Today we’re going to talk about how I was able to rank for 4,000 organic keywords with a zero DR (Domain Rating)  website.

So what we are  going to do is we’re going to speed-running you straight through this.

I’m going to show you exactly what I did to set up this website,how I did the keyword targeting and how you can start ranking for a bunch of keywords without doing any link building.

These links are naturally acquired. I haven’t done any link building whatsoever on this site and you can see it’s pretty much straight up.

So if you’re curious about on how you can improve your websites like this and you can’t really go through everything I’m about to show you make sure you go to

What you can do is head over to resources tab and get a free SEO template which will help you audit websites and kind of have a gameplan on what to do in terms of keyword targeting,content strategy all that good stuff.

Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section. 

Here’s What We Cover in This Guide



Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty

First thing is I’m going to show you is the keywords I’m ranking for so if I click on organic keywords on ahrefs I can show you that a lot of these keywords have KD (Keyword Difficulty) of zero to about 5.

Meaning that the keyword difficulty is really low and it’s determined on how many links it has.

Because I don’t do link building that I start out by targeting low KD’s this is sort of my strategy that I use for all of my websites whether it’s local or national.

I start out by trying to target zero kd keywords and once I start to rank for zero kd then I’ll try to go for a one kd then I’ll for a two and then I go for a three.

Niche Down

Niche down

One thing you want to do when you go and try to target something you want to niche down, you don’t want to go go for a bunch of different games at once.

If you’re going for a gaming website or if you’re going for a bed reviews or if you’re trying to rank locally whatever you are trying to do you make sure that you’re targeting a sub niche first because the sub niche are going to be the ones that are lower difficulty meaning the more specific you are with your keyword the easier the keyword is.

Low KD – Topical Relevancy

Topical relevancy

Once you choose what keywords you want to go first you aim for the lowest KD keyword and then what you do is go for topical relevancy.

This is something important that a lot of people overlook.

The reason why I’m ranking very well for this keyword with zero kd isn’t just because I wrote 1 article it is because I targeted silos of content around this keyword.

When you start creating topical relevancy for your site  that’s when you combine the low kds strategy with topical relevancy and you end up pretty well without doing any link building.

All keyword Ideas

All keyword Ideas

What happens is you’re going to get a list of keywords and what you can do is you can filter by KD by clicking on KD

And then you’re going to go for lower KDs.

You can actually filter from 0 to 1 or 0 to 10 and then you can start through lower KD keywords.

You are going to see a lot of irrelevant things but if you are not familiar to the game it might hard to start thinking about “what are the things that I needed to do to rank”.

If you are not familiar with the niche at all and it’s all technical and you want to rank it? 

Sometimes the good idea is to look for websites that might be ranking for it.

Using Niche Websites

Niched sites

The best way to target unfamiliar keywords is to find niche websites so it’s the websites that are only targeting the niche.

Once you find that website you can go ahead and copy it and paste the URL  in site explorer on AHREFS and start getting ideas for what the website is ranking for and use it for our own by targeting the keyword within our current range (kd).

What I’ll do after we find the keyword is I go to my SEO Audit Template and what I’m going to do next is I go to the phase 3 on the template.

Phase 3 is where you do your keyword research and this is where you’re going to come up with your content gameplan.

For a content budget I’d recommend around $500 a month at least I pay about $50 per article which is about 500 words if you’re going for a longer article that you want to rank for more things then you could go for $100 per article and get article on your site at a thousand words per article.

I work with writers on a website called writers access which you can log-in,interview and hire writers. 

It works really well with a $30 monthly subscription but it’s totally worth it because you get pretty good writers that have the ability to write articles that rank really well and they’re obviously unique content.

Now that we have a set up for our template we are just going to go and start pulling just the keyword itself.

Once you have the list of keywords you’re not just going to send these to article writers.

what you want to do is go to google and you want to see what kind of serps are showing up for the keywords and check what’s already out there and  figure out what is working well replicate it and improve it in some way.

How to Determine if the Page is Working Well

Determining if your pages are working well

If the pages have high bounce rates ,low conversion rates if they have low page speed all these metrics are warning signs to kind of go back and optimize these pages.

Just because you’re replicating what’s already working for somebody else doesn’t mean that you made it better.

The best way to tell whether you made something better or not is just to go in-to your analytics and start looking at how people are actually interacting with your content.

How to Check Page Speed


I could actually probably figure out how to make this less of a bounce rate because usually bounce rates have to deal with either design or page speed.

One thing to check page speed is you can go to GT-Matrix And test the page speed if it’s really slow then that would be the first thing that I would optimize to reduce the bounce rate.

Pages per session is how many other pages people viewed while they’re on the website after they visit that page.

Going back to the website we all always to start with targeting low KDs and we start getting our content written around these keywords 

How to Check Click-Through Rates

Click through rate

If we go to the Search console and head to property and if we  open a report we can click into the page and we can actually see how it’s performing.

As you can see most of the keywords have a 12% click through rate so if we would actually change the title tag this would probably go up even higher .

If you want to compare the optimizations let say you optimize the website about a month a go every month you want to click the last 28 days and then compare to the previous date range.

What’s going to happen is it’s going to show you if the click-through rate did improve after you optimized the title tag.

One of the reasons your click-through rate could go down is because you’re getting a lower position but one of the other reasons is your title tag is truncated or maybe it’s just not enticing people to click on them. 

Ranking Factor

audit template

One of the biggest ranking factors is getting user engagement   meaning that you want people opting in to whatever competition,whatever free checklist,whatever you’re giving away and then you want to give them new articles to go to,or new videos to watch or something new to engage with.

Anytime somebody goes to a new article and you promote it and you get a bunch of comments or people are searching your brand or they are spending time on your site you are becoming more of an authoritative website in google’s eyes in user’s eyes.

You want to make sure that no matter what that you’re capturing some traffic somehow you want to make sure to try to get people in some sort of free offer.

Strategies to Rank Up

Strategies to rank up

What I exactly did is I combined the KD strategy with targeting topical relevancy and combined it with remarketing and capturing to our  traffic and this is exactly how this site is able to grow and what I’m going to do to continuing to grow it again is just taking the content topics continue to expand and creating opt-ins and building a following.