Today we’re going to be ranking over your first website. This is part one of the SEO programs I’m creating called the 200K SEO business.

This is a program where I take you through ranking your first website, selling SEO audits, getting a client and retaining them, creating a following, setting up your Youtube account doing pretty much I do on a day to day basis that keeps me making money.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

As most of you guys know I make about 20 – 30k per month just from my SEO following which is a decent income. Now I’m going to show you exactly what I do in order to just keep a couple of clients around and use those clients as case studies so that I can info products, services, and other things online so that I can monetize what I’m doing with this program, with this system I’m going to show you.

If you guys are interested in learning more about this again this is part one. I show all my videos as my intro video of the first part of my program so that you can check it out and there are probably 7 – 10 videos in this program so if you are interested in checking it out you can go to

The Reason Why We Want to Rank our Website First

Rank your website

The reason why we want to rank our website first is that the faster you can rank your own website the faster you can create your first case study and the truth is if you really want to do well online as an  SEO whether you want to get clients or you want to get views or when you want people getting your audits or whatever you want to do. 

The first thing you want to do is you want to rank a website that’s because it shows credibility, it shows that you know what you’re doing and you can create a template and you create a system around the thing that you were able to accomplish.

I would recommend ranking for a local business because you can rank any business you want I have a few different types of businesses that I rank.

I rank for web design but also I have a gaming website that I’m ranking for a bunch of different keywords.

Obviously, if you can rank locally you’re going to get more client locally whereas if you create a national website, first of all, you’re going to compete nationally but you’re also going to be probably not generating more clients because national websites are a little bit harder to rank for because of more competition.

If you’re trying to sell like some sort of local services like SEO audits and web design I’d probably start there.

So if I were you I would do something like web design because the keywords SEO in your town like SEO plus the target City usually don’t work very well they don’t get as many clients as many leads.

Most people were searching SEO  are people who already know what SEO is or people who are already doing SEO.

So with Web Design, it’s a little bit better because people who are looking for Web Design, they also need marketing but they usually need a better website first which also means they need marketing.

Pretty much everybody needs marketing as long as you get some sort of a person to contact you about anything. Let Say they need page speed optimization or citation or better videos as long as they need service that’s online likely you can upsell some sort of marketing.

That’s why I try to rank these web design sites I’m ranking number 1 on Web Design on the town that I’m in right now and I’m ranking number 1 for a Web Design in the town that I was in before and the way you do it is pretty simple I’m going to show you exactly how I did this really quickly so you guys can break your first site. 

Local SEO Template

Free local seo template

To get this you need to go over to and goto resources and go to Free Local Seo Template and press download.

On Free Local SEO Template you’re going to get all the different things that I do for local businesses as a step-by-step checklist that you can use that will help you to be able to replicate what I do on my own web design sites. 

Figuring Out Content Management System

Squarespace website

I use Squarespace for all my web design sites because it’s fast. 

All you can do is go to and you go to “Get Started” and we’re going to choose the first theme you see and you’re going to start creating your site.

You need to do it as fast as possible because you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to make this an amazing site and you just want to rank it as fast as possible.

So what you’re going to do is you just want to replicate what I did on my web design site so if you go over to Web Design Colorado Springs you’re going to see the first thing that starts up Best Web Design in target area so you’re just going to take that and change it to your City and you’re going to find low difficulty keywords.



This is the tool that I use to find keywords now if you don’t have Ahrefs go get it it’s the only tools that’s worth paying for in the SEO realm.

You need to go to keywords explorer you’re going to type in the town that you’re in.

Let’s say you’re in Arizona then you add web design and once you search for that keyword on Ahrefs you would want to go for a less difficult keyword.

The thing is if that’s too competitive in the town that you’re in then you need to find a related area that’s less competitive.

For instance, if my town is in Colorado I just type in “Colorado web design” and if that’s too competitive (You’ll know it’s competitive if it’s above 10 KD) so let’s say if you go to for a keyword that’s below 10 KD then you would try to type in like “ Colorado Springs web design “.

Then you would go to “All keyword Ideas” and you would go for something that’s below 10 KD because if you’re going for keywords that have KD that’s like 30 KD that’s going to take you a while especially if you’re brand new.

Rank and Rent

Rank and rent

The way you do this, let’s say I wanted to rank another area besides the area that I’m in right now.

What I would do is I would look for some related areas so I would go to Google and type in “States close to Colorado” so Kansas is close to Colorado so I’ll just go for Kansas.

So I’ll type in “Kansas City web design” and go to overview on Ahrefs if it’s too difficult you can try different variations of the Keyword.

We can also try a different area close to Kansas like “Missouri” so I’ll go for “web design spring field mo” also if you can still stay within the green area of the KD you’re generally ok.

First of all I ould try to buy “web design Springfield mo” as a domain because I want to do as an exact match as possible not because the domain is ranking factor but because the more you can make your business seem like that’s the actual name of the business the better.



I use GoDaddy to buy domains. Basically on the Exact match is expensive so I’ll try to look for the less expensive domain.

What I’ll do if the exact match domain is expensive is I’ll try to abbreviate any of the words.

How to Verify Your Business

How to verify your business

How you verify this business is pretty simple, what you’re going to do is you go to Facebook and look for a Buy-Sell group in the area.

Then the next thing you need to do is join the group and post something like “I’ll give anybody $50 if they let me send a postcard to their house.

After that, you’re gonna send the verification letter to their house then you’re going to tell them you’re not going to list on google and then you’re going to basically have a ranking a business in there with an exact match domain and then you start building out your pages.

Building Out Your Pages

Building out your pages

The way you build out your pages is you’re going to take this content template and build out the following pages except you’re just going to change it to web design or whatever you want to rank. 

I guarantee if you do that and follow these other steps like “buy your citations with citation builder pro”, do the images you’re going to rank really quickly and now you’re going to have your first case study.

Case Study

Case Study

First thing you need to do no matter what is you’re going to create some sort of case study and that’s really the secret sauce in starting out.

After you create your case study what you’re going to do is you’re going to figure out how you want to end up selling your audits. So when you sell your audits is pretty simple you just want to figure out what your angle is.

It’s very important to create another website like your main website like your brand name. I found out that having a personal brand gets you more traffic or more leads because people are more interested with like a consultant than an agency.