done like 50,000 URLs or above indexed on Google I usually do a deep roll on it which does cost money so I do need to still test that but for the moment I’ll probably still continue to use deep crawl because it’s only like 100 bucks I think to crawl like a million pages or something ridiculous

so those are the main benefits between sight bulbs screaming frog and again if you’re abusing other software – or platforms to get more URLs I would probably go for deep crawl at least at the moment but in terms of how to use all these tools and you know what I actually do on a daily basis I have been creating a series of me going and auditing with these different tools you can check out the playlist in the description of this video and just watch you know hours and hours of me doing auditing on my own site going through setting all this stuff up takes forever you probably actually want to watch that what I would recommend is if you want me to make a tutorial for each of these platforms like sight bulb or screaming frog which by the way I have an older version of like a 2018 screaming frog tutorial but I need to redo it soon let me know in the comments and I’ll try to create one of those but that’s the biggest comparison in terms of them being worth it I would say the top three tools that you could buy right now that are worth it ATF’s screaming frog sight bulb hands-down three tools that I would not live without doing SEO if you’re brand new you can’t afford them I understand you know but I would try to work towards affording at least one of these tools especially I would start out with hrs and then I would move to probably site bulb or screaming frog or I would start with site bulb and then move to eight reps then screaming frogs something like that cool guys so I hope you got some value from that and until I see y’all next time

happy SEO’ing