Chase Reiner September 28th, 2018

Nigel Carr

Get the basics right:

1. Have a quick to load the site on mobile & pc with a memorable URL

Responsive website

2. Write perfect Meta – keyword rich title & description which pulls people in & optimize ctr

2. Perfect on the page with H1 defining & H2 separating content.

Website Page

3. 300 words minimum content for categories and as long as you can write for detailed posts sprinkled with short and long tail keywords, nicely written.

4. Optimised & Alt’d Images and video to increase time on page.

Alt Tag

5. Internal Linking

6. Backlinks where you can, preferably from trusted sources & verticals.


7. A few Outbound links to trade bodies trusted sources.

8. Hit Socials to create traffic flow.

9. Fill in with Ads to get traffic flow while SEO improves.

Ads in a Webpage

10. Blog & amplify only if interesting. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it.

That should do it.

Beshoy Atif

1. provide VALUE to your customer/Reader

Online Shopping

2. Work on On-page SEO, make your content speaks of itself

3. Reach out to others, cooperate with others in your niche to help each other reach the better spot and win overall, warm emails to people you admire and ask them to feature your post, and if you follow tip 2 you will get a “Sure !” Quite easily

Strategic Planning

4. Don’t expect results from day one, and don’t expect your rank to last for eternity, always up your game and be ready for Google updates to fix the issue fast

5. Build backlinks, try to be genuine about it , don’t spam guest posts with your links, try to provide actual value with your comment that serves the reader needs, it will definitely help you became a quality site that other suggest to their friends


6. Know that you don’t know everything, and always look forward to learn from everyone including people below your skills level, brains are quite weird and small suggestions can have a HUGE impact if you can utilize it right

7. Help someone else, give hand when possible, help others as they helped you, eventually they may drop on you a brilliant idea you never thought of

Helping others

8. Patience is not just important…it’s ESSENTIAL, Alibaba was never built in a day

Fabiola Singh

Responsive, well-optimized website, Unique content along with key phrases, social syndication, local profiles and get as many reviews from clients

John Smeth

Set expectations up front.

Social Media

This isn’t a short-term job. You will have to do PPC or FB ads, in the beginning, to get some traffic now and be on top while your SEO kicks in after 3-6 months depending on how competitive the keyword is and with no guarantees. What part of this don’t you understand? Going into the technical details of SEO is for another meeting.

Timothy Eberly

Found it in my activity log.

My first point of advice is to make sure their business is a viable one. I know this sounds kind of silly, but if you run a poor business you site will eventually suffer.

Secondly, I would address site visibility and make sure the site is clearly understood for its topic and easily navigable. Sometimes the linking structure is all the site needs to move up a spot or two.

Third, make sure the title, h1, and description make the most of the business and attract clicks.

Fourth, make sure the content is well written, displayed and shared.

Fifth, clean up all the missing links, broken links and reindex the now repaired site.

Sixth, dial in the image SEO. There are a lot of elements to the image SEO alone.

Seventh, build on, repair, improve, all of their local citations and start gathering reviews.

Eighth, check the keywords, and analyze, and repeat.

Michael Archer

1. Be familiar with Google Analytics, the best tools free way to help understand your pages, your keywords, and also what and who people are doing on a website, from clicks to bounces.

2. Be sure of no technical issues with a website, with a test from GTMetrix, Pingdom and also Google Pagespeed.

3. The intent of a site must be fit for purpose, ranking for keywords of little relevance provides little for the user experience.

Keyword Rankings

4. Competition either local or international for keywords tells the reason as to what trying to rank for is either possible or impossible. Long tail gets you started, in the long hall up the google ranking ladder.

5. Point 4 means you need to invest time. And only with the Aid of such sites as ahref can this be an insight into what is required. Try the 7days 7$ of ahref gig an investment in time and understanding.

Investing Time

6. Don’t try to know you can do everything, home in the skills you know and like, because the long game is not a jack of all trades but being a master of one.

7. Reach out, look at what others are doing, a highly recommended site like is a no BS way into understanding, and with free, and quality paid services and software.

8. Be social facebook groups, and YouTube can give you a more rounded understanding, that sometimes there is a conflict in what is the right or wrong way to do something.

Social Media Apps
9. Don’t overindulge in learning, but be practical, unless you try something you won’t see progress. You maybe win at Chess playing yourself, but the real world has competition.

Benjamin Nickel

1. Run competitor analysis on the target niche of the top 5 ranking sites. Find what’s similar among them and assess why the #1 spot is being held by that website.

Competitive Analysis

2. Build a site that’s 3 steps beyond in content quality, user experience, navigation simplicity, and supporting content pages and structure.

3. I usually work with local companies, so I build out citations, social signals, add in highly relevant images, videos, and other useful media across each channel.

4. Engage with customers for feedback, reviews, and social engagement by offering bonuses, discounts, and other offers.

Online Ratings
5. Run regular assessments of each site, changes, and ranking comparisons. Make adjustments.

6. Continue content development and social engagement.

Uttam Bhaskar

I would suggest him to

SEO Expert

1. do not follow any SEO “guru”

2. Have a website

3. go to

4. learn as much as you can

5. take action and start implementing what the above URL has suggested

6. keep patience and if you see no movement in your website ranking (which is not possible) then do come to me again and I will audit your website and competitors and provide you with the suggestions.

Website Ranking

Samantha Avitan


Think about what your customers or clients customers want. Create engaging copy that focuses on that information and makes it unique and natural reading.

Have a design that is mobile optimized and friendly.

Focus on user experience and intent on your website and make sure there is seamless transitions from the main pages you want to rank for and internal pages.

Responsive Website

Mihir Naik

1. Understand the product or service the client has to offer.

2. Do a keyword research and come up with the most converting keyword with the buyers intent.


3. Search the same keyword in the Google and understand what content is ranking on the same keyword.

4. Try to think if the current content satisfies user intent for the keyword?

If yes, then skim those pages, understand the competition, create better looking, better worded and more understandable content then them.

If not, think from the users perspective and write content to satisfy their queries.

Meanwhile, add the main keyword in H1. Other keyword variations in subheadings.

Make the content structured as possible.

5. Once the content is ready, make sure images are with ALT, Title and Description Tags.

6. Add Schema as applicable and possible. Use Review or Rating Schema for increasing CTR.

7. Use internal linking as much as possible, make it natural. The way you use internal link is to update your content of other pages with your main keyword of this page and link them.

Internal Link
8. Fetch as Google and request indexing from the console.

9. Share on Social Media and other channels like Whatsapp or Telegram if you have.

Most likely to rank.

William Brice King

1. Take a look at the competition and see where they are getting their traffic from


2. Check the competition and see if those keywords are worth taking over (I like semrush for the above).

3. Keep digging to see if there are any other low competition money generating keywords you want to go for. Look for low competition, high volume, and high conversion. If your going for map (local) rankings I would also suggest checking review competition).

4. Design your sitemap around what you want to target.

5 optimize your onsite SEO (site title, header tags, content, inner linking). Look at the competition again to see what they are doing and provide more value (better copy, infographics, video). It also helps to break up the text so it’s easy to read.

Optimizing Website

6. Make sure you have some type of call to action for each page (could be a free estimate, a contact us button, download it link to some of your other related content)

7. Encourage interaction with the site (and possible linking). The skyscraper method is fantastic for this. You can also find good links looking at your competition (chase may disagree with me here).

8. After you finish. Building your site do a final check to make sure common errors are fixed (redirect to the preferred version, website speed, ssl)

Fixing error
That’s the basics but most of the time that’s all you need.

Stephen McConville

1. Learn basic HTML, nothing too advanced but you need to understand how to construct the title, description, heading & p tags, bold and link. They are all something you can learn by Googling.

HTML Basic

2. Write down, on paper or in word exactly what you do and where you do it. These are very likely to be the target keywords. E.g. Locksmith in Liverpool.

3. Write an HTML title and description. Your title should say what you do, where and company name. Your description should be short and make people want to click so your USP is great here. E.g. Title: Locksmith in Liverpool – Johns Lock Company
Description: We are a locksmith based in Liverpool and offer a 24 hour, no call out service.

4. Your website content should write about what you do. You can add your USP but don’t write why do what You do. Just write in depth about your service. You should be looking at a minimum of 1000 words. If you have more than 1 service, create extra pages. But keep your most important service to your home page. You can briefly mention your other services on all of your pages.

Content for Websites

5. On each page, use the bold tags to bold 1 or 2 words. These should be the service your talking about and maybe your USP. So that what you do jumps out at the user. When you talk about your other services, e.g. lock changing (for a locksmith) link that phrase to the page you’ve written about lock changing. Follow this step for all service pages. This link will tell the users what the page they are about to visit, is all about.

6. Submit your company to as many directories as you can. Places such as yell, yelp, and Google my business. You can even search for directories specific to your niche. E.g. search Google for locksmith directories.

7. Ask your clients, suppliers, and friends to link to your website. You should try this monthly and be constantly active with this. A locksmith may ask a school or business they’ve done work with, to simply write a blog post on their own website. Something like, “The school is a safer place thanks to John’s Locks” then place a link here back to your site. A link back to your site is a vote in Google’s eyes. The more votes you can get, the better. Keep these just to the people I mentioned as links can be very complicated. If you stick with clients, suppliers, and friends you won’t go far wrong.

8. MOST IMPORTANT. Make it easy to find your contact details. Although you want to be higher in Google, it’s to get more business. Don’t do all the hard work and make it difficult for customers to reach out. If you make your website easy to use and informative by following my steps then Google will reward you.

Contact Details

Ismail Khider

First, I need to figure out what’s the search intent is around my niche so I can do the same layout or create something better than my competitors then go the website analytics on page SEO and off page SEO the last thing is to come with a strong marketing plan base on the weaknesses points of my competitors

Majid Omri

White Hat SEO Techniques

Figure out White Hat SEO Techniques and then implement it. If You want Instant Ranking Update with Press Release and Google News feed.

James Ewell

SEO Optimize Knowledge

First, approach the client in a very neutral-friendly way. Don’t drown them in SEO jargon right off the bat.

Using a D-Day analogy, you must first successfully land on the beach, identify all the obstacles, isolate and remove enemy firing positions, clear a path off the beach and move inland.

As such, start by determining how much SEO knowledge they have?

What terms are they trying to rank for? Should they even be ranking for those? Do they even have a keyword strategy?

Are their goals local or national? Make it clear to them that local and national are two different beasts. It is amazing the number of would-be clients who do not know that.

Before you start talking strategies and tactical implementation, ascertain their budget. Also, make clear what is attainable and realistic. If they want to rank their “Blogger” blog number one for “weight loss” globally — well, they need to be talked off that ledge.

If the client’s ranking ambitions are too lofty, break them down for them in a roadmap. By breaking it down into bite-sized pieces the client will understand the scope of their overall goal better and will also better understand what you are doing and the value you provide.

Once there is mutual clarity on what they truly want and need, the client has been properly vetted. If you still feel they are a qualified lead, then move on to a Chase Reiner-style audit of their existing site. Provide them with competitive analysis. Do an implementation roadmap, etc. Even if you do that for free or at a deep discount, you stand a good chance of landing an agreeable and worthy client and avoiding those who, well, you know..

Eliseo Tajanlangit

Google their niche. Find who is ranking number one. Have the client do an updated YouTube review video on that niche. Transcribe it as a blog on their website. Rinse and repeat for additional pages.

Latesh Bayad

HTML Coding

1. First, know your website niche then put a relevant keyword in ahref or any keyword tool and then you will find some long tail keywords with avg search rate and low competition.

2. Now you know what to rank for so now you put keywords in buzzsumo and see what’s trending and then publish those article on your website. You can write them by yourself or outsource on Fiverr. The article must be at least 500 words (2000 recommended) Remember to put your target keyword 4-5 times only in the article and once in title and meta description. You could use yoast plugin for optimizing your title and meta description

3. Now as you have published 5-7 articles which provides value, now you have to share it on social media sites. You can go to Quora and answer questions related to your niche by searching and provide a link to your article at the end. You need to make your Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube, and other accounts. And now Google sees you as a legit site.

4. Now go to directories such as angellist or search moz citations in Google and see the best directories for your business and create an account on them.

5. Last but not the least is link building. You pick some competitors that are ranking for your keyword and put them in ahref or any link building tool and then see which sites linked to your competitors. Now contact the site which have a broken link of your competitor (you can find email or phone number on their site) and say them that you have created an article which could be replaced by the article which has a broken link(They too don’t want broken link so the will remove that link and place yours). This strategy is called broken link building.

This will help you get links and gain authority.