I’ve used A LOT of different SEO tools over the past few years doing SEO.

I think it’s important to remember that any tool you use should be utilized with the thought of helping people in mind.

If your end goal is not to actually help people, rather, game the system, you’re going have short lived results on Google and ideally, also in life.

In this article you will find a a list of my favorite and least favorite SEO tools.

You will also find information about what I do to (attempt) to stay healthy and I will also share the technology equipment that I use.

Let’s Start With My Favorite Tools in No Particular Order

1. Screaming Frog (Pro version)

2. Ahrefs

3. Google Sheets

4. My SEO Audit Template

5. Google Analytics

6. Google Search Console

7. Cora

8. Call Tracking Metrics

9. Squarespace for building sites

10. Godaddy for domain names

11. Siteground for hosting if you use WordPress

12. Discord

13. Facebook Groups

14. Streamlabs

15. Manychat

16. Snapchat

17. Pitchbox

18. Writersacess or Iwriter

19. Google Forms

20. Google Trends

21. Yoast SEO


23. Scrapebox

24. GT Metrix

25. Grammarly

26. Structured Data Testing Tool

27. Whitespark

28. JSON-LD Plugin for WordPress

29. Citation Builder Pro

30. Anything that has to do with video.

Tools I No Longer Use

1. Mailchimp

2. Clickfunnels

3. Cognitive SEO

4. Semrush

5. KWFinder

6. Moz

7. Answer the public

8. LSI Graph

9. Keywordtool.io

10. Schema App

11. SEO Profiler

12. Buzzsumo

13. Sumome

14. Lucky Orange

15. Hot Jar

Technology I Use (With Affiliate Links)

1. Sony a73 Camera

2. Electronic Stand up Desk from Costco

3. Dual Screen Monitors by BenQ

4. Custom Built PC

5. Rode Mic with Desk Mic Stand

6. Key Lights

7. Bose Speaker

8. Corsair Cherry Red Keyboard

9. Mamba Mouse

10. Victsing large mouse mat

Tools For Health

1. Meditation with Headspace app

2. Daily Cardio (incline walking 40 minutes make sure to break a sweat)

3. Digestive Enzymes

4. Wake up in morning and listen to H.E.A.L podcast to program mind every day


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