If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent a decent amount of time thinking about how you should sell your SEO services.

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Over the last few years, I’ve experimented with a few different strategies like:

  • Charging hourly
  • Selling SEO packages
  • Pay per lead
  • Rank and rent
  • Rank and sell
  • Work trade
  • The list goes on

…and I found out that there is a short answer and a long answer to selling your SEO services.

The short answer is that no matter how you set up your pricing, you need to understand and continually refine and improve how the customer views what you’re selling to them.

The long answer is that every different pricing model comes with a different type of service and client, so let’s start out with the most common way of charging clients, which is hourly.

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Charging Hourly For SEO Services

If you’re just starting out in the SEO world, you’re probably thinking about or already charging clients hourly.

All you have to do is get the client, audit their website, sell ten hours of implementations at around $50-$100 /hr and everyone wins, right?

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The drawback to this approach is the expectation that it comes with.

From my experience, whenever I sell hourly SEO services to my clients, they seem to become hyper-focused on how much I’m accomplishing within the hours of work I agreed to, rather than what is being accomplished.

For that reason, I began recommending the next approach which is…

Selling SEO Packages

A few years back, I recall sitting in my garage reading emails from distressed clients, “Chase, you’re not getting enough done within the hours that we paid,” and thinking, man I really need to start pricing out packages so that clients know exactly what they are getting.

So, I started coming up with different SEO packages and pricing out how much each of my services should cost, that way I could get away from charging hourly.


Here were a few of the packages that I came up with:

  • Local SEO Packages
  • National SEO Packages
  • Affiliate SEO Packages
  • Ecommerce SEO Packages

All of the packages I made included different deliverable items such as on-page SEO, citation building, review generation, internal linking, keyword research, and so on.

So I began selling these packages for my usual $500 – $1000 range but I still ran into the same problem, unhappy customers.

I was stumped, why were they still unhappy?

I figured out that when you package what you do, you end up limiting your possibilities.

The problem with SEO or any type of marketing is that there generally isn’t ever a one size fits all package.

So back to the drawing board I went.

SEO Phases

About a year ago, I finished watching the movie, “The Founder,” a movie about how Ray Kroc skyrocketed McDonald’s into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

I remember thinking to myself that the system they created at McDonald’s was so simple that even a five-year-old could understand it.

ray kroc

One person lays the bun, then another lays the patty, then another the pickle…

I realized that I would never be able to do SEO properly if I didn’t break it down.

So I created three phases that aligned with what I always did, in order.

Phase 1: SEO audit for site-wide SEO issues.

Phase 2: Discovering top trafficked pages and implementing on-page SEO to top pages.

Phase 3: Keyword research and content creation game plan.

Phase 4: Engagement campaigns, audience building, and re-targeting.

By involving each of these phases, I’ve been able to easily bring in leads, sell my services for thousands, and keep my SEO clients without much effort at all.

If you want to know more about how all the phases work, check out my SEO certification that breaks them down.

Easier Said Than Done

Here’s the big secret to it all.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling if your prospects don’t know who you are.

Building trust is more important than any perfectly made SEO package or service you can come up with.


People WILL not buy from you if they don’t know who you are or don’t trust you.

How do you build trust?


Selling is all about motivating people, showing them what’s possible, giving them a larger vision, giving them hope.

It is my belief that as long as you continually put out value and make other peoples lives work, yours will end up working too.

If I gave you any hope today, write me a comment down below. 🙂

Good luck out there SEO pros, and until I see you all next time, happy SEO’ing!

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