Today I’m going to show you an SEO secret that I’ve been using for the last 4 years to rank websites. This is the exact method that I use to rank for things like Bicep Workouts, Fishing Tips, Big Keywords online, and even local keywords like SEO in the town that I’m in or web design. all these different things I’ve been able to rank for using this technique.

It’s even what I use to rank my own website and I’m ranking on Google for SEO Audit Template right now and I’m going to show you how I did that.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

Agario Text Faces


The first time I ever did this is I was trying to rank a gaming site called “Agario” which is a little game that you can go around and eat little bubbles. It’s kind of a weird game but it’s pretty interesting because there were a lot of really low difficulty keywords for this game.

One of the things I was going for was a search term called “Agario Text Faces” and the reason why I was going for that wasn’t necessarily just because of the search rate of that keyword. It was because I really like the game and I like putting text faces on my bubble like you can put a happy face or any faces you want but it’s all with text symbols. 

It might sound really odd but it was a game that I was really having fun 3 – 4 years ago when it came out and I started looking up all different faces and at that time there wasn’t really anything out there for this, there was no text faces specifically for this game.

So what I did is I started looking up text faces in general and I put together all my favorite ones and would try them out on all the different bubbles.

Once I figured out what my favorite text faces I made a list and I was getting a ton of traffic for this search phrase which is “ Agario Text Face “ because apparently a lot of people are looking for it.

What I’m trying to say here is that I created a resource I created something that people really want even if it’s for some silly game or some silly niche.

The point I’m trying to make here is when you create something that you personally want for your own business or for your own enjoyment and then you put it out for other people to enjoy you will generally do well for that thing whether it’s getting opt-ins whether it’s getting rankings.

Fishing Lodge

Fishing Lodge

I was working with a fishing lodge about Three or Four years ago and they had a fishing lodge and that they wanted to get more traffic to because they want people to do fishing trips there and what I decided to do is to get a list of top fishing tips from other people in the industry and other people that own a fishing lodge.

What we did is we went over to a site called “ Pitch Box” and pitch box allows you to do outreach to people, so you just type in some keywords that you want to do outreach for.

So we created this article about “ beginner fishing tips “ which is still ranking number 1 organically since 2016. So we had different people in the industry giving tips and we end up getting links from their website and we also end up getting shares.

What happened to the traffic on our website you’ll see it just skyrocketed and they wound up getting better rankings locally because we were ranking them on a national level as well.

So again the moral of the story is we’re creating resources that are better than what’s already out there and we are creating resources that we would like to have ourselves. Things like would be helpful to our own enjoyment or our own business.

The Secret to SEO

The Secret to SEO

 The secret to SEO is finding a combination of things that are not really well made out there.

Let’s say you’re trying to rank for SEO Audit Checklist but there’s nothing really great out there let’s say you see it out there but you think that there could be a way to be better.

For me I spend a lot of time for my checklist because I want to be the best checklist possible because I do tons of audits so I’m spending all my time trying to create this template and I’m constantly giving it out.

What happens is that you start giving this ecosystem sort of happening where people start downloading your checklist or downloading whatever the thing that you’re giving away and obviously you need to create some sort of opt-in so people can download it.

The point I’m making here is that stop going for what people are just searching, stop going for just the search traffic and try to figure out what is something that you actually want to provide to people and then create content that will serve that purpose.

What I do with my Content 

What I do with my Content

Once I create the thing that I’m trying to give away like the SEO roadmap template, once I create the content for it all I have to do is take whatever is in that thing that I’m giving away and then just define what that is.

It’s easier to create something that you already have versus creating content for the sake of just creating content and seeing that there’s a search right there and that’s really the big difference. 

And again this is the exact thing that I do for all my different businesses and the cool thing is you can use this on Youtube, Google, Facebook and what you’re really doing is you’re trying to create a funnel.

Creating a Funnel

creating a funnel

If you create a checklist you need to figure out what content is going to be around them and how am I going to drive people into this free thing.

You can do ads, Facebook posts but as long as you offer something that’s unique it’s going to be so much easier to create content. 

That means that there’s content with a purpose basically versus creating content that everybody thinks that you’re trying to spam them.

So instead of doing like a spammy approach just to sell things to people or just like trying to get traffic and bring them to your sales page what you want to do is you want to try to give away as much upfront as possible.

Giving Away for Free 

Giving away for free

A lot of people always ask me why I give away so much for free and it’s because I just like doing stuff for free and it’s fun for me and I make a good amount of money so I try to give back as much as possible and also the way people work is you have to get people to opt-in to a relationship.

Once you get somebody to opt-in you will automatically have them in your funnel which means that people who join my Facebook Group, or my Discord Channel or people who get my template or any of my other resources like my SEO Local Template.

All these different things what happens is as soon as they download this stuff and they head over to either my Facebook chat or my email list or whatever it is and I’m able to have conversations with them and I’m able to bring them up to my ladder like they want to take their game into the next level.

Then I will offer them something like the SEO Pro bundle which is all my courses and a decent amount of people buys these courses or for instance, they’ll get an audit.

All of this is because I’m not focusing on building traffic instead I’m focusing on building relationships and not only that but when you give stuff for free it makes getting reviews way easier like If I want to give away something for free like this checklist or whatever I’m making for free I can message them back and ask them to leave a review on the thing that I gave them. You can basically get reviews anywhere using this strategy.

The Reason Why I’m Getting more Views on My Youtube Video

The reason why Im getting more views

Part of the reason why I’m getting more views now on my Videos than what I have 4 – 5 months is that I’m not focusing on just trying to get views I’m more focusing on trying to build a list of people that want what I have to offer and are continually getting more and more of my free stuff so that they will keep wanting to return as visitors.

If you just keep offering the same thing over and over nobody’s going to want to come back so it’s really about building that audience or about building hose returning visitors and the more you’re able to focus on that it’s so much easier for you to get sales, or get traffic or get rankings and it really is the secret to building your SEO and your Rankings.